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Have the coolest theme birthday party this side of Antarctica

December is an ideal time to have a penguin party, but warm up to the idea of a
penguin party even in the summer. Just think Penguin
pool party! So go ahead an
invite an "Arctic" circle of friends to this unusual theme party for kids.  Here's how to
have the coolest party this side of Antarctica:

  • Think Tuxedo: A penguin theme begs the tuxedo look, but it's a bit too formal
    for most birthday celebrations, so here are some ways to incorporate the fun:
  • Give the birthday boy a red bow tie, which finishes off that penguin tuxedo look
    even if he's in a bathing suit!
  • Give the birthday girl her own penguin pendant necklace in a penguin box, left,
    which has all the tuxedo charm.
  • Bake a tuxedo cake (chocolate cake with white icing).
  • Pull it off with penguin party favors

  • Make things nice with ice:
  • Serve ice lollies. That's English for "Popsicles."
  • Stock up on icicles and snowflake decorations at the dollar store. Remember to
    buy them in December save them for a cool summer time party.
  • Freeze water in the cake pan, left, or the ice mold upper right and display as an
    ice sculpture. Works great in a punch bowl.

  • Give them  a snow job. You can make a blizzard of fun with Grow Snow, left. Add
    water and let the kids touch. The activity is a bit messy, but the kids will love
    this mini science project. Or better yet, send it home as a favor and let your
    guests make a mess at home. (Requires adult supervision.)

  • Break the ice with games. Tread carefully and win in the classic game, Don't
    Break the Ice, pictured left, by Hasbro, featuring a polar bear.

Invitations for a penguin party
Look for penguin stickers or rubber stamps to help you decorate home made penguin
invtations and thank you cards, as well as the envelopes.

  • Penguin Party Invitations and wording ideas:
  • Chill out for Cody's coolest birthday yet!
  • Waddle on over Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Ice Berg: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Emperor Penguin Pauline at 867-5309

Set the Scene: How to Create a Penguin Palace
A winter wonderland makes a refreshing summer birthday party, but even in winter a
penguin palace is a bright and cheery party idea.

You'll have a blizzard of fun decorating for a penguin party:
  • Set the table with bone white china, and wintery milk glass from the thrift shop.
    Your arctic oasis starts with white and accents of silver and sprinkles of powder

  • Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!
  • Hang traditional paper snowflakes or create snowflakes from silver and white
  • Look to Martha to craft snow flakes from silver and white pipe cleaners.
  • Suspend some of your creations with fishing wire from the ceiling, affix others
    to the walls or windows, and let the best pieces fall as table confetti as if it
    were fallen snow. Doilies will also accent the buffet table nicely under the
    dishes. Use a snowflake crunch to make decorative borders on invitations,
    thank you cards, envelopes, and favor tags. Make home made confetti for the
    tables and cards using the punch, too.

  • Architect an arctic oasis for the buffet table: Form an iceberg mound with a white
    towel, then layer with a white tablecloth and accent with penguin figurines. Add
    a few polar bears for authenticity.  The landscape should include icy waters,
    which requires a round mirror and some faux snow encircling it. In a pinch, use
    shredded coconut for the snow. If you have the time, build an igloo from sugar
    cubes. Mortar the sugar cubes with Marshmallow cream.

  • Get off your iceberg and get going on a penguin party. It's not so difficult to have a
    penguin party. Get cooking on a great Ice-cape penguin inspired cake idea.
    Craft some pine cone penguins. Play some penguin party games. And search
    online for penguin party supplies.

Cakes and Cookies
Baked Alaska anyone? You don't need to get fancy with the desserts, but a little
imagination will send a chill of excitement for your party theme.

  • Penguin cake and cupcake toppers: If you're looking for penguin cake ideas, then
    check Wilton. Yes, there are cake toppers that are shaped like a penguin! The
    adorable penguin cupcake toppers, left are rings. More penguin cake topper
    options include:

  • Penguin cake pan: The penguin cake pan above is a cute form. Bake a
    pound cake and dust with powdered sugar or roll fondant in black and
    white with a dash of yellow for the beak and feet and a red scarf.

  • Penguin cake sugars: Luck's Deck On cake sugars come in a variety of
    penguin shapes, pictured left. Use them for cupcakes, cookies and more!

  • Wintery White Icicles: Simple touches will help even a plain white cake look like
    an icy home for a penguin. Line your cake plate with a felt icicle decoration
    Martha Stewart style or craft her paper icicles. It's the same basic design, but
    with felt you can save your icy masterpiece.

  • Penguin Ice bergs: Gummy Penguins, pictured left, make an ideal treat for favor
    bags. Top them on cupcakes. Go ahead and freeze the gummies in ice to make
    a creative drink of penguins on icebergs, too! Or get straight to your theme
    with penguin ice cubes right. Another way to freeze the fun is to make snow
    cones topped with penguin gummies, of course, to make a delicious frozen

  • Take this theme to the top! It's not like they make penguin cake toppers, but
    you can get creative. The Penguin Collection by Wild Republic,  has a festive
    array of Emperor and Rock Hopper penguins and would make your little
    Emporor penguin happy. Or top cupcakes with the Penguins Toob, by Safari,
    pictured left.

  • Waddle on over to Wilton: Make your own penguin candies with help from
    Wilton's candy molds and candy melts. Order also the Penguin Pop Candy

  • Freeze the fun. Make a penguin ice sculpture, and blue raspberry gelatin to
    accent the party sweets. See mold, top right.

Penguin favors
Penguin favors and crafts are easier to come by than you might expect, but for faster
results, you'll need to check online for such things as:
  • Penguin light up keychain, pictured right.
  • Penguin plastic rings, below
  • 12 Penguin Paper Bags
  • 12 Penguin Cello Bags, below
  • Penguin Ball Asst., below
  • Penguin Rubber Ducky, dozen pieces, below
  • Safari LTD Mini Emperor Penguin Chicks, below
  • Pompon Penguin Craft Kit, makes a dozen, below.

Penguin Games and activities

  • Go ice fishing! Set up a toy fishing pole over a bucket and have kids fish for their
    favors. Use a hook or have polarizing magnets to hook up with the prize.

  • Penguin relay race: Have party goers waddle through an obstacle course with a
    ball between their feet. Penguin males endure harsh winters with an egg this
    way with hopes that they care for their offspring until the female arrives back.

  • Penguin spoon race: Instead of eggs, participants pass a slippery ice cube from
    spoon to spoon.

  • Musical ice bergs: Instead of chairs, provide white pillows as ice bergs, then set
    the music for fun.

Whatever the game, make everyone a winner with a small prize, whether it's a
sticker, an edible treat or their favor bag. Try the Penguin rubber duckies, left. If the
party is not around Christmas, you can buy twice as many and save the others for a
Christmas party or toys for tots.

Resources for  a Penguin Party:

  • Chill on the cake! You don't need a penguin cake when you try the super easy
    Penguin Cupcake by Family Fun.

  • You'll be glued to this Web site where you'll learn to make your own penguin
    balloons and spy a penguin party in action.

Real Penguin Parties
A penguin party is sure to be memorable as a pool party or as winter time party.  
Here are some other sites to help you plan your kids penguin party:

  • Christmas Penguin Party: This Penguin Party, from Frog Prince Paperie, had
    several happy feet making way towards the dessert tables. Kids feasted on
    snowy confections, including cupcake snow cones, chilly white fudge covered
    Oreos, snowy white divinity, snow crunch popcorn and more. See the sweet
    penguin cookies presented on a layer of red M&Ms, left, and visit their site for a
    look at the cupcake stand: an icy home made creation: a tiered mountain made
    from hat boxes and white construction paper.

  • Icy fun! This is one party animal who knows how to throw a Penguin Party. The
    Party Animal blog features lots of home made ideas, like a cardboard igloo,
    which looks easy enough to create. You've got to see the black balloon
    decorated into a penguin balloon!

  • Plush Penguin Party Theme: Someone who always has the party spirit: you'll
    love the penguin party ideas from the Hostess with the Mostess who starts out
    the inspiration with a cute penguin plush. The adults will love the penguin
    olives and you'll get ideas for penguin greeting cards that you can use for the
    invitations or the thank you cards. Plus, discover the penguin ice box buddy
    and an igloo cake.

So now you have all the inspiration you need to get started on that penguin party.
Tell us about your penguin party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We're always
looking for cute birthday party ideas and we'd love to see your penguin cakes
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