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Robot party
Robots Party
How to have a robot and rockets theme birthday party

A party with robots isn't something you'd typically find at the local party supply, but
they do have some cute party favors and robot party plates out there! We've
gathered the most popular robot party goodies you can find.

Retro cute and quirky robot toys from the 1950s make for an unusual birthday party
theme for kids. Your little Wall-E will love a robots party! As kids parties go, this is an
opportunity to turn back the clocks: adult humanoids will enjoy the journey to
yesteryear just as much. Make it a robot and rockets party.

Ready for the nuts and bolts of hosting a robot themed party? We're ready to help
"transform" your party space with imagination, and help you find the cutest robot
party supplies, robot favors and robot invitations on the Internet.

Here's how to get rolling with creativity for a robot theme party:

  • Set a robotic table. Start your robot party right by ordering the retro cute French
    Bull robot collection of plates and cups, pictured top. Made of melamine, these
    durable plates make for memorable keepsakes or favors. Get inspiration for
    using the plates with the robot party table setting ideas from "The Hostess with
    the Mostest" blog, which showcases a home-made robot centerpiece and PEZ
    candy packs scattered like confetti. The author also twists silver pipe cleaners
    around utensils.

  • Foiled again! Give your robot table setting a metallic robot look with aluminum
    foil. While you can wrap the table, try also wrapping a football helmet with foil to
    make a robot centerpiece. Next, wrap mini robot juice boxes in foil, then add
    silver pipe-cleaners and decorate with paper cutouts and wiggle eyes.

  • Hello there Mr. Roboto! Give everyone a funny robot name by simply reversing
    their name. Mike becomes "Ekim" and Jenna becomes "Annej." Of course if you
    have a guest named Robert, then he must become Mr. Roboto!

Robot Party Favors
As kids parties go, the favors are perhaps the most important (at least from a kids
perspective). Here are some favors that are engineered with them in mind:

  • Robot party favors by the dozen: Look for the cutest robot party favors,
    immediate right, including brightly colored bubble favors, robot putty favors that
    are oozing with cuteness and sweet robot suckers. There are also robot rubber
    duckies, top right, and robot eraser favors, lower right.

  • Robot favor boxes and bags: And for the robot party loot, you'll need a favor bag
    or box. Try the Meri-Meri favor bag, immediate left, which matches the invitations
    also on this page. There are lots of fun favor containers available online, and
    more handmade robot favor box ideas below in brightly colored robotic designs.
    Want something a bit more handmade? Look also to for custom robot
    favor boxes. We agree that "these are the cutest party 'droids you've ever

  • Robot T-shirt favors. Make your own assembly line of robot T-shirts as party
    favors or as a special gift for the birthday kid. Use iron on transfers for your own
    robot theme design or draw directly onto the shirt. The birthday kid will enjoy
    the Retro Rocket shirts, right. See the robot party signs and more available from
    Cafe Press, right.

Robot Party invitations
Now that a classic  robot party is all the rage, it's easier to find preprinted robot party
invitations. Here are some invitation and thank you card ideas:

  • Compute the savings. If the prices of robot party invitations don't compute with
    you, then you'll love the inexpensive robot party invitations, left. They're sweet
    and simple and have matching robot party supplies, bottom of page, including
    robot party plates and favor boxes.

  • Use Robot stickers to decorate envelopes and home made invitations. The birthday
    kid can help decorate envelopes with the robot stickers, left, which would also
    be ideal as favors.

  • Pop some fun in the mail with 3-D robot invitations. Get ready for an out-of-this-
    world robot party with invitations and thank you cards for your robot party by
    Meri-Meri. Includes 3-D glasses, so your party goers can view the cute three-
    dimensional design. These match the Robot Party Cupcake kit, pictured top.
    Look also for the robot party favor bags, pictured lower left, also from Meri-Meri.

  • Suggested wording ideas for creating your own robot party invitations:
  • The robots have computed that Tyler is four!
  • Join the assembly line birthday: Saturday August 22 at noon
  • Tour the Robot Factory at 123 main street
  • RSVP: Mary at 867-5309 (no IFs, ANDs or BOTs!)

Robots Party Food
When it comes to robot food to serve at the party, you'll have to get creative. See how
robotic party planner did just that by turning ordinary party foods into robot parts.
She identified robot party foods by their name such as nuts and bolts (Chex mix),
computer chips and screws (corkscrew pasta).  Here are some other ideas.

  • Make robot party drinks. Wrap box juice drinks in aluminum foil, and embellish
    with wrapped candy, such as PEZ bars for arms, Lifesaver rolls for legs, and
    silver pipe cleaners for antennae.

  • Here's another robot drink idea: Water can be "robot fuel" and you can
    print your own labels,. See the free printables for robot fuel water lables.
    immediate right, from Hoffman Media where you'll find more printables and
    robot party ideas.

  • Robot feet for cupcakes: Add some festive fun with robot party cupcakes served
    in the colorful baking cups, immediate left. They will help you display awesome
    robot cupcakes or you can fill them with candy treats.

  • Hey cookie, here's a robot cake idea: The Robot cake by Cookie Magazine makes a
    wonderful centerpiece to a table decorated simply with a few robot favors and
    plates with silver dots.

  • Take me to your baker! The Betty Crocker Robot Cake video will have you on the
    baking assembly line in no time. This robot birthday cake is easier than you think
    to bake yourself.

Robot Party Games and Activities
Okay, you've already thought of using Lego blocks or Tinker Toy as entertainment so
that your party goers can build their own robotic constructions, and you may well have
thought to supply
robot coloring pages. Go ahead and set up several activity stations
and have kids select their favorites. Here are some other robot games and activities to
get your motor running:

  • Set out a robot assembly line with Shrinky Dinks Robots. Yes, Shrinky Dinks come
    in a robot theme (pictured left). Kids color, you bake. There's no cutting. It's an
    inexpensive keepsake that the kids will love to take home, so it's an activity and
    favor in one!

  • Build a party for eight: Prepare delicious "fuel" (food), play cute robot games and
    discover underlying science when you host a Robot Party with the Robot Party
    kit, left. Includes 8 balloon robot racers, 3D glasses and art paper, plus cookie
    cutters, magic flip puzzle, felt tip markers and robot stickers. It even has
    everything you need for invitations and thank you cards.

  • Have a Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em good time with robot games. The classic Rock 'Em, Sock
    'Em robots game from 1966 will entertain kids and adults alike. Kids will also
    enjoy a spin at creating the perfect robot by playing the Build a Robot board
    game, also right. Robot novelties are abundant on Amazon and eBay.

  • Build edible robots. Set out marshmallows, gum drops, cut pieces of licorice
    twists, lifesavers and toothpicks, and have kids create little masterpieces.
    Award prizes.

  • Get robotic with cardboard. Create cardboard robot parts (bodies, arms, legs, and
    helmet) ahead of time, and allow kids to assemble and dress the part of robots.
    This activity makes for a funny photo opportunity.

  • Think retro, but buy old and new robot toys. Search for old robot deals on eBay
    and new Robot toys and novelties on Amazon.

Resources for a Robot party
While this is a party for your child, you can have fun dressing up for the robot party
and preserve the memories with the robot necklace right. If you're looking for
handmade items, is your resource for invitations and party supplies as well
as jewelry or decorations for your party. Here are some other resources for robot

  • Design a droid. Make your own robot costume! Cookie magazine shows you how,
    and has a suggestion to use the costumes you create for a fun robots game.

  • Control your kids. Have kids create their own control panel. That's the
    suggestion by a blogger at Just Living the Wee Life, who shows us these
    adorable control panels and suggestions for robot party crafts.

Real Robot Parties
While the classic robot toy has been around since the fifties, a retro robots and
rockets theme is a relatively new party idea for kids. Here are some friends around the
Web that have already had a robot party, which may inspire you:

  • Spy this robot party and the inventive dryer duct vases and robot favor boxes.

  • Rocket Robotics: Combine your retro robots birthday theme with classic rockets.
    Your space adventure might include aliens. See our Green Alien Party and blast
    off with more ideas from our Astronaut party.

Now that you've learned the mechanics of a Robots birthday, please tell us about your
Robots party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We'd love to see pictures of your
little Mr. Roboto!
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