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How to have the ultimate pizza party for kids

Hold the anchovies! You can host a pizza party with pizazz for the kids at home. Sure
it's a bit on the cheesy side, but a totally pizza themed party starts with your saucy
ideas. Supreme ingredients include a few home made props and decorations, pizza
toys and novelties, plus loads of pizza inspired foods and treats. Go ahead and set up
your home like an Italian pizzeria.

Here's how slice up the fun with a pizza birthday party for the kids:

  • Order an instant pizza party. Get the party started and instill a love of cooking by
    having kids bake their own pizza. A pizza kit will help you do just that, and a
    great choice is the Sassafrass Pizza Party Kit, left, which includes 5 postcard
    invitations, recipes, 6 aluminum foil pizza pans, 6 paper hats, pizza sauce, pizza
    crust mix with yeast. Just add cheese and your favorite pizza toppings. While
    the pizza is baking, kids can color their chef hats. It's an instant party in a box.

  • Design a pizza box! Provide each kid with a white pizza box as a canvas to paint,
    color, sticker and draw a work of art. The kids can make their own pizzeria logo
    right on the box. After the activity, collect the boxes so you can stuff favors,
    (such as home made pizzas or pizza cookies,) and redistribute to guests as
    parting gifts. See more pizza making activities below.

  • Find Pizza music and "Amore" on Amazon. Load your MP3 with pizza party music. A
    good start is "We like Pizza" by Pizza Kids. The lyrics are tasty and sweet.
    Another upbeat song to savour is "Pizza Pizazz" by Peter & Ellen Allard. And
    you've got to do the "Pizza Dance" by Laughing Pizza from the Album Let's Go
    Play. And finally, there's "That's Amore" by the Hit Crew Pizza Party Music, and
    Pizza Party, right.

  • Create the ambiance of an Italian Pizzeria. Turn your home into a bistro! As kids
    arrive, present them with an itinerary that looks like little menus from a bistro.
    First Course, Second Course, Final Course (cake). Set out several tables with red
    checked tablecloths. Each table should have a bottle dripped in candle wax,
    right, along with a glass shaker for Parmesan cheese and a napkin holder. It's
    not as hard as you may think to decorate a pizza party. Here are pizza party
    decoration ideas from pizza string lights to pizza plates and more.

More pizza party ideas and novelties

  • Scare them with a pizza face. It's a bit cheesy, but worth every penny in the fun
    you'll have with the pizza face prop, left.  Use this pizza novelty prop as a
    display for your Halloween party as well. Shake up your guests by keeping it
    closed on the table with the other fun foods and see how your guests react. If
    you want to have the same fun, but don't have time to order the pizza face, try
    placing gummy rats or bugs inside the last pizza box to surprise an unsuspecting

  • Alien pizza! Aliens that come in peace bearing pizza? Yes, and they come with a
    pizza rhyming recipe. The Sassafras Kids Alien Pizza Kit, left, includes crust mix
    that turns green! Kids will enjoy tossing topping the green crust with a pretty
    purple sauce. Now you can identify this flying object.

  • Serve up the math with pizza fractions. Kids won't even know you're giving them
    lesson in fractions when you use slices of pizza to illustrate. It all adds up to a
    great idea. With the pizza fractions bulletin board, right, you'll have a decoration
    and you'll make his teacher happy if you donate the set after the party. Learning
    fractions has never been this mouth-watering! Nine delectable, same-size pizzas
    help demonstrate fractions. Includes a fraction equivalence chart, plus fraction
    cards, word labels, and definition cards. Grades 3 & up.

Pizza Party Invitations
Make your invitations on a circle of yellow construction paper and sprinkle it with pizza
topping confetti. eHow has the step by step instructions for making the perfect
party invitation. You can make a special delivery for each invited guest by delivering
your invitation in a real pizza box.

  • Pizza party invitation wording ideas:
  • Itza My Totally Cheesy Pizza Birthday Party!
  • Michael's Pizzeria* is open for business Saturday, August 22 at noon
    *Deliveries will be made to 123 Main Street
  • Phone in orders to Mama Mia at 867-5309 to RSVP

Pizza party foods
Obviously pizza will dominate your menu, but you'll find a variety of pizza snack
novelties to help you with your theme, such as pizza bagels or pizza bites if you look
closely in the aisles of your grocery store. Here are more pizza food ideas:

  • Pizza snacks. There are a variety of pizza snack novelties on the market and
    available online. Here are our favorites:
  • Pringles Pizza-a-licious chips,
  • Combos Pizza Cheese Pretzels, left, as well as pizza crackers, also left.
  • Snikiddy Snacks Pizza Puffs, 4-Ounce Bags
  • Gamer Grub Pizza Snack Mix
  • Pirate Booty, right

  • Pizza recipes to try:

  • Amazon makes pizza deliveries! Now you can enjoy pizza without calling the
    delivery boy: just call on Amazon for pizza novelties, like the plates that look like
    pizza slices, left. The set of six melamine plates is a true pizza novelty as even
    the packaging is designed like a real pizza box! And with the pizza clock, right,
    it's always pizza time! Here are more pizza novelties with extra cheese.

Party Games and Activities

  • Turn pizza making into a science. There is a science behind pizza! Here are some
    pizza science ideas to share with kids:
  • With the Pizza Activity Kit from Scientific Explorer, left you'll explore food
    chemistry. Entertain kids with knowledge: fill a balloon with yeast gas,
    learn to throw a pizza like the pros, and know the difference between a
    Chicago Style and New York Style pizzas.  The kid contains yeast, pizza
    flour, sauce, pizza pans, a thermometer, measuring scoops, a balloon (for
    capturing the yeast gas), and an activity guide.
  • Gather the kids around the computer for the Science of Pizza by Robert
    Krampf. We promise, you won't get burned.
  • Build a solar oven from a pizza box and melt some mozzarella in the

  • See if the kids have what it takes to become a top chef! Set up a Play Doh Pizza
    Party as an activity and award prizes to the most creative pizzas.

  • Make chef hats with your chef girl or boy-ar-dee. Decorate a chef's hat or apron for
    the pizza making activities. Even if guests have already designed their own
    pizza box, you can have them decorate a chef's hat to wear for the party to look

  • Set up the computer to play Boboli Pizza Toss. See how many Boboli pizzas you
    can toss through the field goal.

Pizza Party favors
What are the ingredients for fun at your pizza party? Funny pizza novelties, of course.
You'll find plenty of flat favors that you can stuff into a pizza box for a special delivery
indeed. Here are our top choices for pizza stickers, pizza candy and more:

  • Dover's mini pizza sticker activity book. Pizzas are made to order with 80 colorful
    sticker toppings: pepperoni? Mushrooms and olives? Broccoli? Peppers? Make it
    exactly the way you want it with this generously proportioned pie crust, printed
    on the inside covers, and . All stickers are reusable, so you can customize your
    pie for every order.

  • Order candy pizza! Pizza Gummy Candy by Efrutti is soft and chewy. No reheating
    or microwaving is necessary (in fact, don't). Kids will enjoy this delightfully
    detailed sweet treat. The amazon, link right, connects you with your delivery boy!
  • Stuff it wit the supreme Pizza Favor: The supreme Pizza Wallet, left, makes a
    memorable favor or prize. As a favor, you can first put it into a pizza box, then
    stuff the wallet with stickers, or pizza gummy candy.

Pizza Party Resources

  • Want each kid to make their own pizza for the party? Then make sure you have a
    very small party or enough ovens to bake them! Boboli crusts will make the task
    easier as the crust is half baked. Choose Boboli 8-inch personal size pizza crusts
    (one for each guest).

  • Short on time baking pizzas for the crowd? Then call the delivery boy! The kids can
    still make their own pizzas, then take them home to bake for later. If you don't
    want to make pizza pies, have each guest decorate a cookie pizza that they can
    bake and take home.

  • Who wants pizza? Jan Thornhill's book latest book promises to be "brimming
    with no-nonsense facts" on pizza and more. The kids guide to the history,
    science and culture of food, this book has "bite-sized text and just the right
    amount of 'icky' infor that kids love."

Real Pizza Parties
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