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Silly Monster Party
How to have a silly monster theme birthday party

Calling all the monsters! Hey, Mom-ster, if your little monster is having a birthday
and you're planning a party, then try an outrageously cute and unforgettable silly
little monster party filled with google eyes, horned creatures, crazy monster teeth
and rolled tongues. Here's how:

  • Stock up on monster eyes. Left, icing sugar eyes will come in handy not only
    for your silly monster cupcakes and cake pops, but also for edible crafts. Try
    "gluing" them to mugs and glasses with dabs of frosting.

  • Monster feet! Make your own monster feet from tin cans or buy the cute
    ready made monster feet, lower right. Under $10 and with free shipping, this
    is a monstrously fun activity for the kiddos. Or start saving tissue boxes and
    get creative: two tissue boxes and some acrylic paints will make terrific
    monster slippers. Either way, kids will have a fun time stomping around or

  • Monster party plates: Serving monster mash is sure to be a smash with the
    melamine monster plates, pictured top left. They're heat resistant,
    dishwasher safe, and will help you keep memories long after the party is
    over. Or clean them up and send kids home with a plate full of monster
    cookies as a favor.

Monster Cakes and Treats
While your little cookie monster certainly will appreciate the monster of a party you
create by finding cool stuff online, you can also get crafty baking these festive
treats from scratch:

  • Monster pops: Packed with eye-popping appeal, the simple monster pops,
    left, are actually brownies covered in fondant and a light icing. Better Homes
    & Gardens shows you how to make each monster pop pictured. Surely you'll
    invent your own once you get a hang of this sweet idea.

  • Silly monster cupcakes: Wacky, weird and wonderful you'll be proud to show
    off the creepy creations for cupcakes using Wilton's cupcake monster recipes
    pictured top and immediate left. Get out the toothpicks, gum drops, licorice
    and chocolate covered candies to craft antennae and green tongues.  And be
    sure to add the silly feet, right, to give your monster cupcakes the finishing

  • Monster treats: Get more monstrously cute recipe sweet treat ideas from the
    Little Monsters cookbook, left.

Monster invitations:
Unleash your creativity to really get the party started. The design for the sweet
Monster Notepads found on will provide inspiration for your home made
invitations. Invite "fiends and family" to the party with these cute invitation ideas:

  • Monster party wording ideas:
  • It's a monster mash: join us for Jenny's birthday bash!
  • (Our little monster is turning two)
  • Have a monstrously good time Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Swamp: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Mom-ster Mary at 867-5309

  • These invitations are a monster of a good deal... About a buck a piece, try the
    adorable, affordable and personalized Monster invitations at

  • Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers? The mainstay of decoration
    for your cute monster party will be in the creative use of wiggly eyes,
    especially for the invitations. You can create teeth for your monster with
    white strips of felt shaped into triangles. Horns and antenna help finish the
    look, and you can make use of pompoms and pipe cleaners, too.

Monster party favors
Don't look under the bed or in the closet for monsters! Go where the wild things
are. The place to look for monstrously fun party monster party supplies is online
(because they just don't stock the  cute stuff at the local party store):

  • Monster bendable favors, pictured upper right, will keep little fingers busy.
  • Create a candy buffet with the fiendish fun of monster lollipops above.
  • Monster pop-ups: Pictured top right, kids love popping the monster pop-ups.
    This favor will help you decorate the tables and entertain the kids.
  • Wiggle room for creativity: All it takes is some felt and some wiggle eyes to
    craft an easy monster coin purse using the tutorial from

Monster activities:
  • Monster bowling
  • Monster mask craft activity, left

Monster decorations

  • Monster Blow Ups: Blow up ordinary balloons in your party colors, attach
    paper monster feet and draw funny monster faces with a Sharpie.

Monstrously delicious Party foods

  • Eyeballs in your food: Here's a beastly idea for appetizers and dips: garnish
    with grapes, olives to appear like monster eyeballs.

Real Monster parties
Your monster bash is sure to be a play yard smash and we'd love to hear about it.
Please share your real monster parties with us on twitter, like this one:

  • Rehash of the monster mash bash: Craft your own monster bash banner, just
    as one mom did for this sweet Monster Mash Bash pictured, left. Kids crafted
    their own monster pillows, made their own monster cupcakes and more.

  • Boys cute monster party: Ben's monster party in blue and red got plenty of
    inspiration and help from vendors at, including a home made
    monster pinata.

  • Below is inspiration from All designs are available for purchase
    and download on

We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a Monster party. Remember, we link
to quality sites, so please
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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