Rock star party cups
Rockstar Party
How to have a rocking good birthday party for kids

Get rocking on that party for your little rockstar! Your little Kid Rock is having a birthday
party and you can party like a rock star when you roll out the red carpets and invite
the Pop-a-razzi.  As kids parties go, a rock star party is a party theme parents will
enjoy as much as the kids. Girls rock and boys rock too!

Here's how to throw a rock star party for kids:

  • Rock out with inflatables. For kids parties, inflatable toys rock! You'll find rockstar
    party supplies to include inflatable guitars and microphones. If you're short on
    time to order your rockstar party supplies online, you can make your own guitars
    from cardboard, or microphones from aluminum foil.

  • Dress like a rock star. Make it a star-studded event: get out the studs, tie some
    bandanna headbands, and give the kids some Rock N Roll tattoos.
  • Hair bands. The neon hair attachments left, will turn anyone Hair Band rock
    star. You get a dozen for just $8 and they're available with free shipping.
  • Rock out to the eighties: Outfit the girls with fingerless gloves, left, or give
    them the diva treatment sequin hats, also left.
  • Throw them a guitar! The guitar mardi gras style beads, above, are sure
    to get anyone into that Rock N Roll mood.

    Wig out with more ideas on how to dress like a rockstar:

  • Set the stage: Find the perfect venue for the party: perhaps a community center
    with a stage. You need to set the stage so that kids can perform karaoke and
    sing along to their favorite tunes, show off their air guitar moves, or dance the
    moonwalk. You might otherwise build a platform in the backyard or use a deck
    for the stage.

  • Rock Band 3 Wii: Have the kids rock out with Rock Star Wii, which will also make a
    great gift for the birthday kid. It comes highly rated. Check the ratings on
    Amazon, right. This game is for teens.

Rock Star Invitations
The kids will feel like they got a VIP invitation with these rock star invitation ideas:

  • Get in the back door. Instead of mailing invitations, you can cleverly hand deliver
    them as a backstage pass clipped to a lanyard. Make the pass yourself or order
    custom backstage pass invitations and have kids enter from your back door. See
    also the custom concert tickets, left.

  • Print your own Rock N. Roll CD Invitations: Look like a real rock star when you
    invite guests to your rock star party by handing them a CD loaded with your
    favorite songs! Right, Digital Bizaar, a vendor on will sell you the digital
    artwork so half the work of designing these into invitations is done. Buy some
    jewel cases and deliver invitations inside. The best part is you'll be sending
    guests your favorite songs: you pick songs and you download them onto a CD.

  • Rock star party wording ideas for the invitations:
  • Come party like a rock star!*
  • You've got a backstage pass to Jenna's birthday bash!
  • Rock on! The show starts Saturday, August 22 at 4:00 p.m
  • Recording studio: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Stage Manager Melinda or Stage Hand Frank at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • Rock my world and celebrate my birthday!
  • We picked you to rock the party.
  • It's time to have a rocking good time, Jimmy is turning nine!

Kids rock star party decorations:
Setting a "rocking good" scene for kids with these ideas:

  • Get night fever! Have your party at night, so you can take advantage of lighting,
    such as strobe lights, glow sticks. The kids will love it. A mini flash strobe light is
    just $8.99, but don't use it continuously just fifteen minutes at a time as the
    manufacturer specifies.

  • Become a Disco Tech. Put up a disco ball, groovy beads to hang in the doorway.
    Create your own light show with flashing strobe lights. If your budget allows,
    add a fog machine. The fog machine, pictured right, for around twenty five bucks.
    Fog Fluid is under ten dollars. Kids love it and the effect is wonderful at
    Halloween, as well.

  • Get going on a rocking color scheme. Start with purple as your basis and accent
    with red and blue, then add a metallic splash of silver and gold, as most of the
    pop star diva party supplies available are in these colors. Use glitter without

  • Give them the red carpet treatment. Throwing out the red carpet is easy and
    affordable fun. Your guests will feel like rock stars as they enter your party
    locale, and you can use it again to draw your guests to the buffet table. Buy
    your red carpet online.

Party Foods, Cakes and Cookies Fit for a Rock Star
You're probably already planning a guitar shaped cake for the party, but what should
you serve with the cake? Why rocky road ice cream, of course! For refreshments, any
kind of pop will do. Here are some other rocking ideas for kids party foods:

  • Cool down rock star style. Serve rock star drinks with guitar-shaped ice swizzle
    sticks, pictured left. Fred Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirs are also big enough to make
    POPsicles! Even a sparkling apple cider gets new life when you serve it in a
    champagne glass.

  • Serve an Elvis sandwich. For those who dare to eat like a rock star, serve the
    King's favorite food: peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich.

  • Eat with the stars: Use star shaped cookie cutters to make star sandwiches and
    cookies. Rice Cereal Star Cookies by Wilton, right, will carry you through several
    birthday party themes. What kid wouldn't love rice cereal treats on a stick?
    Decorate with M&Ms or confetti sprinkles.

  • Make an edible microphone: Dip your ice cream cones in silver colored jimmies,
    sprinkles or dragees. See our Silver Party foods.

  • Rockstar candy: What's a kids party without candy? Eating like a rock star is easy
    when it comes to the candy. Rock candy, Pop rock, M&Ms with one color deleted
    from the mix.

More Fun Rock Star Decoration ideas:

  • Rock on with the novelties. In addition to the inflatable guitars and microphones,
    there are so many rockstar novelties available. Try bubble necklace guitars,
    microphone drinking cups, pictured left.

  • Decorate the kids. Looking for rock star costume ideas? Rock star outfits for kids
    are easy to create: it's all about the accessories:

  • How to rock the boys: Provide bandannas for the boys to wear on their heads.
    Offer some funny wigs. You may even get the boys to sport black lipstick,
    pictured right. Or with a rapper look, invest in some gold mardis beads with
    dollar symbols.

  • How to rock the girls: Deck the girls with star shaped diva glasses,sequin hats,
    frilly boas, and glitter makeup to make her world a stage.

  • Rock them all: Girls and boys alike will enjoy rubber studded bracelets. Give
    everyone tattoos, offer to paint nails black, and remember that the finishing
    touch of a groupie rock star outfit is the lanyard with a backstage pass!

  • How to rock the birthday Kid: For the birthday boy or girl, pick a genre or model
    after a particular star. You may even use a temporary dye for hair. Elvis is an
    easy choice for boys, and Hannah Montana for the girls from leather, fringe, and
    studs to glitter pop queens, there is a variety of styles. Motown, rockabilly,
    hippy, glam rock, punk, new wave, hair bands, Country Western, heavy metal,
    grunge, R&B soul, rap. The list goes on.

  • Get rocking with a cool rockstar costume! Whether you're looking for  a rockstar
    costume for girls or rocker costumes for boys, look here are some more fun rock
    star options:

Rock Star party favor ideas
What rockstar party favors to choose? There are so many ideas, below,and you can
wrap up your goodies in the organza Pop Star favor bag with satin ribbon drawstring
ties, right, by Making Believe, right:
  • American Idol Microphone candy, right
  • Guitar bubble necklaces, left
  • Pop rocks candy or rock candy
  • Inflatable Microphones
  • Star shaped novelties, like star sunglasses
  • Glowsticks
  • Rockstar makeup, like black nail polish or lipstick, above right

Resources for a Rock Star party:

  • Rock star outfit for kids:

Real Rock Star Parties for kids
Get ideas for your party by visiting sites from those who've already planned a real kids
Rock Star party. Get ready to steal these great ideas:

  • Rock on, Eat it up! You'll get Good N Plenty ideas for the Rock Star party from featuring "Swag Bags" filled with candies that rock. The color
    scheme of pink, blue and black

We love kids parties! Now that you know how to have a rocking good birthday, please tell
us about your real Rock Star party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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