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How to host a magician's theme birthday party for kids

Sometimes pulling off the perfect birthday requires a little hokus pokus. Throw a magic
party for your little Houdini and you'll do just that. As kids parties go, a magic party is a
classic. Even if you don't have a few tricks up your sleeve, it takes just a little bit of
hocus pokus to pull of a magical party for your little Houdini. Remember that the real
magic is in the smiles you create.

Here's how to set the scene for a magic party with memories that will last a lifetime:

  • Just add rabbits. Did you know that 2011 is the year of the rabbit? That's all the
    more reason to pull a rabbit out of your hat and plan a magic party. You'll find
    magic rabbit Read "The Magic Rabbit," left.

  • Set the stage: Imagine his surprise when you unveil his own puppet time
    theatre, left. Magic markers allow you to add a special message and you can set
    the time of the next performance. Another option is t transform your puppet
    theatre into a magic stage by making a few alterations with posters.

  • Make your own puppet theatre out of cardboard boxes and design one
    just for the party. You might also drape half the room with sheets from a
    rope by fastening hooks at either end or use a doorway for the purpose.

  • Put on a magic show! Who needs a magician? Buy one simple magic trick for each
    child and with a wave of your magic wand you have a room full of performers, or
    turn the birthday boy into a star by having him perform a mini magic show all of
    his own.

How to decorate for a magic party

  • Decorate the birthday boy or girl with a top hat and gloves, a black cape and a
    magic wand. Extras might include a rabbit toy and a red tie.

  • A star is born! Sprinkle star shaped confetti along with glitter at the entrance to
    elude to the magic inside the party. Star foil decorations are easy enough to
    find, but look also for crescent moons.

  • Suspend playing cards with fishing wire from the ceiling and drape at doorway.
    You may also find casino type playing card cutouts for the walls.

  • Borrow paper top hats from New Years Party decorations. Wrap red crepe paper
    to cover any "Happy New Years" message.

  • Make kids disappear, then reappear as magicians. Outfit the kids with a magician's
    mustache made of paper, and other cool home made stuff, such as a magician's
    cape, a magic wand, and pin a red carnation. White gloves provide the finishing

Magic party food
Food should be a disappearing act, and here are some ideas for foods that will
enhance your party with the magician's theme:

  • Seeing stars. Just about any food with stars will give your party a magic touch.
    Look for star cake pans, candy molds and cookie cutters, left.

  • A snack to top things off! Serve popcorn in a plastic top hat to give a magician's

  • A cheesy idea with cheesepuff balls. Serve this treat as part of a special magic trick
    that just about any kid can perform. Provide a flexible plastic straw, and have
    kids blow through the straw and try their luck at floating and balancing the
    cheese puff in a stream of air. This magic trick and many others for your party
    are found in an excellent book "It's not magic, It's Science!" The book by Hope
    Buttitta, right, has 5- science tricks that will surely mystify, dazzle and astound
    your party goers.

Magic Party Invitation and wording ideas
Get behind the magic eight ball to create the perfect invitations for your magic party.
Here are some ideas that are just the ticket:

  • Magic wand invitation: Roll your invitation around a magic wand  and mail in a
    tube. Inside the tube add star shaped confetti and glitter.

  • Slight of hand invitation. Print invitations on a rabbit-shaped card and deliver in a
    mini upturned top hat readily available at New Years.

  • Card trick invitation: Divvy up a deck of cards to include with invitations. Glue
    them to the card itself or put a message on each card (one for the birthday
    announcement, one for the location, one for the RSVP, etc.)

  • Magic party invitation wording ideas:
  • Abracadebara! It's Magician Mikey's Eight birthday!
  • You're invited to "appear" for cake and treats
  • Magic Show Starts: Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Theatre: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: The Magician's Assistant Tiffany at 867-5309.

Magic Show Party favors

  • Fortune telling fish. The classic magic fish, left, come in sets of 144, which is way
    more than you need for a magic party, but you can save them and include in
    your Valentines cards or for Halloween favors.

The Great Disappearing Act: Cakes, cookies and treats

  • Wave a pretzel stick in white chocolate, dip into star shaped confetti, and "poof"
    you have an instant magic wand.

  • Bake Rabbit, top hat and star shaped cookies.

Perform a Magic Show of Your Own:

Here's how to make this activity extra special:

  • Practice makes perfect: Have a disappearing act. Send each kid into a room to
    teach them a trick. When all kids have had the chance to secretly practice their
    trick, they can perform for the whole group one at a time. Allow kids to keep
    their trick as a favor. They will proudly perform this trick again and again.

  • Name that little Houdini! Kids feel extra special if you provide them with a special
    magician's name to announce their performance. Write down their name and
    address the thank you cards with it. Have fun! Here are some fun magician name
    ideas to get you started:

  • Bella Boudini, Carol Cardini, Jeannie Houdini
  • The Great Karl-ini, Carter the Great
  • Sarah the Silly, Isabel the Incredible, Frankie the Fantastic
  • Gypsie Jane, Swami Steve
  • Magical Mike, Marvelous Mindy, Micah the Magnificent
  • The Mighty Quinn, The Powerful Pauline
  • Wondrous Will, Wonder Girl Wendy, Blake the Boy Wonder

Resources for a magic show party
Here are some resources for a magic show theme party:

  • Get in on the act and the science of having fun at to see their
    magic tricks.

  • Look to for a variety of magic posters. And magic posters are as
    low as $7.95 on Amazon.

Real Magic Show parties...

  • We agree that seven is a magic number! This Magic show theme party featured
    adorable pretzel stick magic wands and many  other magical surprises. The
    rabbit hat birthday cake alone is worth a trip to this blog. It even includes a
    vendor resource list for capes, garnishes and custom cookies. Stick around, you
    won't want to disappear!

  • Hocus Pocus Magic Party: This Hocus Pocus Party for a seven-year-old was pure
    party magic! Next year, he can have a magic 8-ball party?

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