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Pinkalicious Party
Host a positively pink party based on the popular books

She'll be tickled pink with a Pinkalicious Party. It's "pinktastic" to host a Pinkalicious
Party and here's how to turn her favorite story into her favorite party:

  • Bake Pink velvet cupcakes. In celebration of all things pink, Pinkalicious covets
    most the pink cupcake, so make the most of them with pink velvet cupcakes!
    To make pink velvet cupcakes, use pink food coloring (not red) in the batter.
    See our other pink party food ideas.

  • Tip for pink cupcakes and desserts: use Deep Pink Gel Food Coloring,
    right, for cream-based baked goods, cookie dough, cream cheese,
    frostings, marzipan and whipped toppings.

  • Have a cupcake decorating activity. Indulge kids in pink cupcake decoration.
    Bake and frost batches of pink cupcakes, then allow kids decorate them with
    sprinkles. You can also flatten gum drop candies (not gummies) and roll them
    into flowers. Kids will be proud to take them home as favors.

Decorations for a Pinkalicious party

  • Display her favorite book: There are several books in the Pinkalicous series
    and the popularity of Pinkalicous has sprouted several other books, including
    Silverlicious, Purplicious and Goldilicous, her unicorn friend. Set out the book
    proudly on a display stand.

Pinkalicious party foods
Pink lemonade, pink watermelon pink frosting... If it's pink, it's the perfect
ingredient for your party!

  • Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink. Serve positively Pinkalicious Pink lemonade
    and set up a pink drink lemonade stand, just like the popular book, left.
    Highly rated on Amazon, this book would make a great reading for the party.

  • Soda-licious. Any pink drink with bubbles is so delicious, but a pink soda
    becomes soda-licious for a Pinkalicious party. Try a Shirley Temple: grenadine
    and ginger-ale is the classic recipe, but it works nicely with a lemon lime soda
    as well. Remember to garnish with a maraschino cherry and a pretty straw.

  • Get in the pink of things. Obviously, pink cupcakes are in order. Here's where
    to get more pink party food ideas.

Pinkalicious party favors and supplies
Get in the pink with Pinkalicious Party plates, left, cups and napkins and everything
you need for your Pinkalicious party. Pinkalicious loot bags, Pinkalicous party hats
and Pinkalicous blowouts. If you want to create your own Pinkalicious party favors,
consider these ideas to get in the pink of things:
  • Pink swirl lollipops, pictured top left.
  • Golden Star wands and golden crowns, pink fairy wings
  • Pair a unicorn plus with a adoption certificate in honor of Goldilicous, who is a
    buddy of Pinkalicious. Hint: seacrh ETSY for Pinkalicious Party.

Here's a Pinkalicious resource that will save you some green. If you shop eBay for
Pinkalicous party supplies, be sure to get cash back from your eBay purchases.
You'll find Pinkalicious invitations, balloons and more, shopping eBay.
  • Hint: Search for "Personalized Pinkalicious Birthday Labels Stickers" on eBay.

Pinkalicous party games:
In addition to indulging in pink party foods, you can set up a variety of pink games
to add to the party fun:
  • Play PINK-TAC-TOE. Make a tic tac toe board onto pink paper and have the
    girls play with two colors of pink M&Ms (hot pink and light pink).
  • Think Pinko (pink Bingo). See the game at Annie's Pinkalicious Party. Choose
    any pink candy for the playing pieces: jelly beans.
  • Play pink-pong. In a book from the series, Pinkalicious is feeling blue and
    doesn't even want to play Pink-pong with her family. To create this game,
    you'll need a ping pong table and some pink spray paint (to spray the ping
    pong ball).
  • UNO is available as a Pinkalicious game
  • Go pink around the rink. Go ice skating or roller skating in pink, of course.

Pinkalicious Resources
Pinkalicious has a new adventure! Learn more about "Silverlicious," in the new
book was released on February 1, 2011. Discover more Pinkalicious pleasures at where it's all Pinkalicious fun and games.

Every good pink thing must come to an end. In Pinkalicious style, be sure to end
the party with some green party foods. (If you remember from the story, the doctor
orders her to eat green foods.) Sure, you can offer green apple slices, but this is a
kids party after all, and a few green M&Ms will be just what the party doctor
ordered. When the party's over, don't be surprised if she asks you for a Purplicious

Gifts for the Pinkalicous

  • Goldilicous Uncorn Plush: Pinkalicious and her friend Goldilicious the unicorn
    can conquer anything with just right amount of sparkle. Goldilicious glows in
    her removable ballerina tutu. Pair this Pinkalicious gift idea with the matching

  • Pinkalicous bike: Imagine at your party unveiling the most Pinkalicious gift the
    birthday girl could ever want: a Pinkalicious bike! It's yours for around $99
    and this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping!

Real Pinkalicious Parties
It's easier to think pink when you see how other moms have created perfectly
Pinkalicious parties. Here are some birthday party ideas that are in the pink with

  • Run with it. Pink is the color and you may as well run with it (a table runner
    that is). Check out this perfectly pink Pinkalicious party. Kids surely got pink
    eye as they saw the table chock full of pink candy: pink barber pole candies,
    pink Swedish mints and pink rock candy swizzle sticks. Eye candy yes, but
    above hung perfectly pink pom poms.

  • P is for Pinkalicious party: The P is for Party blog featured a positively pink
    Pinkalicious party. Caroline's Pinkalicious Fifth Birthday included links to
    bottled water labels and other vendors offering their Pinkalicious party
    wares. Girls sat under pink tents, whacked a pink cupcake pinata and played
    pin the cherry on the cupcake.

  • A kids party that's tops with us! This Pinkalicious party is, well, better than
    pink cupcakes. From the adorable Pinkalicious bottle cap necklace favors to
    the' delectable display of pink candies, you'll enjoy a peek a this very pink
    party. Learn how she does it!

  • Pink props and twirly girlies. In this pinkastic birthday, the birthday girl took a
    twirl in her tutu and jumped around a bounce house. Inside they played pin
    the cherry on the cupcake, and a cupcake photo cutout. Learn where this
    mom got the perfect party props for her Pinkalicious party. P is for party, and
    P is for pink indeed!

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