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How to have a flamingo theme pool party for girls

As kids birthday party ideas go, a pink flamingo birthday party is quite unusual. Say
yes to a flamingo birthday for girls. Just think pink and stand on one leg!

You don't have to be trailer trash to love pink flamingos. You'll have party goers
heading Key West in no time with a wacky pink flamingo party.  It's an ultra cool
and original pool party idea. Besides, there is so much fun stuff to buy online that
you're sure to get hooked collecting this funky bird.

  • Flamingo lawn ornaments: Iconic pink flamingo lawn ornaments are the
    inspiration for this ultra feminine, yet kitsch and tropical theme party, so you
    may as well start your flamingo fun by setting up pink flamingo lawn
    ornaments to lead the party entrance. Buy them by the dozen because they
    can double as party favors.

  • Pink Flamingo inflatables: Send away for pink flamingo inflatables, which you
    can find here online.  Inflate with a bicycle pump and when the party is over
    you can save space and store them away. The birthday girl will love it if you
    pack them away and inflate them again on a rainy day so she can reminsce
    about her party. Here are our favorite pink flamingo inflatables:
  • Greet guests with a lifesize flamingo: Easy to inflate, the pink flamingo
    inflatable, right is a quick way to decorate. Be sure to have the girls pose for
    pictures, then send them with the thank you cards. This life-size pink flamingo
    inflatable, which you'll find only online, stands four feet tall.
  • Pink flamingo mini inflatables. Inflate these flamingos at the party for
    decoration, then divvy them up as favors when then party's over. Use a
    Sharpie to personalize with party goers' names.
  • Pink Flamingo drink holders, above right, will keep your sodas cozy and cute.
  • Pink Flamingo Ring toss: Play the pink flamingo ring toss game, below, which is
    also an inflatable!

  • Look to the luau: If your party is around luau season, then you'll find shopping
    for party supplies is a surprising pleasure at your local party supply where
    flamingo themed decorations abound!

  • More pink flamingo party supplies to enliven your party:
  • pink flamingo party lights

From there, think pink with frou-frou flamingo party picks, pretty pink flamingo
straws, foil flamingos

Pink Flamingo Invitations

  • Pink Flamingo party invitations and wording ideas:
  • It's time to think tacky! It's time to get wacky!
  • You're invited to party and anything goes:
  • Join us for Jane's birthday of flamingos!
  • Lawn: 123 Main street
  • RSVP the BIRD day girl's mother, Janine, at 867-5309
  • P.S. Please dress pink, or we'll put up a stink.

Setting the scene
Since all your party supplies will be pink, you'll want to set the table in contrast with
baby blue crepe paper and layer it with blue tulle to resemble an oceanic habitat.
Another fun way to incorporate blue is with blue cellophane, which you can use for
the salty clear waters. Sprinkle mini yard flamingos, pictured, right, like confetti on
the tables. You get 100 1.5" tall pink flamingos in the bag of additional pieces to the
Yard Flamingos Trailer Park Wars game available.

Pink Flamingo cakes and cookies

  • Making a pink flamingo cakes is a bit of a challenge, but here are some ideas:
  • Flamingos on a stick? Sure! Coat your cake balls with smooth melting bright
    pink candy coatings to make cake pops. You can add a bit of fondant to wrap
    a leg around the stick.
  • Top cupcakes with pink flamingo minis, pictured above righat.
  • Cut fondant decorations for your cake with a cookie cutter. The gorgeous copper
    pink flamingo cookie cutter, right, will provide a lasting memory of the party.
    Sprinkle your cookies with pink sparkling sugars or pink non-pareils. Use it
    also to cut cookies, cheeses, fondant for the cake, sandwiches and more for
    the party.

Games and activities
Flamingo dancing lessons? Croquet with lawn ornaments? You don't really need any
activity for a pink flamingo pool party as the activity of swimming will be enough, but
if you insist on adding to the wacky party idea with games, here are a few.

  • Flamingo dance obstacle course: Have the kids maneuver between lawn
    ornaments in an obstacle course on one leg. When the music starts,
    contestants hop on one leg.

  • Pink Flamingo Croquet: You may recall in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis
    Carroll, that Alice uses flamingos as croquet mallets. Make it lawn ornament

  • Color without pink. Set up a coloring contest without providing pink ink. (Use
    free Pink flamingo coloring pages or your own images). Explain how pink
    flamingos get pink: it really is their diet, they eat shellfish (crustaceans), a
    diet high in alpha and beta-carotene, which influences their color. Tell the kids
    that the coloring pages represent special flamingos who didn't eat their
    vitamins. You'll get some creative pictures. Then you can explain that
    scientists who study birds had long argued whether pink flamingos were
    more duck like or more stork like, until they classified them in a group on their
    own. Best of all, you won't have the kids fighting over the pink ink.

  • More Pink Flamingo party games: After you test kids endurance at standing on
    one leg you can play some other pink flamingo theme party games.

  • Whack a pink flamingo pinata. You can easily fill it with pink treats or
    beach theme party candies. Fill it with tropical treats, tropical lifesavers,
    flip flop gummies and more.

  • Play a game of pink flamingo ring toss, right. Have Party goers stand on
    one leg for their turn.  

  • Treasure hunt. Source pink flamingo trinkets or find pink eggs and hide
    treasures. You'll find lots of pink flamingo party supplies on this page.

Real Pink Flamingo Parties
Sure, a pink flamingo party is an unusual idea, but others have done it! And there
are so many pink flamingo party supplies available during the luau season. We love
kids parties and would love to hear about your pink flamingo party. Here are some
of our online friends who've already hosted the flamingo party theme.

  • A Pink Flamingo party with pizzazz: Learn to make pink souffles and more with
    recipes and inspiration for a flamingo party at Pizzazzerie.

We hope we've inspired you to have a flamingo birthday! Tell us about your pink party
share party ideas pool party ideas by visiting us on Twitter. We'd love to see your
decorations with flamingo lawn ornaments or see pictures of your pink flamingo party.
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