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Polar Bear Birthday
How to Host a Polar Bear Party

From one polar extreme to another! Nowadays you can have a kids party on any
theme your child chooses: even if it's all about polar bears. So chill out! You can host
a fantastic polar bear birthday, and here's how...

Party planners will appreciate our theme related ideas for food, favors, games and
activities. So get on your polar fleece and host a wonderful party with these ideas:

  • Make it a snow flurry! Head to the Dollar Tree stores in November and December
    for snowflakes of plastic crystals, and foam varieties that you can hang from the
    ceiling. Look for more ideas on creating a Winter wonderland with us.

  • Polar Bear Scoop: Here's the scoop. . .  The clever polar bear ice cream scoop
    left, is under $10 and includes free shipping. You'll need it to scoop ice cream
    for the polar bear cake. Enhance your ice cream with a few chocolate chips:
    choose two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a large chip for the nose
    sticking out of a marshmallow. Voila! It's an instant polar bear buried in snow.

  • Make your own polar bears: For around $10 each, your guest can make their own
    polar bear plush, pictured top. Think of it this way: these adorable polar bears
    double as your activity and favor.

  • Polar Bear Games: We found a Polar Bear Party game based on the popular pin-
    the-tail variety, pictured upper right, the kids will love to pin the hat on the
    polar bear. You might also try an ice fishing game. Kids "fish" for their prize
    through a cardboard wall of ice you create.  

Polar Bear Decorations
Start your decorations for the party with a snow blizzard of white balloons. Who
needs helium? Create a snowstorm with air blown balloons you hang from the ceiling.
Tape balloons to the floor, too. For an icy cool effect, check the Dollar Tree stores, as
they have an abundance of
inexpensive snow flake ornaments to hang from your
ceiling. Here are more polar bear decoration ideas:

  • Plop a polar bear in the party entrance. The large plush, pictured right, will
    certainly be a welcome addition to your child's room after the party and it
    makes an exciting gift. For the party, your child can pose for pictures with
    guests. Print these pictures for the thank you cards! Your guests will treasure
    the memory.

  • Have fun with Ice Cubes: Not real ice cubes silly! Instead, stack Ice Cubes
    chocolates, available left, into an igloo with a small polar bear figurine or plush
    toy. Or have the same fun with sugar cubes.

  • Polar Bear Decor: Keep the color scheme to mostly white with touches of frosty
    blue and bits of black. Visit our Winter Wonderland party ideas on how to get
    glittery, shimmery, winter whites, and frosty effects. Polar bear themed party
    foods in the same color scheme will enhance your theme... Left, you'll find icy
    blue and white gummy rings to match the color scheme of your party.

Polar Bear Party Foods
When you're creating a polar bear theme food for your party, you can borrow from the
recipes available online for bears and teddy bears and turn them white polar bears
with white frosting, white chocolate or white candy melt, and marshmallows. As an
example, for the cute bear chocolates on a stick, left, from Wilton, use white candy
melts and the Round Cookie Treat pan and the Wilton non-stick mini-muffins for the
ears. Everything you need is pictured right. And at the top of the page, make white
iced cookies from the polar bear cookie cutter.

Creating a
white themed menu is easy. On the savory side, think popcorn,white
cheddar cheese, white breads, and white rice. On the sweeter side, think white candy
melts, marshmallow creme, white frosting, white icing, meringue cookies and sugar
cubes. Here are more ideas:

  • Polar ice party foods: You'll create a beautiful landscape with white party foods
    and touches of frosty blue. Choose, pretty blue cupcake cups to accent your
    mostly white cupcakes. Also, left are pretty icy blue lollipops, easy to make from

  • Have a candy buffet. Friends and family will be impressed that you found white
    chocolate Polar Bears, imported from Sweden, left. A must have are the pearl
    white Sixlets chocolate candies, pictured left. They're like snowballs. The
    Pineapple gummy bears, above left, will give your candy buffet. Display candies
    in mason jars and apothecary jars. Filled them with marshmallows,  coconut
    jelly beans, and white M&Ms. And of course, icle rock candy sticks, pictured
    right. The kids will flurry to your candy buffet table for more.

  • Serve Klondike bars! They feature a polar bear on the wrapper of these
    delectable morsels of vanilla ice cream wrapped in chocolate. Have fun having
    the kids perform a trick to earn theirs. Come on, you know the familiar jingle:
    "What would you do for a Klondike bar?"

  • Chill a Polar Bear themed beverage: Coca Cola for guests. The iconic Coca Cola
    polar bear chilling with a coke is a classic. Bakerella, famous for cake pops,
    created Snow Globe Cupcakes with a polar bear and Coca Cola theme. Very
    funny: their theme here is "Enjoy Cake." The hard to find Haribo Happy Cola
    gummy candies are available with a click, right. Use the for the candy buffet and
    wrap them in cellophane for party favors with pineapple teddy bear gummies.
    And continuing on this theme, the birthday kid will certainly enjoy the Coca-Cola
    Polar Bear plush, left. It would make a fun centerpiece idea, and to add to this
    party theme, tie winter white balloons to glass coke bottles. Having a hard time
    finding glass coke bottles? You can buy Mexican Coke left, which is slightly
    sweeter than the American version! And at the Dollar Tree stores, you'll find
    affordable Coca-Cola beverage glasses in two sizes, so you can Serve Coke
    floats in the larger classes and put your favors in the smaller ones.

  • More polar bear themed food ideas:
  • Stacks of white powdered donuts. Try donut holes too, they look like
    snowballs, especially when drenched in white chocolate.
  • Meringues and marshmallows
  • Popcorn balls or rice crispy treats.
  • For Polar bear sugar cookies, use any bear-shaped cookie cutter and try
    our big batch sugar cookie recipe. Finish the cookie with a white
    meringue icing.
  • This healthy polar bear inspired snack is made of cottage cheese with
    olive eyes, banana ears and an Oreo cookie snout. Kids will enjoy playing
    with their food.

Polar Bear Cakes and Cupcakes
There are lots of bear-shaped cake pans available. Just add white frosting and you've
got an easy birthday cake for the party. Here are our favorite polar bear cakes:

  • Polar Bear Cake pops. Cake pops are all the rage right now. If you want to get
    fancy, try the Wilton Polar Bear Cake pops, pictured left.

Polar Bear Party favors
For Polar Bear themed Party favors, you'll have to be creative or shop online:
  • Right, the Polar Bear Webkinz is under $8 and includes free shipping!
  • Look for Polar bear Pez candies at the dollar stores in Winter months.
  • Add a fun element to the polar bear theme by stuffing goodie bags with Polar
    Ice gum, right.
  • Make your own white chocolate polar bears on a stick with the bear candy
    mold, lower right.
  • Rock candy and rock candy swizzle sticks, which look like icicles

Polar Bear Party Activities

  • Break the ice with games. Tread carefully and win in the classic game, Don't
    Break the Ice, pictured left, by Hasbro, featuring a polar bear.

  • Artic Tale Wii: FPlay Nintendo Wii polar bear game! For $12.79 and available
    with free shipping, you can wonder around sub-zero terrain as one of three
    characters from National Geographic's Artic Tale movie. Each episode closes
    with one of three endings.

  • Check out these polar bear craft activities.

Polar Bear Party Invitations
The artisans of ETSY have crafted several Polar Bear invitations. Our favorite is from
ETSY store owner
papercupcakedesigns.  Check out their polar bear water labels and
more at the bottom of the page.

Real Polar Bear Parties:
Yes, there have been others who've had kids passionate about polar bears and
here's how they've partied:

  • Jimmy's Polar Bear party: This Real Polar Bear Party hosted in 2010 featured
    beautiful hand made cards featuring a polar bear cutout backed with a
    snowstorm of graphic snowballs (music notes and interesting text) and touched
    with glue and real sugar. Gorgeous! Decor was simple: a flurry of paper
    snowflakes and shimmery white balloons. Party favors were snowy white
    Wintergreen Lifesavers paired with red Swedish Fish gummy candies.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your polar bear party and
share party ideas with us
on Twitter. We love hearing about kids parties, but also like to Twitter about themed
crafts and foods.
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