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Polka dot costume idea: twister game
Polka Dot Birthday Party Ideas
A polka dot birthday party for girls

Put her in the spot-light with a Polka Dot party! A Polka Dot Party is ideal for a 'tween
who has a small circle of good friends and may not want to put too much emphasis
on theme parties. So go ahead and make it a Polka Dot slumber party and get ready
to Polka! Your Polka Dot party starts with a few craft punches, dot stickers, Dot-a-dot
art pens, some circular candies, and a spot of creativity. Peek our Polka Dot party
ideas and you'll start seeing spots too:

  • Twister is the game sister! There are lots of polka dot party games, including
    connect the dots, dominoes, ping pong, (even a Polka Dot Bingo game free
    download by Martha Stewart), but for a Polka Dot Party the activity of the hour
    will be the retro game of Twister. It'll knock their socks off!

  • Do the "Polka" motion! It's not a Polish party, but it's not a Polka Dot Party
    either unless you incorporate the hilarious polka "chicken dance." And of
    course, get out your MP3 player and download the classic song: "Itsy Bitsy
    Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini."

  • Set up a Polka Dot spa. Give them cucumber eyes, and a polka dot manicure or
    pedicure. It's easy to paint toes and fingernails  and accent with toothpicks.
    You'll find a variety of Polka Dot manicure tutorials on YouTube and Google.

  • Hitting the sweet spot: It's not a party without a bit of candy, and there is lots
    to choose with a Polka Dot theme:
  • Necco wafers will be a staple of the party. Glue them with icing gel to
    solid dessert plates, cups and trays.
  • Go retro with button candies.Affix them with icing gel everywhere, too.
  • Dip into some Dippindots! Yes, you can order Dippindots online or find a
    local retailer. This will be a treat they won't soon forget.
  • Set out a bowl of jawbreakers, or gum-balls.

Polka Dot Party Decoration Ideas
The first thing to decorate is the birthday girl!

  • A pink and brown polka dot combination is very pretty. Mostly you'll find pink
    dotted items. The ballerina flats, left, available on Amazon, will provide sweet
    inspiration. Or try a pair of custom polka dot Keds in chocolate and strawberry.
    Pair them with a brown skirt and pink top. As far as pink and brown
    decorations, you'll find the wall art decorations, left on Amazon, and the thank
    you cards, right, also from Amazon. We found the sweet pink polka dot baking
    cups, from Wilton, left. Once you set your mind to it, you'll spot more in the
    local stores and find more. On Zazzle you'll find a sweet pink and brown polka
    dot card intended for a bridal lunch, but would work quite suitably for a
    birthday party.

  • Connecting the dots. If you're selecting the Twister game look, then you'll want
    to stick with the basic dot colors of yellow, red, green and blue. It's okay to
    add a few other colors. The French Bull tableware, above, matches perfectly.
    Available in durable melamine and paper products, the French Bull collection .
    To dress up the birthday girl in a multiple of assortment of dots to match,
    simply get out the Avery dot labels and have at it!

Here are more polka dot decorating ideas:

  • Hang paper lanterns. We founda pink polka dotted lantern on Amazon, upper
    right, but the global nature of the lanterns make them ideal for a polka dot
    party. You can select a variety of globes matching your theme colors and
    suspend them from the ceiling.

  • Give polka dots a dimension. Paint styrofoam balls with acrylic finger paints and
    let them dry. You can hang them or just cluster them around the party space.
    Of course, you can also use ordinary balls as part of your polka dot party decor.

  • Poke around the stationery store. Search polka dot gift wrap, which you can use
    like a table runner, line trays, and add texture to vases or flower pots in
    addition to wrapping the birthday gift. You might also laminate gift wrap into
    placemats (Kinkos) if the pattern of dots is particularly pleasing.

  • Cluster and suspend polka dots. Peek a Polka-dot inspired party to see the look
    of cut  circles that are tied from fishing string. It provides just the right touch
    for a polka dot party. And while you're at it, you can cut circles to tape to the
    walls and floor. And don't forget about cutting colorful circles for coasters and

  • Dot your cloth. Younger kids will appreciate the Dot-A-Dot art pens as an
    activity, but for a 'tween party, you can use them to decorate table cloth. Get
    out the butcher paper or an inexpensive white sheet as a linen to make a multi
    colored spotted design for your table.

  • More ideas to connect dots. If you find a polka dot material, why not string
    together triangles to create your own pennant banner? This is a "green"
    keepsake banner that you can use for years to come. Get out your sphere
    shaped holiday ornaments in solid colors and suspend them from fishing wire.
    Add marbles of a variety of colors to the vases for centerpieces.

Polka Dot Invitations
It will be easy to spot some Polka Dot party invitations or stationery at the local
stores. Otherwise, it won't be hard to craft your own. And you can order
Polka Dot
address labels  for an added touch. (It's always a good idea to have those around
the house.) Check out
Zazzle Polka dot birthday card creations, too, which are
available online.

  • Here are some ideas for the wording on your polka dot invitations:
  • We hope to spot you at Amber's 11th Birthday
  • Circle this date on your calendar: Saturday August 22 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Spot to meet: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Daria at 867.5309, so we can connect the dots.

Polka Dot Menu
You don't have to be a brilliant cook to be "Chez Polka" for the day.  Here are some
creative ways to put a little polka into your menu:

  • Cut polka dots in your theme colors and affix them to the cutlery. This provides an
    sweet and elegant touch to your meal.

  • Polka dot soup and sandwiches: Make tiny dots of sour cream to pattern dots in
    the tomato soup. Serve your soup with sandwiches wrapped in polka dot
    paper, Martha Stewart style. Serve the pretty sandwiches with a "spot" of
    tea.  Or serve your polka dot sandwiches with a melon ball salad.

  • Polka dot salad: Adults will appreciate a polka dot salad. Melon balls with cherry
    tomatoes and chopped mint, a dash of salt and pepper is delicious.

  • Polka dot appetizers: Create your own polka dot accents to skewers by gluing
    circular pieces of construction paper to the ends of the wooden sticks. Serve a
    variety of round confections and savory treats as appetizers, including cheese
    balls with round crackers, a bowl of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, cheese
    puff balls, and malt balls, etc.

  • Polka dot tarts: Bake a pie or tart and cut the holes out of the top and use the
    circles to decorate other spots.

  • Think Minnie Mouse: Serve up Minnie's Polka dot cookies, an idea from Disney's
    Family Fun. For a Minnie mouse cake, start with a red velvet cake and top it
    with a red icing, then use white chocolate chips pressed inward so only the
    circle shows through for the polka dots.

  • Polka dot cupcake and cake ideas:
  • Use confetti sprinkles in your favorite vanilla cake batter so that even
    the inside of your cake will be polka dotted!
  • You'll make a crisp looking polka dot cake by cutting circles with fondant.
  • Dress up your cupcakes with Polka dot cupcake wrappers, available in
    several patterns on Amazon. These baking liners are ideal for nuts and
    candies too.
  • Use colorful M&Ms to top polka dot cupcakes, Necco wafers to create
    polka dot cakes, or confetti sprinkles. See the free pennant cupcake
  • Peek a variety of polka dot cake ideas on Flickr.

Polka Dot Favors
Here are some candy favor ideas:

  • Dots candy, left, is a colorful classic gummy style candy that kids will love.
    Search on Amazon and you'll find tropical and yogurt flavors, too, in the theatre
    sizes, making them ideal as party favors.

  • Any kind of circular suckers and candy will do, such as a giant jawbreaker.

  • Jot N Dot wide grip polka dot pens, right, will make a big statement. Available
    in six colors they retail for $4.99 each, but are available on Amazon for just
    $1.99 each. Pair them with a polka dot notepad.

  • Nostalgic button candy by Necco.

Polka Dot Games
If you really think about it, there are lots of polka dot party games, and you may
already have some in your closets:
  • Yahtzee (because of dice have dots)
  • Dominoes
  • Twister
  • Tiddly Winks
  • Marbles

Resources for a Polka Dot Party

  • Find a hot spot on the Internet. Your party planning would not be complete
    without a stop at the blog.

  • The ultimate polka dot party: a ladybug party!

* We designed this party for girls, but a Polka Dot party is equally suited for younger kids or for
parties multiples of mixed genders. Boys and girls will have fun with lots of dots! And you can
just as easily use these polka dot ideas for a bridal shower or baby shower.
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Avery Labels as Polka Dots
Polka-dot birthday candle
Polka dot cake stand
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