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Play-Doh Birthday Party Ideas
A party all about Play-Doh

Ah, the smell of Play-Doh fills the air at your house! Yes, the little happy yellow tub of
Play-Doh is a staple that provides hours of fun, so why not play around with the idea
of a Play-Doh birthday? This theme is especially perfect for toddlers, and your little
Play Doh Pete or Patty will love a Play-Doh party.

Here's how to mold the perfect Play Doh party:

  • Get happy with yellow. Skip the yellow plates. Decorate with yellow as your
    base color for utensils, napkins, balloons, and the table covering, but then
    choose colorful paper plates to resemble the lids of Play-Doh. You may even
    combine the Play-Doh party with a Smiley Face Party.

  • Make a Play-Doh costume for the kids to try. The Play-Doh costume idea by
    Family Fun, will make a terrific prop for your party and it will serve as an
    activity. (It's made from a yellow Rubbermaid trash bin.) Kids will love to pose in
    your creation for pictures, which you can use in your invitations or thank you
    cards, in addition to Halloween. Find the trash bin at U-line.

  • Lay out a little dough for the Play-Doh. Save money on a bounce house. The
    money you spend on Play-Doh is entertainment and decoration. If you want to
    buy a large quantity, see the 6-pound tubs (a large tub of yellow is ideal as
    kids can accent with other colors). Imagine the fun kids will have with six
    pounds of Play-Doh.

Play Doh Party Invitations

  • Roll your invitation message inside an empty tub of Play-doh and hand deliver
    it. Make this idea even better by stuffing a small plastic cookie cutter inside.

  • Take a picture of your child and her favorite Play-Doh creation, or of your child
    posing in the Play-Doh costume described above.

  • Wrap your invitation around a wooden rolling pin with the invitation portion
    affixed with tape. Hand deliver it or mail it in a tube.

  • Here are some wording ideas for your Play Doh Party:
  • Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, Baker's Man
  • Come to Micah's party as fast as you can!
  • With Play-Doh tubs in colors of red, yellow, and blue,
  • We'll sing a happy birthday ('cuz he's turning two)
  • Come roll in the Doh Saturday August 22 at noon
  • Play-Doh Factory at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Operations Director Mary at 867-5309

Play Doh Party Supplies
You may be disappointed to learn that there are no Play-Doh birthday party supplies
available (at least for now). So for your table setting, start with a bright yellow table
cloth and yellow napkins, then mix two or three bright colors of plates  and utensils in
lime green, bright red or orange, and a cheerful blue or pink depending on if your
party is for a boy or girl. The round plates will look like lids of Play Doh.

What food to serve at a Play-doh party? We have some fun ideas:

  • Play Doh Jell-Oh! Start saving those Play-Doh containers as they will make a
    colorful display for gelatin desserts. Play-Doh is non-toxic, and the containers
    are perfectly safe. Choose lime,, orange, strawberry, and even a blueberry
    (lemon doesn't show up as well in the container, though it's just as tasty).

  • Mini Play-Doh Popsicles: Save some mini containers of Play-Doh to freeze some
    popsicles with lime-aide and a drop of food color if the juice isn't green enough.
    Clean the tub and lid, then pierce the lid with a knife to insert a popsicle stick.

  • Appetizing Play-Doh: Brand new containers of Play-Doh also will make a fun
    display for cookies and appetizers:

  • Use the Play-Doh compound to prop suckers and pops. These tasty
    looking marshmallow pops look doubly sweet propped in the cheerful
    Play-Doh containers.
  • For a swirling Play Doh Display, serve up Yummy Play-doh swirled cookies
    on a stick. This is not for pretend! It's a cookie that looks like it's made
    from Play-Doh, but it's a tasty cookie. Prop each cookie in a separate
    container of the Play Doh compound as they are heavy.
  • For adults, you can skewer up cheese cubes as a centerpiece using the
    compound and Play-Doh tub as a base.

Games and Activities
You'll need lots of cookie cutters, rolling pins and Mr. Potato head parts for your party
along with Play-Doh sets of your choice. Melissa and Doug has a highly rated wooden
set, left. Click to see Amazon's rating of this toy.

  • Let the kids play with their food.
  • Bake real deal cookies that look like Play-Doh by mixing up one or two
    batches of our Easy Big Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe, divide the batch in
    four and color one red, one yellow, one green and one blue. Then allow
    kids to play with the dough you bake. David's cookies has done the work
    for you with 6-lbs tub of Cookie Play Dough.
  • Play with fondant, which is the texture of Play Doh, or color Marzipan
    (almond paste) and shape into tasty treats. You'll find Marzipan easily
    around the holidays in the bakers section of your grocery store.

  • Create a Play Doh Jewlery Factory. The girls will like to make Play Doh necklaces,*
    bangles, bracelets and rings. The boys will enjoy making dog tags and
    watches. To make them, provide pretty curling ribbons, string and pipe cleaners
    and allow the kids to pinch various color Play Doh beads around the ribbon,
    string or pipe cleaner. Enhance the details with plastic gems and rhinestones.

    * CHOKING HAZARD: The necklace making activity is not for kids under  
    three years old as the necklace itself is a choking hazard. Supervise all
    kids closely when wearing necklaces.

  • Have a Play-Doh Fashion Show. Barbie dolls get naked anyway, so you may as
    well dress them up with Play-Doh clothes. Provide mini buttons and gems to
    enhance the fun. After each child decorates a doll, have the dolls run the
    catwalk with their creations, giving special annoucement to funny names, such
    as Doh-ris, Ma-Doh-na, Doh-na, Doh-ra, Rhon-doh.

  • Set up a Breyer Horse Show. Older children may enjoy making Play Doh saddles
    for Breyer horses. The a ring of roses, apples, carrots and buckets, trophies,
    award ribbons, and so on.

  • Make your own with this easy recipe for Play dough by Betty Crocker. Give
    every child a plastic bag and allow him or her to mix colors and knead the
    dough into a compound. Add glitter and confetti if the kids are over three.

  • Go on an Easter egg hunt for items stuffed in Play Doh containers. Mini Play-Doh
    containers make excellent "Easter eggs" for a hunt and you can choose mini
    Play Doh for the prizes too.

Play Doh Party Favors
Search online and you'll find vendors who will customize a label for Play Doh at
around a dollar per label. This takes the fun out of the look of the famous tub of
compound, and the price doesn't include the tub Play-Doh! Here are some Play Doh
party favor ideas that will better convey your theme:

  • Send creations home in a Play-Doh display case. There are a variety of display
    cases online that will serve nicely as favors. Kids can proudly display their crafts
    in a tidy little case, and you can get crafty with Crafty Chica  to preserve their
    creations. This Glossy Gloss Varnish dries to a thick, clear coat of extreme shine
    that is extremely durable, and you can use it on any painted or decoupaged
    surface such as wood, papier-mache, ceramics, canvas, paper and plastic. Use
    on pictures, jewelry, floral and plastic. And on painted watercolor paper, Crafty
    Chica will give you a flexible, laminated surface.

  • Laminate your own mats with a design of your choice (such as coloring pages)
    and go to Kinkos to have the mats laminated.

  • Award prizes with ribbons where everyone wins! Come up with as many
    categories as you have party-goers and here are ideas to get you started:
  • Most creative, most life-like, most inventive
  • Funniest, funkiest, prettiest, strangest, craziest, goofiest, scariest etc.
  • Best use of yellow, pink, brown, etc.
  • Most creative use of buttons, pipecleaner, bottle caps, paper clips, etc.

Resources for a Play Doh Party

  • The Toys R Us exclusive pink Creativity Center, right, is $34.99, and you can
    earn up to 2.7% cash back rewards when you sign up for a special online
    service to get cash back savings at Toys R Us and hundreds of online stores,
    including eBay.

  • Play-Doh cologne celebrating 50 year anniversary of Play Doh.

Cleaning up after a Play-Doh Party
If you find Play-Doh in the carpet. Just wait for it to dry and then vacuum it up. Don't
try to get it out with any fancy carpet cleaning or removal products. The easiest and
best way is to wait and let it dry.

Real Play Doh parties
One thrify mom had a Play Doh party.

So now you have all the inspiration you need to get started on a Play-Doh party. Tell
us about your party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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