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How to get a roar of approval from your little Lion King

He just can't wait to be king of his party and you can help give him a memory that will
last a lifetime with a Lion King party. Can you feel the love tonight? Sure, this is a
challenging party theme, but you're no "Cowardly Lion," are you? Take on the
challenge with help from our lion party ideas. We promise, it will be the "mane" event
of the year! No lion around! Now's the time to start planning your Lion Birthday
party.  Start by picking your lion theme:

  • Host a Lion King Party: Invite Simba and Nala to your party theme. Hakuna
    Matata! It means no worries when it comes to party supplies. Cute Lion King
    party supplies are available, above, including the Lion King party plates,
    napkins and more.

  • Explore a safari adventure on the hunt for lions. This idea is in plain sight: head
    to the savanna (treeless plain) witha safari party. Or host a jungle theme party
    with extra emphasis on the king of the jungle.

  • Head to the zoo: Whether or not you head to see real lions at the zoo, or make
    a cozy lion's den at home, your party theme can feature lions as the main zoo
    animal. Get more ideas by visiting our zoo party.  

  • Make lion's the "mane" attraction of a Circus theme party: Have a party under the
    big top with a lion's share of emphasis on your circus theme party. Now who
    will play the role of the lion and the lion tamer?

Lion Party Decorations
You may be wondering, just how to decorate your lion's den. Well, start with the
birthday kid. Right, the lion costume will keep your little guy cozy and it fits the party
theme. You're sure to get a roar of approval from party guests and he'll love acting
the part, so give it to him as a gift at the party. Another way to decorate the birthday
kid is to make him the zoo keeper or lion tamer. Left, the lion safari set will provide
hours of creative play and he can play lion, zoo keeper or safari guide.

Here are more ways to decorate your lion party:

  • Inflatable lion decorations: Inflate the two-foot tall lion, top left, and have him
    guard the gift table. Or buy lots to float around your party, then give as favors.
    Inflatables are an instant hit with kids. Have parents help you blow them up
    and be sure to use a marker to identify the lions you give to party guests. Buy
    extras for the birthday kid or siblings who show up for the party.

  • Lion paw print decorations: Paw prints are easy enough to create yourself from
    construction paper with a template. Use them to lead the entrance of your
    party or decorate the walls.

  • Lion Mask. The lion mask template, left, will help you create home made lion
    stick puppets or lion straws for your party. Get these free lion mask printables

  • Load up on lion music: Must-have music for a Lion Party is the original sound
    track to Disney's Lion King. Best of all, you can instantly load up your MP3 with
    your favorite tunes on Amazon, left. Now that's a Dandy Lion of an idea!

Lion King party favors

  • King of the Jungle candles. Just $1.41, the King of the Jungle candles, left, is an
    affordable and a memorable keepsake for a first birthday or a baby shower.
    Buy an extras for the tables.

Lion Party activity
You can have a lion's share of fun with craft activities, but you won't find them at your
local party supply. Here are some lion themed activity ideas to get you started:

  • Safari treasure hunt: Imagine kids in pith helmets and binoculars off to explore
    the great backyard for tiny treasures you tuck away. Have kids first hunt for
    their pith helmets and binoculars. (You can hang them in bushes.) Then have
    them hunt mini lion figures, lion stickers you hide in golden easter eggs, plus
    mini jeeps, lion candy bars and more.

  • Foam lion plate craft activity: The kids will enjoy making the lion plate craft,
    above center. The package makes six 9-inch lion plates. You get 18 foam
    shapes, plus 18 foam stickers, six paper plates, 12 wiggle eyes and six chenille
    stems to make the most adorable whiskers.

  • Lion thumb print paper craft activity: Safe and non-toxic, kids can print their
    thumbs onto the belly of the lion. Pictured right. Comes in a pack of dozen.

  • Lion fan craft kit: If the birthday kid is a fan of lions, then surely he'll enjoy
    making a lion fan as a craft activity. The lion fan craft kit, left, is fan that also
    serves as a puppet to inspire creative play.

  • Lions and tigers, but no bears, oh my! Kids will go wild with this foam kit, right,
    which makes 1 lion and 1 tiger. You get an assortment of foam pieces, including
    head, body, ears, and paws, 4 eyes and wire whiskers. If the kids are too
    young for crafts, make them yourself and stuff party favors inside. Sorry, no
    bears included.

What to serve at your Lion's Party

  • Save a lion's share of time on the dessert. Planning a Lion Party can take a Lion's
    share of time, so make things easy on yourself, cupcake! Here are some easy
    lion cake ideas:

  • Licorice mane lion cupcakes: Lion cupcakes are made easy when you cut
    red licorice vines into a mane, and accent with M&M eyes and Cheerios
    for ears. The idea was inspired by "Hello Cupcake!"

  • Cereal mane lion cupcakes: The recipe of fun for another lion cupcake
    comes from New Zealand. The clever cupcake, is made from corn flakes
    cereal for the mane, large chocolate chips for the eyes, smaller chocolate
    chips with black licorice for the whiskers accent and a Maraschino cherry

  • Make the cake the "Mane" attraction: The adorable lion birthday cake from, left, features a fluffy main and clever use of candies. Get the
    complete lion cake tutorial.

  • Lion Chocolate bars. Americans may not be aware of the wildly popular chocolate
    from Nestle, available, right on Amazon. Nestle Lion chocolate bars would make
    a cute lion theme party favor. They're caramel filled wafers covered in milk
    chocolate. This crispy and creamy confection is imported from Ireland.

  • Have the lazy little lions lick some lollipops. You can get suckered into spending
    lots of money on personalized lion lollipops, but you can make your own when
    you get the lion lollipop molds at

Lion Party Invitations and thank you cards

  • Step right up to! You'll have to tame yourself because ETSY has a
    circus of retro inspired invitations, banners and favor bag stickers with lions on
    them. It's a virtual lion's den of ideas to get your party started.

  • Lion invitation embellishments: Send invitations using the Lion Postage stamps
    you can print on Zazzle, around $19.55 for a sheet of twenty .44-cent stamps.

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Real Lion Parties
If you're planning a lion birthday party, you may be surprised that others have
already planned them. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Leo's Lion Party: A perfect party idea for a boy named Leo, this lion's party gets
    a roar of approval. It had a vintage feel and Leo was sporting some super cute

Now it's your turn. Planning another party? Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for
the rest of your party planning days. Make it your problem-free philosophy to visit our
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