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Stash it to 'em with this unusual kids party idea

Everything is better with a moustache, especially a kids birthday party! So go ahead
and celebrate pop's 'stache. However you spell mustache  / moustache you can have a
party like no other. As kids parties go, this one will be most memorable, but adults can
have fun too. And pulling off a moustache party for kids is easier than you might expect.

When you think of it, there are a lot of kids characters who wear moustaches. For
starters there's Super Mario Brothers (both Mario and Luigi have moustaches). Even Mr.
Potato Head wears a moustache! And then there's the classic Wooly Willy magnetic toy
kids have loved for generations.

  • Pick a moustache. As kids arrive, have them pick a moustache to wear. There are
    so many varieties, above. Be sure to have lots of mirrors on hand as everyone
    will want to see themselves in a moustache. For starters, try the "Fu-manchu"
    moustache, handlebar moustache, Dali style moustache or Super Mario
    moustache. If Dad doesn't already have a moustache, he can grow one just for
    this unusual party theme. Even Mom can sport a pink moustache.

  • Moustache photo opportunity. A colorful moustache on a stick provides a photo
    opportunity! Set up a photo booth and have guests pick their own moustache
    stick, pictured left. Create thank you cards with the pictures of guests.

  • This party isn't cookie cutter, but you'll need one. The moustache shaped cookie
    cutter, left is essential to your party.  Use the moustache cookie cutter to trace a
    moustache for your invitations. As a stencil, the cookie cutter is also invaluable
    for helping you make moustache decorations. Use them to trace onto brown,
    black, grey and yellow construction paper, then cut your moustaches to put on
    sticks, on walls, and on presents. It's also useful for making fairy wings or angel
    wings during the holidays.

  • Find a stash of supplies. Head to for moustache party supplies where
    you'll find funny moustache novelties -- from moustache glasses, moustache
    cupcake toppers, paper moustaches on a stick -- even moustache crayons. Have
    twins? Try a Stashes and Smooches party.

  • Moustache candy favor. Old time mustache candy, pictured left, is a popular choice
    for party favors, or place these tiny candies in a small finger bowl for guests to
    discover. In an unexpected tutti fruitti flavor, you'll get an assortment of
    mustache shapes and 75 candies per pack.

Moustache party foods
It's not that a moustache party requires any special foods, but you can certainly have
fun with the moustache theme and put food on the face.  You can affix fake moustache
whiskers to the soda pop bottles, mugs, menus and more.  Don't want to do the work

  • Moustache drinks. Make your own paper moustaches to affix to straws. There are
    now more moustache novelties available than ever before, including moustache
    party straws and cups.

  • Moustache ice cubes. The Moustache ice cube tray, left, will provide a humorous
    surprise. Top it off with a moustache party straw.

  • Milk moustache. Milkshakes will make the perfect milk moustache! Of course, you
    can always serve milk and cookies for that classic look. Line up the kids and have
    them pose for a group milk moustache photo.

  • Moustache cake. Bake a black and white cake (chocolate cake with white icing)
    and decorate simply with a chocolate moustache on a stick or a paper moustache
    on a stick. Fondant is easy to shape as well. Use a cookie cutter to cut black
    fondant into moustache shape for cookies, cupcakes or the birthday cake.

  • Black licorice! Never underestimate the creativity kids will have when they pose
    with limp licorice twists. Behold: a licorice moustache! You might even give the
    kids the idea with the food face plate, left. Lay a pile of licorice on the face plate
    and see what happens. Now that's how to put food on your face!

  • Moustache cookies. Specialty bakers may offer gourmet moustashe cookies, but
    it's easy enough to bake them on your own. Left, the moustache cookie cutter is
    4-inches, allowing you to bake generous-sized cookies for presentation. Try our
    perfect sugar cookie recipe to make a big batch. Want more moustache cookie
    ideas, get a load of these:

  • Pin-interesting! The adventures of Sugarbell showcases some glorious
    moustache cookies in blue and green.

  • Chocolate mouse-tache. Whip up a batch of your favorite chocolate mouse,
    then garnish with a cookie moustache.

Moustache party supplies
It's not like you're going to find moustache party supplies easily, but really it's not that
hard to create a moustache party when you start going. Here are some ideas to
enhance this silly theme:

  • Mustache shot glasses. Pictured left, fill the  mustach shot glasses with candies
    for the kids. Mustache bash party supplies like this are a fun find. Make jello
    shots too.

  • Moustache game: Create your own pin the moustache on the man game. Draw
    your own man that fits a set of stick on moustaches. Get a variety of moustache
    styles and be sure to put names on back to identify the winner who is closest to
    pinning the moustache in the correct spot.

There are quite a few moustache novelties available if you look for them online. Mom
can wear a moustache necklace or a moustache ring, right.

Moustache invitations
Moustache invitations are hard to come by. We have some suggestions on where to
buy them, but we suggest you make them yourself. Have fun with the invitation
wording on your moustache bash, for example:

  • "I moustache you a question...will you come to my party?"
  • Stash this invitation in a place you'll remember: the party is August 25!

  • Home made moustache invitation:

  • Create your own moustache invitations on a stick. Start with thick black
    paper and a cookie cutter to trace the moustache design. Place invitation
    wording on the inside of the moustache and hand deliver.

  • Buy a pack of stick on moustaches and affix them to a plain card to create
    a do it yourself invitation with an appeal dimension. With so many fun
    varieties available, the hardest part is picking the right fake moustache for
    the invitation.

  • Accentuate the envelope or party invitation with moustache stickers,
    available left. Kids love using stickers to help you make the invitations.

  • Resources for moustache invitations: You won't find many moustache invitations
    available, but when you look online you'll have a better chance.

  • Mailing your moustache invitations? Give your invitations the finishing touch with a
    moustache postage stamp from

Moustache party favors
The classic Groucho Marx moustache, nose and glasses, left, would make an ideal party
favor. Try also these fun ideas:

  • Magnetize them! With the Willy Wooly, right, kids can build their own classic
    moustache on Willy's face with magnetic particles. Willy Wooly is the original
    magnetic face toy. Or instead of having favors, buy a few to allow kids to draw
    whiskers, sideburns, a mustache or different hairstyles on Wooly Willy.

Games for a kids moustache party
Games aren't necessary for a moustache party as the silliness of wearing moustaches
is fun enough, but if you want some games, then here are a few ideas:

  • Pin the moustache on mommy. Blindfold the kids and see if they can pick a
    moustache from a table and pin the moustache on mommy in close range. This is
    super funny and the guests will appreciate mom being such a good sport.

  • Stash the stash on a celebrity. Free moustache party game. You can pin the
    moustache on a celebrity thanks to someone creative at who
    created an image of Burt Reynolds for you to print.

  • Get out the classic Mr. Potato head.  After all, he wears a moustache! For
    something a little more today, there's Super Mario Brothers.

More wonderful moustache novelties

  • Moustache mug: The moustache mug, bottom of the page, would make an ideal
    holder for utensils at the buffet.

  • Moustache bandages: Turn any minor injury into a jovial personified body part
    with these Mustache Bandages, right.

  • Dog moustache: The shiny black dog moustache toy, right,  is a ball on one end
    and a giant cartoon mustache on the other.

Real Moustache parties
Sure, you might be a little crazy if you want to throw a moustache party for kids, but it's
not impossible, and you're not the only one who's ever thought of the idea! Here are
some real moustache parties:

  • While not at true moustache party, the "Mr. Man party," left, celebrated one lucky
    little guy's second birthday with chocolate moustaches on a stick.

Facial hair on the upper lip is a funny reason to throw a party. You'll certainly have to
be creative, but when you throw a moustache party for kids, it's sure to be a party
they'll never forget.

So now it's your turn. Tell us about your moustache party and share party ideas with us on
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