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Panda Birthday Party
How to host a memorable panda party

As kids parties go, throwing a panda themed party is relatively easy, thanks to the
striking color scheme, though finding panda party favors and supplies may be a
challenge. If you're thinking of hosting a panda party, you'll have to shop online before
pandemonium ensues, because you won't find much at the local party supply store. But
don't worry! It only takes a few key components to get your theme across, and you can
make much of the other your party supplies yourself.

Here's how to get the party started for your little panda bear:

  • Get your little guy into the black and white of things. Getting the birthday kid in
    panda costume is a quick way to set the focal point of your party. Check out the
    sweet panda costumes, pictured left and right, which you might also use for
    Halloween. Or decorate the birthday kid in a special panda hat, panda ears,
    panda mask or other panda themed clothing for toddlers at And while
    you're at it, why not ask party goers to dress in black and white, too? When they
    arrive you can provide them with panda ears.

  • Make a heart-felt statement. Use felt to embellish your panda party with hand
    made items. Create a home made panda bear appliqué out of felt to apply on a T-
    shirt for the birthday kid. Quickly craft napkin ring holders or throw pillows out of
    felt for a festive touch. Handmade creations from felt might also include panda
    ears or whimsical panda finger puppets for favors. See the links below for how to
    make panda finger puppets. You can use the basic concept to create felt pencil
    toppers and to wrap lollipops to look like pandas. With felt, there's no limit to
    your panda bear party.

  • Have a lot on your plate for the party? No worries! It's easy to make your own
    panda party plates. Simply affix semi-circle ears cut from black construction paper
    onto the backs of white disposable plates and presto: instant panda plates.
    Another idea is to make panda place mats from construction paper.

Panda Party Supplies
It's not going to be easy putting together panda goodie bags.Consider these key
panda party supplies to pull of a panda theme:

  • Panda inflatables: A panda inflatable or panda balloon, above, will go a long way
    towards conveying the party theme and you can give them away as party favors
    so you'll get more bang for your buck. Prop inflatable pandas in your party space
    to mingle with party goers. Tie a panda balloon to a lucky bamboo plant as a
    centerpiece or at the birthday kid's special seat at the table.

  • Panda Gummies: Panda gummy candies will surely impress guests with your
    attention to detail. Scatter panda gummies on the cake table like confetti and
    allow party goers to nibble on this confection, or pack them into cellophane bags
    as party favors.

  • Have a panda puppet show. Hire a puppeteer and provide your entertainer with
    the panda puppet to incorporate into the act. After the performance, let your
    child have the puppet as a gift. Here are more panda puppet ideas:

  • Give a hand to a panda. Instead of the traditional gift giving birthday party, invite
    friends and family to support organizations working to protect endangered giant
    pandas. There are two ways to show your support:

  • Order a panda party kit. You can save the pandas and some closet space by
    ordering a panda party kit for your party, which includes posters, panda
    stickers, panda masks, panda postcards, an information booklet and can
    also include pins for every guest. How good you'll feel for helping Pandas

  • Adopt a panda: Send a free Panda E-card from the World Wildlife Fund to
    help educate your friends and family about pandas as an endangered
    species. There are less than 2000 pandas in the wild. Help reverse the
    trend: learn how to  Adopt a Panda now.

Panda Party Invitations
Kids love to help prepare for their parties. A simple way to make them feel a part of the
planning is to have them sticker or stamp invitations, thank you cards and envelopes.
Another fun way to add a personal touch to invitations is with the stamps.
has a variety of
panda postage stamps from which to choose. Zazzle also has custom
panda invitations. is another excellent source of panda party invitations.
There aren't many panda bear invitations commercially available other than for a
Fu Panda party.

  • Hand a panda for invitations. Hand deliver panda party invitations with a small
    panda party favor to invite "panda-monium.
  • The panda eraser favors, right, are also pencil toppers. Affix your invitation
    message to a pencil and perch the little panda friend on top of the pencil.
  • Another inviting idea is to make panda finger puppets, which fold flat for mailing.
  • Attach your panda party invitation to an inexpensive bamboo fan or a paper
    panda fan, pictured left.  Here are Panda party invitation wording ideas for a
    panda fan invitation:
  • Colton is a fan of the Giant Panda Bear!
  • You're invited to help celebrate his seventh birthday and to help save this
    endangered species.
  • Lunch and munch with Pandas Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Habitat: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Conservationist Tiffany at 867-5309.
  • (Please dress in support of the panda in black and white)

Panda Party Foods
Panda Express comes to mind as the easy option for the panda party food, though any
Chinese food for the party will do. Panda Express caters! Stir fry is easy enough to
make at home and you can include bamboo shoots in your recipe to give your Chinese
menu the panda touch. Kids will feel like they're eating an Asian feast with a simple
meal of spaghetti noodles with butter and Parmesan cheese in an Asian style bowl.

For Panda themed snack foods, look to EnviroKids. They have a healthy peanut-butter
rice bar. Ask your grocer for EnviroKidz Organic Panda Crispy Rice Bars. Check for
allergies in your guest list before serving. They are gluten free and made of brown rice.
Kids love them. Envirokids also has Panda Puffs cereal, which you can serve to the
birthday kid for breakfast on the special day.

Here are more ideas for panda party foods:
  • Make panda rice by using a small bowl to form rice on a plate and decorating a
    panda face with olives.
  • Serve "panda bear claws" (give your favorite bear claws a new name).
  • Use Oreo cookies and black licorice jelly beans to decorate ice cream scoops to
    look like panda bears.
  • Say "Hello" to Hello Panda cookies. Super inexpensive, choose the chocolate, milk
    cream, or strawberry Hello Panda cookies, left.
  • Get pumped for panda pumpernickle. Make a Panda Loaf bread. This Panda-
    licious recipe uses wheat, white and pumpernickel. The adults will surely admire
    your attention to detail with this idea.
  • Think marshmallows. Fluffy marshmallows naturally invite that puffy panda body.
    Form rice cereal into panda bear heads or make an edible panda centerpiece.
  • Other birthday party snacks might include black licorice twists or Panda brand
    licorice chews.

Panda Party Cakes
In keeping with the black and white theme for your panda party, bake two flavors of
cake or cupcakes: chocolate and vanilla.

  • Hello Cupcake! You don't need baking skills or fancy pastry equipment to create
    the sweet panda bear cupcakes right. Loaded with creative cupcake recipes,
    you'll get ideas for your other kids parties with the Hello Cupcake cookbook. It's
    an invaluable resource of theme party ideas for cupcakes.

  • Create a panda-monium for dessert: Wilton's Panda cupcakes, pictured left, are
    super easy and cute. And at the top, Wilton's cake pan

  • Get the know-how from Howdini. See the Panda cake by Betty Crocker, then
    watch the quick video to learn to make this big panda cake.

Panda Party Decorations
It's all there in black and white for a panda party. Here's how to decorate for the party:

  • Yin-yang it. The ancient yin-yang symbol keeps with the Asian theme and
    provides another interesting addition to your panda party for coasters and more.
    Here's how to draw a yin-yang on your computer.

  • It's bamboo for you! Pandas consume bamboo, so there's nothing more apropos
    than decorating your panda party with bamboo:

  • Make your own Bamboo shoots. This craft idea is a wonderful way to get
    your child excited for the party.

  • Go green. Have miniature pandas climb a lucky bamboo plant. Green is also
    an excellent accent color for your party. Also, instead of latex or mylar
    balloons, choose Japanese paper balloons, pictured right.

  • Eat on bamboo plates and utensils. Create a table setting with bamboo
    placemats, then add bamboo plates, bowls, forks, knives and spoons.
    Sturdier, prettier and more ecologically responsible than plastic, you'll
    make a statement as these are made from 100% organically grown
    bamboo, and peeled directly from the bamboo stalk.

Panda Party favors
For a first birthday party, party favors aren't as important as in the later years when
kids tend to expect them. For a first birthday party, the guests in attendance are
usually adults. If you have kids attending the party, then here are some ideas:

  • A cause to pause for the panda. Pair the panda erasers, pictured left, with pencils
    and a little sticker book pictured right. The erasers are pencil toppers. They're so
    cute, you won't want to erase anything.

  • Grin and panda-bear-it. Clutching at bamboo straws for favors? Felt favor bags are
    easy to make with the Critter Clutch by Family Fun because it includes a template
    for a panda bear. Fill it with black and white candies.

  • Dress a panda: An absolute must for a panda party is to decorate your guests
    with a panda shirt or decal, panda mask or panda ears. Make your own Mickey
    Mouse style panda ears with a white headband and black ears.

  • Make a Panda! This fun craft activity doubles as a memorable favor. The no sew
    Panda Kit, pictured left, is an un-stuffed plush kit that includes the 8" plush with
    enough fill to stuff it, plus a birth certificate and a wishing star insert. The
    drawstring and Velcro back makes it easy to close without sewing or worry of
    children re-opening and losing filling.

Panda Party Resources
Everything for your panda party, including panda costumes and panda favors and a
peek at real panda parties:

  • Party with the pandas: Pandas are actually rare in zoos, but you can be a party
    animal at Party Palooza where you'll find a large selection of panda bubbles,
    bendable pandas, panda tattoos, panda finger puppets, panda memo pads,
    panda inflatables and more. For more panda fun, check out the Panda party
    string lights also found online.

  • Panda craft activities:

Real Panda Parties:
Get inspiration for a panda bear party with these real kids parties:

  • The littlest panda bear party. The dress code was black and white, guests
    sported felt panda badges, kids played pin the nose on the panda bear,
    decorations included black and white pennant flags, and on the menu was panda
    rice balls decorated with olives.

Thinking of throwing a panda party?
We hope we've inspired your panda party as it certainly makes a cute party theme:
  • You can throw a memorable first birthday for your little panda bear. See the first
    birthday cake, above. It works ideally for a boy or a girl.
  • The biggest panda party is a Kung Fu Panda party. Get ideas for "Kung food" and
    more when you combine a panda party with Martial Arts.
  • As a baby shower idea, this a panda themed party is on the sophisticated side
    thanks to the striking color combination of black and white.
  • Girls and boys alike will enjoy celebrating with a panda, so a panda bear party
    makes an ideal party idea for twins of different genders.
  • Young girls especially love pandas, so let the panda-monium begin and host a
    memorable panda themed party for the girls!

We'd love to hear about your pandemonium! Tell us about your panda party and share party
ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook. We love hearing about kids parties and providing
inspiration for the perfect party. Write us now.
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