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Popsicle Birthday Party
How to have a Popsicle theme party

Here's a party idea that's so hot it will melt your Popsicle! Eskimo Pies, 50-50 bars,
Missile pops, Fudge-sicles, there is so much possibility when you host a Popsicle
Theme Party. Host a sweet Popsicle party all on its own or combine this party idea
with a
super cute ice cream social.  

Here's how to have a Popsicle Party to remember:

  • Popsicle Bucket: Set out an array of homemade Popsicles for guests in a pretty
    oval galvanized bucket with ice. The metal will help keep the chill.

  • Popsicle Recipes: Try these yummy recipes for home made Popsicles and ice
    creams on a stick, including:
What to serve at a Popsicle Party
Aside from all your favorite home made and store bought Popsicles, here are some fun
ideas for your Popsicle Party.

  • Corn dogs. A corn dog is like a Popsicle because it's served on a stick.

  • Watermelon. It's nature's Popsicle, no stick!

  • Popsicle cookies. Use the Popsicle cookie pan at the bottom of the page with
    your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  • Birthday cake pops. A Popsicle birthday needs cakes on a stick, so naturally, you
    should serve cake pops. See our cake pop ideas to display your cake pops.

Popsicle Party Crafts
Keep the kids entertained with Popsicle stick crafts.

  • Godseye Popsicle Craft: With two Popsicle sticks and pretty colored yarn in a
    variety of colors, you can make a Godseye craft.

  • Popsicle Frames. Easy enough to do: get a glue gun and assemble the Popsicle
    stick frames, and then have the kids decorate with foam adhesives, markers
    and stickers. Get more ideas from this super cute Summer Popsicle party by
    Sheek Shindigs.

Want more ideas for Popsicle crafts? The Alex Pop Stick Art book provides 7 playful pop
stick projects and cute animal pop stick puppets. Includes lots of stickers and paper

Popsicle invitations
Popsicle invitations are super easy to make. Simply cut out a life size Popsicle-shape
from a heavy card stock in a pretty color, such as lemon yellow. Then cut out a bite
from the side and glue a real Popsicle stick to the card. Print your party invitations and
cut and paste to size. These invitations are most fun if you deliver them in person.

Popsicle Party favors
  • Popsicle lip-gloss favors, immediate left
  • Popsicle erasers
  • Scented ice cream bubbles

Real Popsicle Parties
It's true that most people have an ice cream social, but if you want your party to be
purely about the Popsicles, then go for it! Others have had Popsicle Parties and you
can too.

Like this idea? We'd love to hear about your Popsicle party. Tell us about your party
planning and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.  
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