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How to have a monster truck theme birthday party for boys

So your little "Grave Digger" is having a birthday? His toy chest is jammed with
monster trucks, so you may as well give him his own monster truck rally and pit party.  
Here's how to rally up for the best ever monster truck party for the boys...

  • Have a  monster mini truck rally. The main activity of the monster truck party is
    the simple fun of a mini monster truck rally with remote control vehicles or just
    digging in the dirt with them. Monster trucks double as birthday gifts, too.

  • Customize your own fleet of monster trucks. Creativity Kids has a custome kit of
    four different trucks  ready to decorate with stickers and paint. Pull them back
    and watch them race, roll and flip. This activity, left, doubles as a favor.

  • Retire the tires! Kids will love sitting in a tire to eat lunch and cake, but finding
    old tires for your monster truck party is not easy. Besides, they're dirty. So buy
    inflatable tires intended for recreation at the pool or river. The Radial Champs
    inflatable tires, right, double as a favor.

  • Spin with donuts! Monster trucks often spin in circles, called donuts, so serve
    this tasty treat. Chocolate donuts look like tires. Pile them high with mini
    monster trucks riding the donut pile.

  • Roll with the action. Set your television to continual play of an action packed
    Monster Truck Jam. (Turn off the sound so kids won't spend too much time
    doping on the set. Monster Truck Classics, a three set DVD, right is under
    twenty bucks on Amazon.

Monster Truck Party Invitation and Thank You Card Ideas

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:

  • It's time to rally up for Michael's monster truck birthday bash!
  • Get into Gear: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Arena: 123 main street
  • RSVP for ticket information at 867-5309.

  • Don't get "tired" looking for invitations. Make your own with inspiration from
    Mountain Mommy and her Monster Truck party invitations. She paired cute
    monster truck stickers on a ripped paper mountain, then added mini tire tracks
    from a monster truck for a "wheel cool" look.

  • It's the pits! Make "pit party passes" (invitations that you can send on lanyards
    to look like invitees have a pass to mingle with the pit crew). For about $1.29
    each you can create your own sporting event ticket invitations. Tickets are 2" x
    5-1/2" and include envelopes.

Monster truck food
You can't go wrong with hot dogs or hamburgers and other fast foods you'd find at a
Monster Truck Jam. More monstrous fun with food for a monster truck party:
  • cut monster jam sandwiches from a monster truck cookie cutter.
  • provide "wheel cool" monster truck sippy cups, pictured right.
  • serve "oil" with ice cream and cake (chocolate syrup).
  • set out biscuits, butter and specially labeled "Monster Jam."
  • make lunch ban easy meal of bagels. They can look more like monster truck
    wheels if you use Wilton black food spray, but dust just a few as not everyone
    may be so brave to eat them!

Monster Truck Birthday Cake
If ordering a cake with a layer, be sure to ask for jam so that at the party you can
bring attention to your "Monster Jam" filling. Here are some other ideas:

  • Monstrously easy cake idea: Buy an ordinary sheet cake and top it yourself with
    the edible image, pictured left, which fits 8-inch cakes and larger. Kosher
    certified, made in the USA and packaged in a moisture resistant pouch, the
    edible image stays fresh. Just $3.39 plus shipping.

  • Build a stunt cake. Top your cake with monster truck cake topper, right,  for
    added dimension.

  • Crush the competition. Be sure to dirty your plate with crushed chocolate
    sandwich cookie crumbles.

Monster Truck Party Favors

  • Buy a fleet of monster trucks and save. The Dodge Ram Monster Truck by
    Kinsmart, pictured right, is available in a set of 12 Die-cast metal trucks that are
    1/44 Scale and 5-inches long. With pull-back action, the kids will have a
    monstrously good time with these quality Dodge replicas.

  • Go double duty: Here's a decoration idea that doubles as a useful party favor.
    Send kids home with monster truck place-mats you laminate at Kinkos. You'll
    use them for the party, then roll them up for favors as kids depart. A set of four
    paper place-mats is just $2.99, plus shipping.

  • Don't skid by the candy! Tire tread licorice, left, is a funny favor option. Look also
    for Tubi's tire tread individually wrapped bars of licorice candy.

More Resources for a Monster Truck Party

  • Visit our NASCAR party pages for more ideas, particularly for checkered flag
    party supplies and food ideas.

Real Monster Truck parties  

  • Monster Truck Inspriation. Get ideas from a real party planner (Posh Tot Events).
    Drenched in a theme of yellow and black, this Monster Truck Party for a lucky kid
    named Hollis who turned three. Get a load of the balloon tires, which you might
    try to make yourself with a mylar star shaped balloon surrounded by black
    ones. Check out the checked theme.

  • Need a pit pass for more ideas? Check out our NASCAR party for checkered party
    theme ideas, including a checkerboard cake.

Tell us about your real Monster Truck party and share party ideas with us on Twitter and
Facebook. Sometimes party ideas for boys are harder to find, so help us out and share
your good ideas.
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