Rainbow Brite Birthday
How to have a bright and happy Rainbow Brite party

Head to Rainbowland with a Rainbow Brite party. Rainbow Brite, and her rainbow
tailed pony Starlight are back from the 1980s to save the world and your birthday
party from boredom of the traditional princess party. With a nostalgic Rainbow Brite
party, you get to re-live your childhood. It's a party theme the kids can enjoy as much
as the adults.

Here's how to have a bright and happy Rainbow Brite party:

  • Start by getting the Brite look. Get Rainbow Brite clothing! As kids arrive to your
    party turn them into girls from the eighties. All it takes is a pony tail to the side
    with a pretty ribbon. You can afford to give every kid a Rainbow Brite T-shirt --
    they're just $1.95 on Amazon, left. If you can dress the birthday girl in striped
    moon boots, all the better. The Rainbow Brite costume, right, comes with leg
    warmers. Mom can wear big hair and shoulder pads. Mom can sport the
    Rainbow Brite hoodie, left, which will help preserve the party memories.

  • Brighten your party with Rainbow Brite Party Supplies. Rainbow Brite party
    supplies are difficult to find, but we've gathered them on one page! See the
    Rainbow Brite party plates, above and the coordinating Rainbow Brite napkins.
    While no cups are available, you'll find Rainbow Brite treat sacks pictured at the
    bottom of the page, along with Rainbow Brite table covering. It's all you need to
    give your party that Rainbow Brite touch.

How to decorate for a Rainbow Brite party

  • Doll up your party! Prop your favorite Rainbow Brite dolls around the party space
    and tie a balloon bouquet. Above, the Madame Alexander Rainbow Brite Doll is
    a cheery keepsake to remind you of your childhood. Above right, the plush
    Rainbow Brite Backpack doll is cuddly and inexpensive. It's a doll you can strap
    on your back, (it's not a back pack and doll combination). Right, the Rainbow
    Brite doll will feel at home with your American Doll collection. It matches the
    Rainbow Brite Costume also pictured right. And finally, the Rainbow Brite doll,
    bottom center will fit right in with your Barbie collection.

Food for a Rainbow Brite Party

  • Rainbow sprinkles on an ice cream sundae
  • Rainbow chocolate chip cookies
  • For other colorful ideas for your party, visit our art party pages.

Rainbow Brite Birthday cake

  • Bake a  Rainbow Brite surprise cake: Start with vanilla batter and create a layer
    cake with bit of food coloring for each layer of cake.

  • For more inspiration on your Rainbow Brite cake, check out the Rainbow Brite
    Birthday cake found at cake Central.

  • Order your rainbow cake from Zomicks, left.

Rainbow Brite Party Invitations

Rainbow Brite party favors
  • Starburst fruit chews and Skittles candies will provide a Rainbow Brite attitude!
  • Rainbow Brite Wristband, pictured above.
  • Rainbow Bandannas, left.

How to decorate for a Rainbow Bright Party
Get into the 80s with rainbows everywhere for the party:
  • Rainbow pinata, lower left
  • Rainbow suckers, lower left.
  • Rainbow derby, right.

Rainbow Brite party activities:

  • Rainbow Bright coloring activity: Crayola makes a magical activity for your
    Rainbow Bright party and super easy too with the Color Wonder Rainbow Brite
    Coloring Pad & Markers set. Mess-free, the Color Wonder inks only appear on
    Color Wonder surfaces. Pictured top right, the set includes 18 pages and 5
    Color Wonder Markers.

Rainbow Bright parties  

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