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Pink Poodle Party
Host a pink poodle theme birthday party for girls

Ooh-la-LA! With a pink poodle party you have creative license to give your party a retro
Parisian feel, mixed with a kitsch interpretation that includes Eiffel towers and
indulgence of ultra femininity. Or you can give the party a fifties twist with pink poodle
skirts and a sock hop or a bowling party for the little Pink Ladies. Either way, you'll
have fun planning a party as there us ab abundance of pink poodle items available

Choose a poodle party with a retro Parisian feel, mixed with a kitsch interpretation that
includes Eiffel towers and indulgence of ultra femininity. Or give a poodle party with a
fifties twist of pink poodle skirts and a sock hop.

Here's how to give the girls a howling good time with a pink poodle PAW-ty:

  • Dress up the little doggies in Parisian accessories: Your little pink poodle princess
    and her entourage will look "Tres chic" in pink or black berets, pink or white
    gloves, and frilly pink boas. Go ahead and wrap a pink boa around every child's
    chair! The sweet pink poodle bracelets, left, available from Celebration Express,
    can also serve as a napkin ring holder. These decoration ideas do double duty
    as a favor.  Très magnifique! Search also for pink princess items, such as the
    candy tiara necklaces and pink tiara suckers available at Oriental Trading
    Company. You may even hold a fashion show!

  • Make it a pet project: arrange an adoption. Provide a "make your own" or a no-sew
    pink poodle plush for each girl. (You may want to provide identifying tags or
    stickers for each child.)  The pink autograph poodle, left, is the perfect way to
    customize the toy. To give away the pink poodle puppies, have the girls gather
    for a pink poodle hunt. Another way is to simply come out with the litter of
    puppies and announce the adoption. The adoption ceremony itself will be most
    memorable for the girls. Here's how to get the girls acquainted with their new

  • Start by providing small accessories, such as a brush, a candy necklace, a
    doggie collar or leash, and a bowl (such as Kooky Chews candy). Ask girls
    to groom their pet and "feed" it to begin caring for it. Girls can decide if
    their puppy is a girl or boy and what the name might be as part of the get
    acquainted process.

  • Next, have all the kids stand up and do the following in front of a crowd:
  • rub the plush on their head to make their pink poodle smart;
  • give their plush a big hug so that it will have lots of love;
  • nestle the pink pooch near their stomach so it won't ever go hungry;
  • brush up against their funny bone so it can be funny, and on their
    knee because you "need" them too, etc.

  • Finally, provide each girl with an official looking "Certificate of Adoption"
    where you customize for the child by completing, signing and dating or
    stamping the form for authenticity.

Pink Poodle Invitation and Wording Ideas
You might include a pink poodle applique as part of the invitation (it's just $1.79) or
decorate the envelope with pink poodle stickers (just .29 cents for a sheet). This is an
extra girly touch. Here are some other ideas for the pink poodle invitations:
  • Invitations and party wording ideas for a Parisian pink poodle party:
  • Joyeux Anniversaire! Mademoiselle Madeline is turning six!
  • Oui-Oui request your presence Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Le Dog House: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Madam Cherice at 867-5309, Merci!

    * Variations:
  • Ooh-La-La, Mon Cheri, Mademoiselle Madeline is turning three!

  • Invitation and wording ideas for a pink poodle sock hop party:
  • The Pink Ladies are gathering for a Pink Poodle sock hop!
  • It be swell if you could come August 22 at noon for Maddy's party
  • Sock Hop: 123 main street
  • Get hoppin' to RSVP Cherice at 867-5309 soon (or your in the Dog House)

Foods for a Pink Poodle Party
Serve up oodles of pink poodles! The Parisian pink children's tea service for four, left,
will give your part the right touch, and it will serve as an heirloom keepsake.

  • Pretty in Parisian pink: A pink poodle party calls lots of pink party foods, and just
    a few pink princess accessories to give them a dog gone good time. The pretty
    pink would look nice with a pink mousse spread (cream cheese and lox whipped
    together). If salmon is not an option, a few drops of food coloring should do the

  • Bone Appétit! Serve up croissant sandwiches and mini quiche appetizers with a
    selection of fresh fruits, such as chocolate dipped strawberries which will be
    most memorable for kids. Top off the selection with Parisian pink lemonade (rim
    the glass with a lime then dip in pink sugar before pouring). Or make a pretty
    pink mocktail of sparkling apple cider presented in a plastic champaign glass and
    topped with a splash of Grenadine.

  • Bon-bon Appétit! French are famous for desserts, and a pink poodle party is the
    perfect opportunity to provide an array of French treats, including chocolate
    mousse, chocolate fondue and chocolate bon-bons, of course. Other devine
    selections would include chocolate e'clair,  Madeleine cookies dipped in pink
    coating, and pink meringue cookies. The birthday cake might be pink petitefors.
    You also have creative license to cut pink dog bone shaped cookies. And even an
    old favorite, chocolate sandwich cookies, gets a Parisian pink lift when you dip
    them in Wilton's pink candy melts.

Setting the scene fifties style:
Your little pink poodle princesses will be hopelessly devoted to the princess poodle
theme whether it's at home or a  party at the bowling alley:

  • Walk the dog for an ice cream social. Have the pink ladies walk the dog to an ice
    cream social at Baskin Robbins for bubble gum ice cream! Join the birthday club
    for a free ice cream. Or make a frothy pink 50's style soda at homefrom vanilla
    ice cream, lemon lime soda, and grenadine.

  • Groom the little doggies. Your little pink ladies will enjoy a frilly fifties make over
    with frou-frou hairdoos of pony tails and ribbons. Next, provide party goers with
    pink poodle bobby socks and charm bracelets.

  • Make it oh-sew nice! Sew a pink poodle applique to a simple felt skirt or a bowling
    shirt. Here's how to make your own pink poodle costume for the birthday girl.

  • Pink Tulle makes a lovely backdrop whether it's a fifties party or a French theme.
    Drape it around a mirror or on the tables.

Activities for a pink poodle party

  • Indulge the girls with a trip to a salon for a manicure or hire a professional to
    come to your home.

  • To emphasize a French theme, play Madeline's Favorite Songs, which includes
    "Have you seen our dog?" and other songs about manners and good behavior.
    Encourage kids to learn some French manners and them it at the party, by
    saying "bonjour" and "Merci" throughout the party.

  • Make your own dog collar jewelry from pink beads.

Resources for a Pink Poodle party

Real Pink Poodle Parties
The pink poodle is an icon of femininity. Here are some little girls who indulged in pink!

  • Ooodles of Pink Poodles party: See a cool pink poodle party in action! The party
    fun includes a pink poodle topiary.

Tell us about your favorite pink poodle party and share party ideas with us on Twitter.  
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