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Owl Birthday Party
How to have an owl party for kids that's a real hoot!

You who! It's a real hoot to throw an owl party! This party idea is growing in popularity
both as a kids party and as a baby shower idea and there are now lots of fun party
supplies available in the theme. Search for "owl" you need right here, including owl
party plates, favors and supplies. as well as owl party crafts. Plus, take a peek at real
owl parties below and even get some free printables to give you inspiration and ideas
for your party!

Here's how to throw an owl party that's OWL about your kid:

  • Real Owl Parties: Below, you'll find inspiration for a campy owl party by Amy
    Locurto. Steal this idea: make the adorable graham cracker owls for your party.
    To make the owl graham cracker treat you'll need a half a graham cracker, two
    toasted marshmallows, two yellow candy melts, two chocolate chips and a candy
    corn nose. If you can make a s'more, you can make a graham cracker owl treat.

  • WHO wants to get crafty? Craft a cute owl from a brown paper bag with DLTK's
    Paper Bag Owl Craft for kids, left. Make it a party activity or turn this creation
    into the goody bag.

  • Get your big owl eyes searching thrift shops With all the owl stuff out there from
    the '50s- '70s, you're sure to find interesting an inexpensive owl decor at a thrift
    shops. When you've gathered enough for a collection, cluster your findings of
    vases, figurines, mugs, and salt and pepper shakers, so they perch on a mantel,
    buffet table or coffee table.

  • Ya-Owl love freebies?
  • If you're a wise old owl, you'll check the free owl birthday party printables from
    Tip Junkie, right. With a color printer, you can print just about everything you
    need for your owl party.
  • Kids parties are "owl" about the cupcakes! Get free owl cupcake toppers from
    Rock Paper Scissors. Use them as food picks for your party, not just cupcakes.
  • Need a spooy Hak
  • Don't want to bother with printing your own, but love the custom look? Then
    check out the sweet water bottles, left.

  • You-who! If the party is near October, throw an OWL-o-ween party. Looking for
    owl party supplies is tough, but it gets easier around Halloween. When you
    scour the Internet, you'll find owl party ideas in Halloween parties for kids:
  • Sunset magazine provides ideas for owl party decor. Greet guests with an
    owl pumpkin, use Manzanita branches to perch your feathered friends,
    and create easy owl favor bags from a brown paper bag.
  • A little birdie told us about the printable owl cupcake free owl food picks
    from rockscissorpaper.com (use them for your party food, not just the
    cupcakes). Then invite some fun and buy the adorable owl invitation, left,
    from them too. Be sure to visit the owl shop.

What to serve at an owl party
When it comes to the party food, it's OWL about the sweets you serve:

  • It wouldn't be an owl party without owl cookies.
  • A wise way to make an owl cookie is to combine chocolate and vanilla
    cookie dough. See Family Fun's owl cookie recipe, left. It has a cashew
    beak, so please serve them only to kids five and up, or substitute the
    nutty nose with

  • Stick it to them! Owl cookies of any kind look good perched on a stick.
    Check the whimsical owl cookies on a stick found on Flickr, which feature a
    simple design, decorated with fondant. Who WHO Who's going to be the
    first to eat one?

  • Owl have one of those! "Owl" eyes are on the owl cupcakes. Perfect for "Owl-O-
    ween" or any kind of owl party in between, these sweet chocolate cupcakes
    from Real Simple magazine feature big Oreo sandwich cookie eyes. The cookies
    are halfed then topped with a Junior mint pupil, and for the beak a Real Simple
    places a banana candy or an M&M. The kids are guaranteed to eat them OWL up!

  • More fun with owl theme food:
  • Carve a watermelon owl and decorate with a carrot nose and olive eyes.

Owl Invitation Ideas
For a Halloween party, try Martha Stewart's free owl invitation printable, right.

  • Owl birthday wording ideas:
  • Look WHO's turning one. It's Michael!
  • It'd be a hoot if you could come celebrate his birthday: Saturday July 31
  • Nest: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Night owl Jane at 867-5309

  • Owl party thank you card wording:
  • "Thanks for giving a hoot and coming to my party. I'll OWL-ways be your
  • "Thank you-WHO!"

Activities for an Owl party

  • Count on Mr. Owl. Provide kids each with a Tootsie Pops, then ask them: "How
    many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" Mr.
    Owl, right, first started asking the question in the 1970s. Award the first kid to
    crack to the center a Tootsie Pops Award. Incidentally, Mr. Owl says it only takes
    three licks.

  • Gather OWL the ids for storytelling. Recite this famous wise old Owl nursery verse
    before reading an owl story:
    "A wise old owl sat in an oak,
    The more he heard, the less he spoke;
    The less he spoke, the more he heard;
    Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?
    A classic story to read is "The Owl and the Pussycat." There are several versions
    available of this Aesop's Fable classic. Allow kids to munch on Owl & Pussycat
    cookies. Make your own using our big batch cookie recipe or bundle in
    cellophane some of the Owl & Pussycat Artisan biscuits, right.

  • Give them nesting instincts. Go on the hunt for twigs and let the kids create their
    own nests. Start with Play-Doh as the base.

  • Want to teach the kids about barn owls? Sneak a peek of this educational clip.  
    The 27-minute barn owl video follows a barn owl family, including the four owlets
    having their first winter meal. Have it on continual play at the party. The video
    will fascinate kids and adults alike.

  • Host a Night Owl Party: It doesn't have to be a sleep-over. Even little kids can
    have a night owl party. Have kids come to the party in the pajamas and bring
    sleeping bags. Kids can cuddle up to a night owl plush favor, upper left, as you
    read them an owl story.

  • We coughed up another idea! If you can muster the thought, order Owl Pellets.
    Best for kids in grades 3-5, owl pellets are professionally treated and sealed in
    aluminum foil and then placed in a heated sealed poly bag. Breaking them apart
    is an interesting way for kids to learn about food chains and more through
    hands-on investigation.

Decorations for an owl party

  • Owl Balloons: Owl balloons are easiest found online! Above left is a sweet mylar
    owl balloon will last long after the party is over. Kids love mylar balloons and
    moms can appreciate that mylar balloons have less risk of popping.

Owl party favor
Owl party favors aren't easy to come by, so you'll have to make your own, and scour
the Internet on places like eBay, Amazon and ETSY, and you'll have to make your own.
Here's some of our favorite owl party favors:

  • Make your own owl finger puppet favor or pencil topper from felt. Follow the
    easy instructions from the thegreenwife.com.
  • Owl pendant with box, top right
  • Blinking Owl necklaces, left
  • Owl sticker sheets, right

Gifts for the Birthday Girl
It's as popular a theme for a nine-year old reading the Guardians of Ga'hoole (see the
complete book series top right) as it is for a first birthday party (see the Look Whoo's
Turning one party plates, top left).
  • Owl pendant
  • Owl backpack
  • Owl Board Game: Hoot Owl Hoot!

Resources for an owl party:
Yes, having an owl party is a real hoot for kids and adults alike. Owls are everywhere!
While the owl was a popular decorative motif in the '50s and '60s, it's just as hip today
in books and movies (such as "Winnie the Pooh," "
Harry Potter,"  "The Secrets of
NIHM," and "
Legends of the Guardian). It's no wonder! With iconic big eyes, the all
seeing and all knowing owl is a wise choice for an unusual kids party.
  • Give your little party animals a hat. Video instruction shows you how to make an
    owl party hat (free template from Martha Stewart, makes it easy).

  • Start an owl theme room. If you really give a hoot for the owl theme, you might
    decorate your child's whole bedroom or bathroom with owls. Your little good
    night owl will love to cozy up to the owl pillow, right.

  • Owl Wedding theme: For a wedding try a "look WHO's getting married" bridal
    shower for the love birds.

  • Owl Baby Shower Theme: Oh, baby! If you're hosting a shower you can plan a
    "look WHO's having a baby" shower.

Real owl parties...
Planning an owl party is a real hoot and these moms have already had one giving you
all the inspiration you need to host your own!

  • Party Planner and craft-person extraordinaire, Amy Locurto, celebrated her own
    owl birthday party. It was a campy affair with the sweetest ever owl S'Mores.
    Y'owl need to visit her shop to download her owl printables, as well.

  • Hosting an owl bridal shower? Then see the owl bridal shower invitation on
    none other than ETSY where you'll find handcrafted owl stickers, invitations and
    more from skilled artisans.

  • Get some sweet inspiration: the candy table at the owl party by Save the Date
    for Cupcakes, a yummy blog.

  • Look WHO is turning one! As a first birthday an owl party is a retro fun theme
    parents can have fun planning. For Mallory's first birthday, the theme in pink and
    green was owls. This first birthday owl party featured a "Whoo wants sweets?"
    candy buffet.

  • Night Owls Birthday. This pajama party for the little night owls offers loads of
    inspiration. The girls feasted on a table that looked like a bed and adopted their
    own unique owls. Check out the birthday girl's night owl party.

  • Slumber with the owls. Host an owl themed sleep-over with inspiration from this
    night owl party.

  • Owl eyes here: Ally turned 5 and you won't believe the level of detail of this
    festive party that mom Jenny put together. The party was oozing with sweet
    treats, owl masks and woodland decorations highlighting the owl. Kids made
    pine cone owls and also had a turn in owl ceramic making. It's worth the scroll to
    see the owl party details.

Your little wise guy will absolutely adore an owl birthday party no matter what his or her
age, and this party idea is guaranteed to be OWL the rage with friends and fam-OWL-y. So
now it's your turn to tell us about your owl theme party for kids, and to share pictures and
party ideas with us on Twitter.
DLTK's owl craft project for kids
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