Police Party
Host a cops and robbers party for kids

What an arresting idea: you can host a cute Policeman's party for kids! A cops and
robbers party is a refreshing departure from other parties for boys, and you can have
so much fun with this theme. You might even allow kids to "arrest" the adults and put
them into a jail. (Be sure to provide a few "get out of jail free cards.")

Hosting a police party is also a wonderful way to honor a friend or family hero: a real
police officer. Perhaps you can invite a visit with a real patrol car or arrange a tour at
the local Sheriff's office, which is accustomed to giving tours to scouts. Just ask.

Here are ideas to get the party started:

  • Make it a code red and blue party! The police car pinata, upper right, in blue,
    white and red, fits the party theme. Use the pinata as party inspiration and
    stick to the party colors. Consider a candy buffet with red and blue swirled
    lollipops. And set a display with red and blue flashing lights. Red party cups can
    look like a siren when you turn them upside-down. Pair them with blue plates.
    Then stick to a candy buffet in reds and blues.

  • Make the birthday hero a private detective with a special badge of honor to
    wear for the party, left.

  • Set the party scene with "police line do not cross" barrier tape. It's a big roll
    and will serve as much of your party decor, so have fun with it.

  • Party Music: The Police of course!

Police party supplies
Police party goods are hard to find, so you'll need to leverage creativity.

  • Think traffic safety: Orange cones, street signs

What to serve at a police party
Of course, you've already thought about what to serve at a police party: donuts of
course! Donuts are popular at kids parties right now, so be sure to consult the donut
police at our
donuts party page. Here are some other fun ideas:

  • Hero sandwiches
  • Hot chocolate (but call it coffee)

Activities for a cops and robbers party
Aside from the activity of kids "arresting" the adults, you'll need to plan on a few cops
and robber activities for your little police squad. Here's how to have fun with the
party theme:

  • The stolen party candy case: Gather the kids and have your little police unit
    solve a candy mystery: send them on a candy beat! Explain that a robber has
    stolen your party candy and you need their help to find it to help get the party
    started. This is a group activity: you'll leave clues and send them on a treasure
    hunt throughout your party. End the game with a small candy loot bag for all.

  • Red light, Green light is a classic kids game.

Police Party Invitations and Thank You Cards
Invite the usual suspects to your policeman's party with these invitation ideas:

  • Send a letter with a "summons to appear" notice, or a citation:
  • You've been summoned to Frankie's Fifth birthday party
  • You are scheduled to appear: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Sheriff's Office: 123 Main Street
  • Failure to RSVP Deputy Diana at 867-5309 may result in lack of party

  • Inform your police officer candidate that s/he's been recruited to "report for duty":
  • Congratulations! You've been drafted for Police Academy Training
  • Please report for duty: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Sheriff's Office: 123 Main Street
  • Please RSVP Deputy Diana at 867-5309 to receive your badge and
    further instructions.

Policeman Favors
Ask your local sheriff's office or police station for goodies that you can use for your
police party favors. Often they'll have tattoos, plastic badges, stickers or even
coloring books just for asking or for taking a tour. They are used to having Boy Scouts
and Girl Scouts request tours, and often they attend school functions with these
trinkets. Take advantage of this free opportunity. Here are more ideas:

  • Police Station coloring book: if you're unable to secure coloring books from your
    local office for free, you'll want to get the Police Station Coloring book, left, from
    Dover. Pair this gift with the Sheriff's badge, right and swirl pop.

  • Home made favors: If you're inviting school friends, you may have access to the
    class photo to make wanted posters or badge identification. Either do-it-
    yourself project would be a cute memento of your party. The kids will love to
    take them home.

Gift for the birthday kid
Imagine the thrill of riding unveiling the electric police motorcycle toy, right, on your
child's birthday. Your junior officer will enjoy patrolling the neighborhood realistic ride-
on that comes complete with flashing police light, realistic police siren, working
headlight and horn. This electric vehicle cruises in forward and reverse at up to 1.6
mph. Appropriate for kids ages 2-4.

Real Police Parties for kids
Looking for real cops and robbers parties? Other moms have hosted them for their
little heroes and we hope these parties provide you with inspiration to throw your
own police party:

  • You'll find more kids cops and robbers birthday party ideas.

We hope we've inspired you to host a Policeman's Party (a classic cops and robbers
party). We're your kids party enforcement authority, and we're filled with kids cops
and robbers birthday party ideas, but now we want to hear your ideas.Tell us about
your police themed birthday party and
share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter.
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