Pig costume
Pink Pig Party
And this little piggy went to a birthday party...

Yeah, right, if pigs could fly you'd have the best party ever. Miss Piggy, the three little
pigs, tea cup pigs, Olivia the Pig, Peppa Pig. . . Well, you really can go hog wild with a
pink pig party and have a great party for the kiddos. Here's how to ham it up with a  
pig birthday party:

  • Pig costume: Feel free to go hog wild on decorating the kids in pig themed
    attire. The adorable pink pig costume, right, is around $15.99 and available
    with free shipping. Kids will love the pink pig nose, above center, pink pig ears
    and tail. If you're crafty, you can make pig themed wearables for the birthday
    kid or to use as party favors. Check out the real pink pig parties below for the
    do it yourself pig party complete with tutorials.

  • Pink Pig Candies: Pink pig gummies Get in the pink with pink party foods. Let
    them oink out on cotton candy. Get more pink pig party food ideas below.

  • Pig party party supplies. Get more pig party favor ideas and party supply ideas

Pink Pig Party Supplies
You can go hog wild with kids themed birthday parties, and even better if it's a pig
party! To carry this unusual party theme, you'll have to search the Internet for
barnyard type party supplies and pick out the pink ones. On this page, we've
gathered the best pink pig party supplies, incluidng:

  • Pink pig tumblers: How cute are these pink piggie tumblers, top left. They'd be
    refreshing with a pink lemonade for a Summer birthday or pink strawberry milk
    for a Winter birthday.
  • Olivia Pig party supplies.
  • pig party, pig birthday, Pink Pig Party,  pig party favors, Pig costume

Pink pig party foods
It's time to pig out! For this party theme anything pink goes, but you'll want to serve
pigs in a blanket, of course! (These are simply franks rolled in crescent dough and
baked.) Here are more ideas to inspire your party:
  • Pink pig cake, left, by Wilton
  • Pig candies, left, include pink gummies
  • Use the pink pig sprinkles, immediate left, like confetti for ice creams, cupcakes,
    cakes and more.
  • See more of our pink party food ideas.

Pink pig party favors
Pig party favors
  • Pink pig squirters, left
  • A piggy bank is an obvious choice! Be sure to fill it with at least a few pennies
    in the tradition of good luck when giving a gift of a wallet or piggy bank.
  • pig party favors can be candy

Pink Pig Party invitations
For the hog call, we've included some ideas for your party:

  • Pig stickers: Pg stickers are hard to come by. Pink pig stickers, right, from
    Peaceable Kingdom will look good on the invitation envelopes and thank you
    cards. Your child can help.

Pink pig party activities

  • Paint their little piggies! Girls love the attention of a manicure or pedicure. We
    even found pink piggie nail polish, right, to give them all the perfect manicure
    and pedicure.

  • Pig races: Any kind of a race for older kids will be a fun activity when you add
    the twist of making it a pink pig race. Make it a relay where two teams hand off
    a pink piggy toy.

  • Read "If you give a pig a party": The little pig from "If You Give a Pig a Pancake"
    is back, and this time she wants to throw a great big party! Kids will learn that
    if you give a pig a party, she's going to ask for some balloons. When you give
    her the balloons, she'll want to decorate the house. When she's finished, she'll
    put on her favorite dress. Then she'll call all her friends -- Mouse, Moose, and
    more. It's a cute story for the preschool set. Have everyone sign a book: "If
    you Give a Pig a Party," pictured right.

Real Pink Pig Parties
With an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there, here a pink pig, there a pink pig,
everywhere a pink pig... These real pink pig parties will inspire you to have one of
your own.

  • A pig-ture perfect party. This picture perfect pink pig party reveals that "All pigs
    are beautiful!" This stylish pink pig party included a lovely setting of pink roses,
    and the most gorgeous invitation imaginable for a pig party you've ever seen
    for a first birthday. You'll love the images captured by professional
    photographer Wendi Schoffstall.

  • Do it yourself pink pig party: If you're the do it yourself type, then you'll
    appreciate CreativePartyBlog.com where you'll get the tutorial for making pink
    pig invitations and pig party thank you cards at home, as well as piggy noses
    for the kiddies to wear, home made party hat and more.

We hope we've provided enough inspiration for you to throw a pig party. So now it's
your turn! Tell us about your Pink Pig Party and
share party ideas by visiting us on
Twitter. We link to quality sites.
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