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Pirate party
Host a party at the pool for the little buccaneers

It's time to shake your pirate booty and shore up for a totally clever pirate party at
the pool! You can inflate the fun for pirate pool party, me hearties, by featuring an
inflatable pirate ship and inflatable pirate swords for the whole party crew. Aye, you'll
hook the little scalawags with outrageous fun on the high seas.

Here's how to plan a pirate's bash that will have them plundering for more:

  • Inflatable pirate ship: If your pool party is at a community pool, you can still use
    pirate party props! An inflatable pirate ship is a focal party and kids can set
    their presents on your pirate ship. The pirate inflatable ship, left, is not a life
    saving device, and you should supervise kids closely.

  • Earn your stripes. Kids parties shouldn't be scary. You'll make bold statement
    when you pair red stripes and red polka dot patterns with textured black crepe
    paper place mats. Start by weaving lots of fierce black and into the decor with
    black paper chains, black goody bags or meal bags, black crepe paper runners
    or mats and cutlery. Look for solid black pirate party supplies and be sure to
    hoist a jolly roger flag. Then sprinkle with layers of swashbuckling stripes and
    bold polka dots, in everything from cookies, right, to napkins and balloons, and
    scarves and sashes. Make your own pirate bunting in red, white and black
    stripes and polka dots, too.
  • Real Pirate party in stripes and polka dots. Check out this swashbuckling
    inspiration for a pirate party in red stripes and polka dots.

  • Make him captain of his own ship. Look for inflatable pirate ships, cardboard
    standee pirate props, and pirate playhouses. Perfect for a pirate pool party is
    the inflatable Jolly Roger pirate ship pictured left. If you're looking for a pirate
    ship prop made of cardboard, try the Jolly Roger cardboard pirate ship kit, right.
    This cardboard pirate ship standee requires assembly, but it's easy to do and it
    makes a terrific photo opportunity. If you are extremely handy, then secure the
    plans and rivets needed to build your own cardboard pirate ship. You might
    otherwise transform a jungle gym into a shipwrecked pirate oasis. Scroll below
    me hearties for more pirate ship playhouse ideas.

  • Get your tail feathers on this one! A pirate's parrot is a pirate party essential and
    there is none better than the costume shoulder pirate parrot, left by Zoogster.
    Pirate parrot's just aren't around the local party supply stores, so order now
    before it flies away with someone other lucky pirate. You might hire a pirate
    show for the party or borrow a pirate from a friend or pet store.

  • Tickle them pink. Have a little pirate princess on your hands? Then try a different
    kind of pirate's party: a pink pirate party with loads of pink pirate foods and
    pink glittery touches.

  • Talk like a pirate (and be one): Did you know September 19th is "International
    talk like a pirate day?" Visit the Talk Like a Pirate Web site. The authors,
    authors Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket, educate you about pirate history
    and entertain you with laugh out loud humor. Order their popular book, right
    "Pirattitude: So you Wanna Be a Pirate?"

  • Yo-ho, Yo-ho! It's not a pirate party without proper Pirate party music. Save
    yourself time and just buy the pirate party music, left.

  • Make them walk the plank. If you have a pool for the party, then use the diving
    board for the "plank" for kids who can swim. Even if your pirate party is not a
    pool party, you can walk the plank in many creative ways:
  • Spray paint a plank from lumber in your party colors (for example, pink for
    a pink pirate party) and use it to "Walk the plank" to the pinata. Other
    festive colors would be blue, green or red
  • Raise a pirate plank with bricks to make . Make the kids walk the plank
    every time they say the word "pirate."
  • See the "Walk the finger plank" game idea below.

How to dress like a pirate
There's more than one way to dress like a pirate, but there ARRR some pirate party
essentials, me mates! A few pirate props we mentioned above include a pirate's
parrot and a telescope are necessities, but you'll probably want to skip the pirate peg
leg. Here's how to dress like a pirate:

    Looking for more kids pirate hat ideas? A pirate hat is essential to a pirate
    costume and we have a selection of kids pirate hats. Look for feathered pirate
    hats, leather pirate hats, frilly pink pirate hats, pretty pirate scarves, and scruffy
    pirate hats and bandannas.

  • Pirate hook. You'll poke your eye out with that thing, kid! You can make your
    own pirate hooks with a cup and some tin foil. "Eye" think you'll agree they're
    safer for the younger kids that the pointy plastic variety.

  • Pick this patch, left, (you can see right through it)! Aye, eye, eye! The pirate eye
    patch, left, is no ordinary patch. Kids can see through the skull and cross-bone
    design, so they'll wear it longer and they won't suffer distorted vision. The
    ingenious see through patch made of durable plastic and has a quality elastic
    band. Trust us, you'll keep this one the dress up box!  Here are some more
    ideas for pirate patches:
  • Patch their face: Eye patches aren't comfortable, so instead of supplying
    an eye patch, simply paint an eye patch with face paint. And while you're
    at it, paint a swirly moustache and scruffy facial hair!
  • Buy extra pirate patches and bandannas to transform stuffed animals
    into a seaworthy crew alternating them with pirate patches and
  • That's a wrap. Set the table with an unusual napkin ring. Wrap the
    pirate's patch around a real bandanna for use as a napkin.

  • Pirate cutlass. For a kids party, the best cutlass (or pirate sword) is an inflatable
    one. The inflatable cutlass, right, will inspire swashbuckling fun.

Pirate party games and activities

  • Walk the slip n slide plank. Kids in the 8-12 range can walk the plant of the
    Pirate's of the Caribbean Wacky Wild Waterslide Slip and Slider, right.

  • Yo-ho-HO and a bucket of Play-Doh. Set out Play Doh with some pirate action
    figures, a plastic toy ship, mini treasure chests, and pirate's flag party picks, and
    let the adventures unfold. Add glitter to yellow Play Doh and you've got pirate's
    gold. Kids can make pirate canon balls for the ship, and mold blue sharks for the
    oceans or green crocodiles for the lagoons.

  • Play sink the ship. Paint two small cardboard boxes to look like ships. Rig a mast
    with sails using dowels and large pieces of construction paper. Assign two
    teams and arm each pirate with two ping pong balls. Kids aim ping pong balls at
    the opposing ship to make it "sink." Balls caught at the opposite end of the
    room may be used to fire again. The team that sustains the least damage wins.

  • Pirate booty. Instead of the expected pinata, entertain kids with something more
    interesting, like a group treasure hunt  in quest of pirate booty. You can give
    each child a map of their own to make the experience more authentic and put
    one clue on each map. Age your paper by soaking it in tea and allowing it to
    dry, then wrap in a red ribbon.

    Here are some other ideas to give them buried treasures:

  • Walk the finger plank. Set out a galvanized bucket with an ocean of blue
    popcorn (a few drops of food coloring as it pops is all you need). Tuck tiny
    pirate treasure boxes in the ocean floor. You can stuff tiny treasure boxes
    with a prize number for kids to redeem a variety of goodies (equal but
    different). Now affix a tiny plank to the bucket and let kids take turns
    'walking the plank" with their fingers to find buried treasures in the seas

  • Buried treasures on sandy shores. Bury pirate treasures in the sandbox,
    such as doubloons, crocodiles, mardi gras beads, pirate bouncy balls and
    anything pirate that can sustain a bit of sand. Gather kids around the
    sandbox and provide them with a loot bag. Make some of the pieces
    visible, to allude to the treasures below. Set a kitchen timer and when
    Captain Hook's nemesis crocodile timer expires, allow kids to dig for the
    loot simultaneously. It's always a good idea to start off each loot bag
    with a few treats to ensure the little ones get something.

  • Mystery treasure chest. Decorate a foam treasure chest with foil, then fill it
    with varied pirate goodies you attach to a string, such as bags of gold
    chocolate coins, pirate pez, mardis gras beads, pirate bouncy balls and
    telescopes. Each kid selects then pulls a string to fish out their wrapped
    pirate swag.

    Of Course, if you decide to have a pinata, be sure to keep kids at a safe
    distance by having them walk the plank. Set up a long board they have to walk
    to get to the pinata arranging the rest of the kids at the start of the plank.
    Pirate mama can keep them in line, while pirate papa attends to the plundering
    pirates yielding a stick.

Pirate Party Invitations:
The message in the bottle is a natural invitation idea for a pirate's party, as is the
rolled pirate's map invitation idea.  Steer guests to your party with these pirate
inspired ideas:

  • Dub your guests with a pirate name. Use the pirate name generator  to turn an
    ordinary name into a pirate's name. It also provides you a ship's name. Use the
    pirate names not only for the invitations, but also for name tags, favor bags and
    thank you cards. If you don't like the choices, you can always improvise some
    classic pirate names, such as Jolly Roger, Blackbeard Bob, Calico Jack or Jane,
    Zack or Jack Sparrow, Henry Morgan, Captain Hook, Trader Joe, and so on.

  • Here are some pirate party wording ideas:
  • You ARRR invited to Captain  Jack's 7th birthday!
  • Let's pARRRty Saturday September 19
  • X marks the spot: 123 Seaside Way
  • RSVP: First Mate Mary or Captain Jack at 867.5309

  • More pirate party invitation ideas:
  • If "Yarr" be having any talent in calligraphy.
  • Stain your invitation in tea or coffee! After your message is complete,
    crumple the paper slightly and immerse in tea water, and allow time to

Pirate Party Foods: treats and eats from the galley
A pirate party is no time to provide kids with a  taste of adventure: so don't introduce
kids to new foods. Instead of fish sticks (which not every kid will approve), go for the
tried and true chicken fingers and just call them fish sticks. And it wouldn't be a kids
pirate party without some root beer grog!

Kids will want to pillage and plunder for the sweet treats, but you'll have plenty of
healthy snack options for your pirate party with these ideas for pirate's grub:

  • Salty sea dogs on stick: Turn corn dogs into pirate swords. Just spear an orange
    peel wedge to the bottom of the dog and you've instantly transformed that
    salty dog into a pirate treat. Citrus was an important part of a pirate's diet
    because it helped prevent scurvy.

  • Cut-throat kebabs. Skewer green apples and cheddar cheese to make a pirate's
    sword*. You'll need two skewers: one long and one shorter (about a third of
    the size). Slice an apple wedge, then skewer the slice twice into a cross to
    make the base of the sword. Now cut bite size chunks of apple and cheddar
    cheese and alternate on the stick. Supervise and serve only to kids mature
    enough to handle pointed objects. Avoid food fights by providing plenty of
    inflatable swords.

  • Swordfish candy kebabs. Alternate marshmallows with Swedish fish. Be sure to
    spear the Swedish so that the fish swims on the stick vertically.

  • Say cheese! Embellish cheese sticks with pirate flag picks* for a healthy treat
    that Jolly Roger himself would approve. Have an adult carefully remove the pick
    before serving to ensure there are no wooden pick remains in the cheese.

  • Pick up on this: There are plenty of pirate picks on the market, but if you're
    picky, make your own, cupcake! Pottery Barn kids provides a free template to
    make your own adorable pirate ship cupcake picks.* They can serve as place
    cards too.

  • Hoist a mast from paper on skewers and sail away with any number of ideas,
    from a pizza boat to devilled eggs

    *NOTE: Picks and skewers of any sort are not suitable for kids under three
    years old as they pose a risk of choking. Supervise all kids closely with sword
    picks, cupcake picks and skewers.

  • More pirate party food ideas:
  • Set a course for a fruit salad adventure with a pirate ship watermelon.
  • Malt balls look like canons. Set them near a toy canon.
  • Serve "Seawater Grog" a drink made with apple juice with blue food
    coloring, or "Pirates of the Carribbean Rum" (a bottle of cola or rootbeer
    with your private labeling).

Pirate Party Favors
If you want an extreme pirate party, then no ordinary pirate booty will do. If you want
something extraordinary, try these unusual ideas for the pirate loot:

  • Pirate's of the Caribbean Pez: Your assorted variety may include Jack Sparrow,
    Will Turner or Davy Jones.

  • Pirate flash pops. Another unusual candy idea from Kidsmania: the Pirate Flash
    Pops. These novelty suckers light up when activated and come in three flavors:
    strawberry, blue raspberry and watermelon.

  • Pirate candy. Look for pirate gummy candy at Oriental Trading company, and
    butter mints wrapped in pirate motifs.

Pirate party decoration ideas
We're not going to bore you with the same tired pirate party advice. Swab your party
decks with these unusual ideas:

  • Drape the front door with a fishnet and a few dangling pirate treasure, such as
    a weather "Beware of Pirates" sign.

  • Pirate's Chest. A pirate party is the ultimate kids party as it evokes a fantasy
    world of adventure and treasures. It goes without saying that a Pirate's chest
    is a must for a pirate party and here are some ideas to ensure you will treasure
    every moment. You  can pray paint a wooden pirate chest gold. Look also for
    inflatable pirate chest coolers.

More fun ideas for a pirate party
Your little sea scoundrel will  love these very pirate-y ideas:

  • Wake up and walk the breakfast plank! On the morning of his birthday, cut French
    toast into a stick to form a plank across the plate (a blue paper plate works
    well). Pour syrup into a gummy shark infested ocean.

  • Pirate treasures for the birthday boy: Maximize your party budget by unveiling a
    pirate theme gift that your child can share with friends (assemble it ahead of
    the party). For example, the Melissa and Doug Treasure chest is an inexpensive
    irate gift idea, but it will also double as a pirate chest you can use for a treasure
    hunt. Here are some other pirate gift ideas:

  • Pirate puppet. Have a pirate puppet show with Melissa and Doug's value-
    priced pirate puppet, left. With moveable mouth, this pirate puppet has
    removable clothing and a removable hand-operating rod.

  • Pirate's treasure chest for toys. Unveil a treasure toy chest for his morning
    birthday gift and stash the gifts from guests on his big day. The
    Guidecraft treasure chest, right, is a terrific quality (other than the
    screws, which is an easy and inexpensive fix at the hardware store). He'll
    certainly treasure this heirloom gift along with the memories of the terrific
    pirate party you give him.

  • Pirate ship water table. The Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Table, left, will
    provide hours of activity for the littlest pirates. Ideal for hot days this
    summer, it's good clean fun. Fill it with sand in the Winter.

  • Pirate ship tent. Buying the inflatable pirate boat tent is a better
    investment than renting a bouncy house for a few hours. So go ahead
    and make him the captain of his own ship. The pirate ship tent, left,
    inflates for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Pirate booties. Your little pirate will need boots for his pirate attire, and
    you'll need them anyway for the rainy season. Shake your pirate's booty
    and buy now (these pirate rain boots are available year round using the
    link to the right).

Resources for a pirate party

  • Swab his deck! Turn an ordinary bedroom into a pirate captain's cabin with help
    from (an ideal book for pirate apprentices in the 9-year and up range). You'll
    also find Olive Kids pirate collection has an amazing collection of linens, lamps
    and bedroom accessories, below.

Argh! We hope we've helped you earn your stripes for a memorable pirate party! Please
send us pictures of your real pirate party. We love party planning and linking to quality kids
party blogs. You'll find us fun to talk to on Twitter! So drop us a line.

*For pool parties with kids, hire a life guard for peace of mind.
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