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Martial Arts Party
How to have a cool Martial Arts party for your little Ninja

A Martial Arts party is a real kick and you can operate a Martial Arts Party for your
little Karate Kid with precision! (No black belt required.)  When you combine
Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Ninja, Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu all styles of Martial Arts, your
party will have everyone singing "Kung Fu Fighting" in no time. Here are some ideas
for a Martial Arts birthday:

Kick off your party and jump into fun by going off location, then coming home for the
Samurai sword cake cutting ceremony and a few obstacle course to help the little
ninjas improve agility.

  • Save face. Come to your "Sensei" and hire a professional.  Leave the teaching to
    the experts. Ask your Martial Arts studio or community recreation center for
    suggestions on how to provide a safe introductory course. The best
    establishments will require guests to sign a liability waiver. Kids are drawn to
    the punching and kicking, but Martial Arts teaches confidence, respect, focus,
    conflict resolution, agility and more. Let them work on the Karate Chop, which
    will give you more time for the Chop Suey or Chow Fun. You may be surprised
    that some Martial Arts instruction centers will provide free class to entice
    future students. That's like getting a free birthday party.

  • Bake Kung fool-proof sugar cookies. The kids will get a kick out of the Martial
    Arts cookie cutters above, and you'll find that our Big Batch Sugar Cookies is
    the recipe you need to feed your hungry crowd. Decorate your cookies with
    sugar sprinkles in your color theme.

  • Educate partygoers about Martial Arts. Have the instructor show some real tools,
    supervise so kids don't injure themselves. Visit the Martial Arts store, right, to
    get the birthday kid a new robe or how you might frame a real

  • Learn the art of the dragon. The red dragon is a symbol of auspicious power,
    and should be part of your Martial Arts party for kids. Asian dragons don't
    have wings, but it may be difficult to stick to authentic versions. Let the little
    Ninjas battle an Asian style red dragon piñata,and incorporate dragons into
    your decorations. Allow kids to cast a shadow puppet show, give them dragon
    tattoos, and tuck red dragon toys into favor bags.

Martial Arts Party Invitation and Thank You Card Ideas
Send a Ninja headband with your invitation. Send invitation and thank you cards
Martial Arts postage stamps. Designs on include a Martial Arts party
girl and black belt, too. Be sure to check out Zazzlel too for Martial Arts postage

  • Martial Arts Party invitation wording ideas:
  • You'll get a kick out of Aaron's 9th Birthday!
  • Join us Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Martial Arts Studio: at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP Tiffany at 867-5309

  • Martial Arts Party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "Thank you for kicking it with me at my party. I am honored by your
    thoughtfulness and friendship. "

Martial Arts Party Food
Chow Fun? Chop Suey? Sea Fu? No! Keep food kid friendly and chop a pizza for your
little lamb chop instead. If you feel the need for an Asian influence to your American
food, offer sandwiches and chips (or burgers and fries) in a take out pale or Bento
box. For added fun, include a Ninja action figure to complete your happy meal. Of
course you can always offer an egg roll appetizer (pizza rolls will also suffice) as this
is a kid friendly option. Or you might make Spaghetti more fun by serving it with
chopsticks to give it an Asian feel.

  • Martial arts birthday cake ideas: Dessert can be as easy as cupcakes with
    Martial Arts Belt decorations or other cake topper:
  • The Lego Martial Arts Champ, left
  • See the Martial Arts Belt Cake decorations, also left. But be forewarned
    that everyone will be Kung Fu fighting for the black belt!

  • More Kung Fu Fun for your party: float a Martial Arts rubber duck in a pond of
    ice cream on the side of your cake. Or offer a candy sushi surprise (see our
    Chef's party).

Resources for a Martial Arts Party
So now that you have your black belt in planning a terrific Martial Arts Party for kids,
you can combine Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Ninja, Karate, Judo, and all styles of Martial
Art into a party that will have everyone singing the Kung Fu fighting song.

We'd love to hear your Martial arts party, Tae Kwon Do party, Kung Fu  party, Ninja
party, Karate party, Judo party, or other Martial Arts party ideas. Visit us on Twitter:
cutepartyideas and tell us how you celebrate kids parties!
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