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How to have a mermaid theme birthday party or pool party

Something's fishy with most mermaid parties: they seem to be all about Disney. Some
will be satisfied hosting an
Ariel birthday party, but this article is for those who want
to forget the commercial influence and host a classic mermaid party.

Mythical mermaids swim into the hearts of just about every little girl. And now's your
chance to sink or swim and throw a mermaid party she'll treasure always. It's a
refreshing departure from the traditional if you decide not to invite Disney Ariel to your
party. If you open your eyes to the underwater world, you'll find plenty of sweet sea
treasures for inspiration, like the organza mermaid favor bag, pictured top. Stuff it
with a string of plastic pearls, shell candies, shell-shaped lip-gloss necklace.

Serve up drinks with classic mermaid drink rimmers, left and mermaid swizzles sticks
just like the vintage cocktail stirrers from the 1940s. Pair the look with the colorful
plastic shell plates, top. And for appetizers, set out King Triton's forks, left.

  • Mermaid pool party: If she has a mermaid's wish to have a party with the fish,
    then you can create a magical underwater oasis with a mermaid pool party
    that's fin-tastic and fits your budget. Set the scene with colorful shells, steel
    drum music, and sea foam fantasies for memories that will last a lifetime with or
    without Ariel. Be sure to see the mermaid swim fins and mermaid towels below.

Here's how you can have some frolicking fun with a mermaid theme party:

  • Get Shellfish: Instead of going with Ariel for the party plates, opt for inexpensive
    colorful plastic shell plates, which you can use again and again. They're sized
    perfectly for lunch and cake. The vibrant colors pair nicely with the King Neptune
    style cocktail picks for the appetizers.

  • Make a splash with the Piñata: Fill it with salt water taffy, Efrutti Mother of Pearl
    Gummi Candy, Fruit Seashell Candy, and Swedish fish, and Aloha buttermints,
    because they're individually wrapped and festive.

  • Give them a nice Hawaiian punch. Skip the old school drink. Create instead a sea-
    foam punch with lime sherbet with lemon lime soda. Garnish with a plastic
    cocktail mermaid and a drink parasol. Or mix a carbonated beverage with blue
    Gatorade. Even easier: peel the Gatorade label and stick on some mermaid
    stickers so it looks as though they are floating in the drink.

  • Make waves with a tablecloth. Start with a sea-foam green plastic tablecloth,
    then lay an ocean blue tulle over Or Barn Kids has the mermaid look with a
    mermaid tablecloth and sweet mermaid plates.

  • Create a sea kelp ceiling. String fishing line and drape green crepe paper or craft
    fringe in clusters. For added effect, cut out fish shapes and hang them in
    schools. You can also make a sea kelp limba. More MERMAID PARTY Stuff. Take a
    limba stick and add crepe paper seaweed.

  • Since mermaids treasure fish, here are some fun ideas for your under the sea
  • Fish bowl decoration (fill a fish bowl with goldfish or Swedish Fish) and
    use this as centerpiece for your party.
  • Make fish in a bag gelatin desserts (idea also by Family Fun).
  • Craft mini take home aquariums (this is sort of an aquatic snow globe).

Mermaid theme invitations
Kids love to help send invitations to their party. A simple and effective way to partake
is to have your child sticker envelopes and affix the postage. Did you know you can
postage with a mermaid design? Visit to declare your love for
mermaids in a postage stamp. Here are more clever ideas to help you throw a
memorable mermaid party:

  • Send a message in the bottle. Start with a plastic sand art bottle and plop in a
    cocktail mermaid, a bit of blue sand and a shell. Then roll and stuff your
    message and hand deliver a memorable invitation. Or search for hand
    made mermaid creations, like the set pictured right. Here's another adorable
    mermaid invitation from

  • Mermaid Birthday invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Under the sea we'll soon be, as Brianna is turning three!*
  • Take the plunge and swim with us Saturday, August 22 at 1:30
  • Mermaid's Cove: 123 Beach street
  • RSVP: Sea Queen Rachel or King Neptune Todd at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • Have some with us fun in the sun, our little mermaid is turning one!
  • Join us under the ocean blue, little Anne-Marie is turning two!
  • Venture to the ocean floor, our little mermaid is turning four!
  • Splish-splash and fun galore, our Brittany is five no more!

Mermaid party favors

  • She'll love the Grow Your Own Mermaid card (you'll find it at Michael's stores,
    not online, for about a buck).

How to decorate a mermaid party:

  • Hang mermaid towels to the wind. Get a clothes line and hang mermaid beach
    towels. If you're crafty, sew mermaid towels from inexpensive terry-cloth towels.

  • Load steel drum music to your MP3 player. Carnival Cruise line favorites has the
    classics that will set a happy tropical tone.

  • Show life in a fishbowl: Buy some plastic goldfish bowls, add food coloring and
    the graceful beauty of underwater plastic plants. Or fill the bowls with yummy
    display of sea green and ocean blue candies and allow kids to help themselves.
    (It's a party after all.) Martha Stewart has the recipe for success with a fish
    bowl gelatin dessert.

  • Have some sandbox fun. Make your own mini sandbox with blue sand and some
    colorful ocean toys. Buy a pound of sand (or about 1.5 cups) for under four
    bucks. In a pinch, you can buy salt and rub blue or green chalk into the mixture
    to create your perfect color.

  • Get bubbly. Load the floor with varying colors of blue, green and lilac and silvery
    balloons, and place a bubble maker in a high traffic area.

  • Decorate the tables with blue shark and whale gummies to create an under the
    sea effect. See also our shark party and dolphin party ideas to expand the
    under water fantasy.

Mermaid's lunch

  • Something's fishy! Don't bother with the fish cakes! She may like tuna
    sandwiches, but a real crowd pleaser with the younger kids is a simple
    macaroni and cheese dish you make with a shelled pasta. Serve the pasta. If
    you want to really accentuate your mermaid theme, then serve your pasta in a
    plastic clam bowl and matching shell ladle, pictured right. Or buy a brand new
    fish bowl to serve up the pasta fun.

Mermaid Birthday cake
Your Mermaid cake should have a fantasy element. We hope these ideas provide

  • Fish around for cake ideas. A mermaid's cake is easy when you take hints from
    Wilton. You may find the retired Merry Mermaid cake pan (2105-6710, 1993) on
    eBay. Otherwise, you can follow their recipe for a mermaid cake using a doll
    stick prop.

  • Your mermaid cake will look even sweeter if you garnish with white chocolate
    seashells. The pearly chocolate seashells left are $9 for a dozen. They're fancy
    enough for a wedding, and affordable enough for your birthday party.

  • More mermaid birthday cake ideas:

Mermaid cookies, cakes and sweet treats
If you're baking sugar cookies, be sure to check out our big batch sugar cookie recipe.
Here are other fun ideas for your mermaid party:

  • See our sea blue candies: Stick to a candy color palette of mostly blues, greens
    and lavender.

  • Make almost from scratch Mermaid's shell cookies. Buy Madeline cookies and dip
    them into a melted swirls of Wilton's green and blue melting candies.

  • Make home made marshmallows. Dust with Wilton's Green Powdered sugar,
    pictured right.

  • Candy buffet: Pearlized Sixlets chocolates look like pearls! They'd make a fun
    addition to a mermaid's candy buffet, as would the shell candy, pictured top left.
    Add peralized chocolates, left for a dreamy under the sea buffet.

  • Pour some bubbly carbonated drinks with a dash of blue food coloring and
    garnish them with blue sugar rim.

  • Cool them down with Ocean Blue raspberry shave ice. Or make a refreshing
    blue raspberry gelatin dessert.

  • Serve up blue ice cream! Allow vanilla ice cream to soften, then mix the desired
    color of blue. For the ultimate tropical look, cut coconuts in half and use them for
    bowls. Here's how to cut coconuts in half. Or garnish with Chocolate Seashell
    Candy and serve in a small beach pail.

Mermaid party activities:

  • Involve Dad in the under-the-sea fun. Kids will love to frolic with a father figure.
    Dad or Uncle can dress the part of a fisherman with fishing gear and a few
    props. Or he can be prince charming with a crown and cape. In either roll he can
    engage the girls to ask them if they've seen the mermaids. As a fisherman he
    can net the little mermaids in a game of chase on the lawn. As prince he can
    ask questions and tell the girls that it's too bad they lost their voice. Or he can
    be King Neptune (white Santa beard and a crown with a fork shaped spear).
    King Neptune can jokingly forbid the mermaid girls to play with human things.
    Have him throw human treasures in the pool.

  • Paint the little ladies with Mermaid Face Painting. Drape a canopy, and some tulle
    on a chair and prop a clamshell pillow to create an under the sea salon. Klutz
    makes an excellent book for inspiration that includes the face paints. You're
    sure to use it for years to come. You can also paint nails and toes.

  • Create sea jewels: String inexpensive plastic shell beads to make mermaid
    jewelry to take home.

Mermaid Party Resources
King Triton will approve of these helpful Web sites for your mermaid party:

Real mermaid parties  
We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a mesmerizing mermaid pool party! Tell
us about you create a magical underwater oasis with a mermaid birthday party that's
filled with colorful shells, steel drum music and mermaid novelties.

Tell us about your mermaid party!
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