Aussie Outback Party
How to throw an Australian Outback theme party for kids

G'Day Mates! Even if you don't come from the land down under, you can throw an
awesome outback party out back in your own back yard. If you want to throw a party
at home then this "shivoo" is for you. ("Shivoo" is Australian for "celebration," mate!)

If you're game, you can have an Australian Safari party complete with an outback
treasure hunt, a boomerang contest, a Koala adoption and a didgeridoo craft. Your
little "mates" will love a party in the land down under filled with  koalas and
kangaroos, wallabies and wombats, boomarangs, didgeridoos, barbies and bush hats.

Here's how to plan an Australian Outback birthday party:

  • Play Austrialian Party games: Learn how to play pass the parcel, a classic party
    game with Australians. For other activities, learn how to make and throw
    bommeranges. And be sure to have a safari hunt with small Australian animals.

  • A Do you do Didgeridoo? Sometimes spelled is "Didgeridu," a Didgeridoo is a long
    Australian percussion instrument. You might make one yourself out of PVC
    piping. A wonderful children's book is "Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo," by Alison
    Lester, right.

  • Adopt a Koala. A highlight of your party will be a Koala adoption ceremony where
    you present each child with a Koala along with adoption papers. Kids will have
    fun naming their new pets in front of everyone. (Incidentally, don't be a dingo:
    koalas are not bears, they are marsupials.)

  • Bounce like a Kangaroo with a bounce house. Put up a kangaroo crossing
    barricade with the fun tape, pictured left, to highlight the Kangaroo habitat (a
    bounce house). Whether you find a bounce house rental or an indoor bounce
    house, inflatable jumping will turn the kids into instant kangaroos. The little
    Wallabies will love it. (Don't be a dingo, a Wallaby is smaller than a Kangaroo.)

  • Let them spaz with the Taz. Gather the kids for a peek at the Tasmanian Devil as
    a baby with Babby Looney Tunes by Warner Brother's hone video. Baby Taz
    loved his toys more than anything, until he broke them! Then feed them
    Tasmanian Devil cake.

  • Just before cake, read Aussie Outback party by Megan Barltt-Horne which
    features rhymes charming illustrations of Australian wildlife.

What to serve at an Australian Outback party
Have fun with food at your party. Throw some shrimp on the barbie (that's Aussie for
barbecue and not Barbie doll, silly). To accentuate the fun for kids, why not put a
cooked piece of shrimp on a Barbie for display? If shrimp is not your dish, then try "char
some mystery bags" and barbecue the "snag" (both are terms for sausage). Kids will
enjoy hot dogs instead of sausages, and you can name them Tasmanian Devil Dogs.
Feed the kids "chook" (chicken). Here are some other fun Aussie Outback ideas:

  • Offer guests to try a vegemite sandwich. It wouldn't be a true Australian party
    without Vegemite, mate! This classic sandwich won't likely go over well with
    guests in America, but the experience of trying it certainly will make for a
    memorable party for the adults. Wondering where to buy Vegemite in America?
    It's not easy, so search online left.

  • Boomerang candy. This is a party must-have! Boomerang candy pictured left, is a
    novelty that will help pull off your party theme. Use the candies as favors or to
    decorate the cupcakes.

  • Don't feel like cooking? The Outback Steakhouse can cater your theme party in
    Tampa, FL, Bloomington, MN and possibly your local restaurant!

  • Aussie style appetizers: Modify your favorite recipes and serve:
  • Tasmanian Deviled eggs.
  • Instead of pigs in a blanket, make Tasmanian Devil mini franks with
    boomarang shaped dough.

  • The cake? Why Tasmanian Devil chocolate cake of course! While chocolate is the
    all time favorite, you might try a Kangaroo carrot cake. If you want an authentic
    Australian cake experience, then bake Pavlova and Lamingtons, which is a sort
    of rolled sponge cake rolled in chocolate and desiccated coconut. Here's the
    recipe for Lazy Lamingtons.

  • Aussie candies: Give kids Australian candy, including Violet Crumble, Kookaburra
    Australian Black Licorice and other soft licorice confections.

Outback Party Favor ideas
Bomarangs are an obvious choice for a party favor. Here are some other ideas for an
outback party:

  • Aussie-style Bush hats: Give kids that instant "Crocodile Dundee" look with an
    Aussie Bush hat. If you can't find one online, start with an inexpensive felt or
    straw cowboy hat and pin up one side of each hat. Then make a fan of three
    long feathers and dab a bit of glue to the quill tips. Then sew a button to anchor
    the feathers.

  • Bag some outback animals. Divvy up a polybag of Australian Wildlife figurines by
    Wild Republic. This set includes a Kangaroo, a Koala, and a Dingo for example. If
    you're lucky, you'll find a Tasmanian Devil, a Wombat, an Emu, or a Wallaby
    (which looks a bit like a Kangaroo). You may find an Australian Shepherd or a red
    bellied black snake figurine to add to the mix. And, of course, remember to
    include a Crocodile figurine!

  • Ty Beanie Babies are another good choice. See the Koala, left.

Resources for an Outback Party

  • Check our Safari party and camping party ideas for further inspiration to your
    kids party.

Now it's your turn to throw an "Outback" party theme...
Have you been to Australia? Are you Australian? Do you have a little crocodile hunter in
the family? We'd love to hear from you about your party down under.

Tell us about your Outback party and share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter.
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