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Throw a pirate party with a passion for everything pink

Beware of pink pirates! Aye, your daughter will certainly treasure a pink pirate party and
you'll enjoy walking the plank of pink. This cute party idea for girls mixes punk and goth
with a touch of pink sparkle. Start your treasure hunt for pink pirate party supplies and
set the pinkest pink pirate scene with our pink pirate party ideas:

  • Get a pink eye! There's one kind of "pink eye" you'll want to catch: a pink pirate eye
    patch for the birthday girl, right. It comes with plastic ear ring to decorate your sea
    maiden in style. Or fall in love with this pink pirate girl accessory: the black eye
    patch, upper right, which has pink rhinestones in the shape of two hearts. See our
    pirate costume ideas for girls where you're sure to see a pink pirate costume, like
    the one right.

Swab the deck: how to decorate for a pink pirate party
Avast, me hearties, finding pink pirate party decorations to match your theme is a
challenge, but much easier when you search online. Look for pirate inflatables, then add
pink touches, like inflatable pink dolphins, or even an inflatable pink poodle with an eye
patch for added humor.

Here are some fun ways to swab your deck for the party:

  • Mark her territory with a pink pirate flag. Most flags available are black, so spray
    paint a wooden dowel hot pink to create a flag pole with a girlie touch. Next,
    secure your pirate flag with tie-wrap available from the sporting goods store.

  • Make her the Captain of her own ship with an inflatable pirate vessel. Aye, girl pirates
    rule, and the little scallywags will love enacting pirate scenes with an inflatable
    pirate ship, like the one pictured left. Intended for swimming fun, you can float your
    boat on the floor as a prop and use it to stash the gifts instead. Or put it on the
    lawn as a focal point for your party and it can serve as a decoration and toy in one.
    Of course, a pirate party makes for an excellent pool party, so it's perfectly
    appropriate in the pool, too. Below, right, you'll also find a pirate ice chest, which
    would serve the purpose of holding gifts or drinks.

  • Make them walk a pink pirate plank. Create a pink gangplank for your party
    entrance. Spray paint a piece of plywood or wooden board hot pink. Then add a
    feminine touch by sprinkling glitter as it dries. Kids love walking a plank. Attach the
    pink pirate plank to the back of your inflatable pirate ship. You won't find a pink
    pirate ship, but the pink plank will give it the look you need. Walking the plank is
    also convenient for pinata time. Have kids walk the plank to take their turn at
    whack! It has the added benefit of keeping kids at safe distance when the pinata
    stick waves around.

  • Create a pink pirate treasure chest. Look to Michael's Art Supply for the a small wood
    craft chest and spray paint it hot pink. When it dries, you can decorate your pink
    pirate treasure chest with stick-on gems, and glittery white puffy pirate stickers.
    Here are the directions for a crackle treasure chest, which you can modify in pink.

Pink pirate cake
A pink pirate cake is
Create a pink pirate cake from what's available, like the Pirate Ship Cake Pan, left, then
frost it with pretty pink details, like pink roses. Create a mast from pink construction
paper, add a pirate flag pick and you're done. Or take the easy way out. Just frost pink
cupcakes and top with pink pirate rings.
  • Bake a pink velvet cake. Choose vanilla cake and add pink food coloring. Or bake a
    strawberry flavored cake.

Pink Pirate invitations
Aye, we have our good eye on the pink pirate party invitations.
  • Wording ideas for a pink pirate party: Invitations for a pink pirate party are fun when
    you craft your own version of the pirate invitation in a bottle. Buy the traditional
    pirate bottle and add pink glitter, pink sand or pink jelly beans.

  • Pink pirate party invitations:
  • Ahoy Mateys! Our pretty little pirate maiden is turning six...
  • Set sail Saturday, August 22 at noon for the Birthday Bash
  • (Be late and ye be walking the pink plank)
  • The maiden's voyage begins at pirate's port: 123 main street
  • Yo-ho, Yo-ho! If ye be coming, please let us know.
  • RSVP: First Mate Mary or Captain Jack at 867.5309

  • Pink Pirate party thank you cards
  • "Thanks for the cool swag, Mateys! It was a treasure having ye at my party."

Pretty Pink Pirate Party Foods:

  • Download these sails to make a pirate ship from a submarine sandwich.
  • Set sail for a delicious pink pirate culinary adventure. Not all your pirate food can be
    pink, so order a submarine sandwich, but create your own pink masts from
    skewers and construction paper. The finishing touch is a crows nest from an
    upturned olive and a pirate flag pick, as pictured left, affixed to the skewers.

  • Drink Pink Grog. Pink Vitamin water is an easy beverage choice for a pink pirate
    party. To give it a pirate appeal, stick a round sticker on the lid. Or create custom
    beverage labels with a little online help and you can turn any drink into pink pirate
    drink. (Wrap with clear packing tape to make labels waterproof.)

    Another pink-a-licious drink concoction is a pink pirate mocktail. Start with Pink
    Martini glasses, right, to give a lift to beverages suitable for pint-sized pirates,
    such as pink lemonade. Stirrings Pomegranate Rimmer Sugars provide an extra
    pink flair. Available online in a six-pack, look for them at the grocery store or at
    Beverages and More. You'll need just one tin for the party. Pink parasol straws
    provide the final touch for a fancy pink pirate drink.

  • Pink it up a notch with sweets. Cluster all the pink candies you can find. Buy pink
    M&Ms and pink jellybeans. Fluff up the Pink cotton candy to top cupcakes.
    Strawberry ice cream is a must, but you can use pink food coloring with vanilla ice
    cream if she's allergic to strawberries. Pink marshmallows if you can find them add
    a nice touch. You'll find lots of other pink candy online, look for strawberry (some
    raspberry candies are blue).

  • Enhance your party with pink inflatables. Most pirates sport a parrot on their
    shoulders, but a pink pirate should have a pink poodle close at hand. It's easy to
    affix an inexpensive pirate patch to the inflatable poodle, right. And these pink
    poodles float nicely in the pool for decoration (this is not a flotation device).The
    pink poodle dog, left, makes a nice substitute for a pirate's parrot. Slip an eye
    patch to instantly create a pirate dog. And since you'll be sailing the pink seas, look
    for pink dolphins. Argh Mateys! We also found a pink pirate chest inflatable. Stuff
    some treasures or some drinks.

  • Visit our pink party food ideas for more fun with pink candies.

Pink Pirate Party Supplies and party Favors
Award your pirate maidens with these treasures:Pink pirate's chests are hard to find, but
you may be able to secure a black one and fill it with pink goodies:
  • Pink glowsticks
  • Pink Mardis Gras beads
  • Pink and black jelly beans
  • Pink pirate favor boxes, left.

Pink Pirate games and activities
The pirate maidens need some games and activities. A pool party is a good start, but if
you don't have a pool, try a Slip n' Slide and tell kids to walk the Slip N Slide plank! Give
kids an inflatable pirate sword to bat around. And what better swashbuckling fun than to
take advantage of pirate inflatables for decorations, such as the pirate ship inflate,
pictured left, which has squirters for instant pool fun.The ice pink pirate treasure chest
cooler, pictured left, would make a great storage for prizes and favors.

  • Arm them with Pink pirate swords: Kids can't help but to duel each other with
    inflatable pirate swords. The swords are an activity and decoration in one! The kids
    can take them home as party favors or if you buy just a couple, then these
    inflatables can serve as prizes.

  • Read Pirate Pink and Treasures of the Reef before serving cake. This swashbuckling
    adventure will fulfill every girls dream of finding gold and jewels. It's a sweet
    adventure where she will also discover the treasures under the sea.

  • Paint fingernails pink. Every girl pirate needs a pink manicure and pedicure to
    complete the pink pirate costume. Set up a pink pirate salon. Your beauty station
    can include a selection of pink nail polish colors with glitter, some with hot pink,
    others with black. To complete the pink punk pirate look at pink pirate tattoos. Be
    sure to top things off with a pink pirate piñata for the pretty little pirates to whack!
    It's a bottle of pink nail polish of course. No party would be complete without a
    piñata and it makes an easy pirate game.

Real Pink Pirate parties
Want to see a pink pirate party in action? Get inspiration for your pink pirate party by
viewing Web sites of kids parties:

  • This will really float your boat. Megan's sixth pink pirate party included sparkly skulls
    with pink eyes and treasures that included pink bubblegum coins in the pirate's
    treasure chest pinata. This party was all fun and games, as much for Megan as it
    was for mommy.

Tell us about your pink pirate party and
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sure to see our pink pirate costumes.
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