Monkey birthday party
Monkey around with a monkey theme party

Go bananas with a monkey themed birthday!As kids parties go, a monkey theme
provides the extra "ooh-and-ahh" factor for doting friends and relatives to admire.
Whether it's a kids birthday party or a baby shower, we promise that you'll go
bananas, too, for these funky monkey party ideas:

  • Hear, speak and see "no evil": Take pictures of guests, three at a time, with
    hands over their ears, mouth and eyes for the classic monkey pose and use
    them for the thank you cards. Or use the idea for the monkey party invitations,
    with Mom and Dad at either end and the birthday kid in the center.

  • Sprinkle the monkeys: Hang a vertical garland of monkeys from the classic game,
    barrel of monkeys. Or turn the barrel monkeys into drink charms. Left, the tiny,
    tiny monkeys come ten to a pack and are perfect for table decorations (unless
    you have children under three years old attending the party).

  • Load up on banana novelties! A banana theme party is appealing as it provides a
    bright and happy beginning for kids parties both in terms of food and
    decorations, so monkey around with the banana ideas:

  • Hey, Chiquita! What's a monkey party without a big banana inflatable?
    You've got to have at least one, left, as a conversation piece! You just
    won't find inflatable bananas or other monkey party supplies at your local
    party supply, and because they add such a humorous touch, it's worth
    buying them online for your party.

  • Bananarama! Load up on some sweet music from the 80s: Bananarama!
    For the kiddies, download Shana Banana, left, on your MP3.  Then order
    up some Bananarama candy, a banana-shaped confection that's
    available in 10-oz packs for just $3.50. Sprinkle the banana candy on
    cupcakes or add some fun to a banana split. See our complete list of
    banana candy available in our monkey party store.

  • More banana ideas: Get a banana hanger! This novelty, right, will add a
    decorative touch to your party, and yet is so practical for your kitchen.

  • Play some funky monkey tunes. Play "Hey, Hey, we're the Monkees!" Check out
    Amazon's Monkees Store to download the best of the Monkees. Mix a tape to
    include Bananarama and Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys.

  • Monkey around with Martha. Good things are in store at Martha Stewart's Web
    site where you can make your own monkey party cups, monkey party
    invitations and banana cake.

Monkey party invitations and wording ideas
It's time to get the monkey off your back and send out the invitations.

  • Here are some wording ideas for the invitations:
  • Monkey see and monkey do, our little Monkey is turning two!*
  • Join us Saturday, August 22, 2009 at noon (but please make like a
    banana and split by 4:00)
  • Banana tree: 123 main street
  • RSVP: The woman with the yellow hat at 867-5309

    * Variations for monkey party wording:
  • Our tiny, tiny monkey's turning one, let's celebrate and have some fun!
  • It's no monkey jive, it's true that Elyce is turning five!
  • Anna (Savanna, Hannah) banana is turning four, it's time to monkey
    around and more.
  • Let's all go bananas! Our little Monkey is turning one!

  • Thank you card ideas:
  • Thanks a bunch with a picture of a banana.
  • Your gift was top banana with our little monkey. Thanks much!

Monkey party food, Monkey Cakes, Cookies and sweets
For a monkey party to remember, stick to a few colors in the party food and

  • Get out a barrel full of monkeys. Garnish drinks with the old fashioned barrel full
    of monkeys game and have individual pieces of the toy hanging from the rims of
    drinks for the adults. As it may cause choking hazard for kids under three years
    of age, serve it only to the adults.

  • Eat Elvis style: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, anyone? This classic dish
    is kid approved, economical, and you don't need a recipe. Make sure none of
    the guests at the party have any peanut allergies.

  • You're on a roll with banana sushi! Parent approved, because this dessert is
    mostly fruit, the little monkeys will love banana sushi. Simply wrap a banana in
    fruit roll ups, then slice into sushi chunks. Garnish with lime yogurt to look like
    wasabi and top with to look like roe.

  • Set up a yellow candy bar for the party. Yellow M&Ms give a banana look, and to
    keep with the yellow theme, try also Lemon Heads

  • Make like a banana and split! Monkeys love bananas and the recipe for success
    for the perfect banana split comes from Wilton. Try these luscious banana
    treats, which are all monkey approved:

  • Monkey around with more banana candies for favors and treats:
  • Monkey business gourmet popcorn, left, is a combination of banana and
    coconut flavored popcorn.
  • Banana Cream Cheesball kit, right, mixes with cream cheese (six-pack).
  • Now and Later Banana bars, left, are ideal for favors. What a deal, buy 48
    four-piece bars for an incredible price on Amazon. Just $4.97.
  • Necco Banana Split Candy Chews, comes in a 12 pack, ideal for favors.
  • Banana swirled candy sticks
  • Laffy Taffy Banana
  • Haribo Banana gummies, right
  • Banana Heads (banana shaped and flavored candy tarts)
  • Banana shave ice or slush made from Banana Syrup, right. Add coconut
    shavings for the ultimate shave ice experience.
  • Banana chips (dried bananas)
  • Looking for more banana candy? Here are some fun banana treats for the
    party in our yellow party foods (banana torani syrup and banana

Monkey Around with Games and Activities

  • Play monkey says. Since monkeys love copying humans, make your little humans
    copy a monkey! Put on a mask and invite the kids to monkey around the room
    swinging branches, peeling imaginary bananas and jumping around. Have kids
    tickle the audience.

  • Get bouncing! A bounce house is ideal for a monkey party theme (imagine five
    little monkeys jumping on the bed). And a monkey party in a bounce house is
    made more fun for kids when you toss in a few banana inflatables.

  • Life is a barrel of monkeys! The classic barrel of monkeys game is a must have on
    the coffee table or as a favor for your monkey birthday party.

  • Lure them with a banana: Kids who can spell will enjoy Bananagrams, a game
    that zips neatly in a banana bag. It consistently gets high ratings on Amazon.
    Not Scrabble, this is a crossword game that you can play in pairs or alone and
    you're rewarded for speed and flexibility.

  • Make a monkey tree! See the step-by-step instructions for this monkey tree craft
    for kids.

Monkey business: party supplies
The obvious choice is a bright color palette of banana yellow with brown accents, but
pink and green above adds a girlie touch. And  pink and brown also works well for

The monkey business of selecting party supplies starts online. There are no cuter
party plates available in the party supplies department than the mod monkey set of
party supplies. You probably won't find these at the local party supply, so you'll want
to snatch them up now. And if the magic number is two we have the mod monkey
party plates for you, pictured upper left. For other birthday ages, or for a baby
monkey shower, buy the mod monkey blue dessert plates and supplement generic
yellow lunch plates you find at the local party supply.

Resources for a monkey birthday party

Real monkey parties
If you want to get down to the monkey business of party planning, then hang around.
We have some fun blogs to share from our favorite monkey parties:

Now it's your turn: monkey around with us on Twitter and share party ideas. We'd love to
share pictures of your monkey party. We link to quality blogs and cute party ideas.
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