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How to have a rubber duck theme birthday party for kids

Get your ducks in a row and have some good clean fun with a rubber ducky party!
Shopping for this party is a joy, as there are so many cute rubber duckies around. It's
a theme that is bright and cheery as a baby shower, yet offers a bit of the unexpected
as a birthday party idea and is even better as a pool party for girls who love to collect
rubber ducks! One things for sure, the birthday kid is sure to be a lucky ducky.

  • Quack up! The adorable duck bills, upper left, will have everyone at the party
    quacking up. Older kids will have fun entertaining the little ones wearing them.
    Be sure to have guests pose for pictures, so you can send the funny pictures
    with the "thank you" cards.

  • Duck, duck, flowers. Everything will be "just ducky" when you display flowers in
    the rubber ducky planter vase, left. Make it the centerpiece for a buffet and then
    stash it with a plant in the nursery to remind you year long of what a super
    party you put on! Or fill it with candies for guests to discover.

Rubber duck decorations

  • Get ducky with the party colors. Plan the party colors in mostly yellow with
    splashes robins egg blue and duckbill orange.

  • Make a splash with a Ducky Derby! Overwhelm them with ducks in rubber ducky
    derby style. Buy rubber duckies by the dozen and have them scattered about for
    guests to discover. Float rubber duckies in the pool or buy a small kiddie pool
    and float them there. An inflatable pool with carnival duckies floating is a super
    party decoration, but party goers will enjoy the unexpected if you fill the pool
    with ice for drinks. Prop some rubber ducks for a festive touch.

  • Inflatable Rubber Ducky Tub.  Find new uses for the inflatable bath time rubber
    duck, pictured left. Place gifts from party goers in and around the duck, or stuff it
    with drinks or party favors.

  • Pond-er this idea: You can create a duck pond on the floor by cutting and taping  
    blue craft paper into a pond like shape. Accent the pond with a few rubber ducks
    swimming on top. The hard to find rubber duck inflatable, right, makes a cheery
    and unusual party favor. It can double as decoration for the pond.

  • Send ducks flying through the air with rubber ducky balloons, right. While rubber
    ducky balloons provide a festive air to the party all on their own, you can tie the
    balloons to rubber ducky party weights. The rubber duck balloon weight, right,
    doubles as a menu card holder or photo holder.

Rubber ducky invitations and party wording ideas:
Most rubber ducky invitations are for baby showers, so for a birthday party you can
modify a card, have an invitation custom made (try, or make one yourself. An
easy card to make yourself is a picture of your child in a tub. Or print the invitation on a
blue paper and glue a mini rubber duck to the top and hand deliver. Here are some
wording ideas:

  • Rub a dub-dub, come to our tub:*
  • It's time for some good clean fun, because Brianna is turning one!*
  • Waddle on over Saturday, August 22 at noon for QUACKERs and snacks,
    followed by lunch and cake at 1:00.
  • Pond/Tub: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Give Mother Duck Laurie a quack at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • Splish-splash it's a birthday bash:
  • Come to where the water's are blue, our little Jenna is turning two!
  • Lucky Ducky Frankie is turning three!

Rubber Ducky sweets and party foods ideas
Serving cheese and 'quackers' is a good start to a kids party. Here are some other
party food ideas we think are just ducky and appropriate for children:

  • Rubber ducky pond gelatin. Serve blue raspberry gelatin into a clear cup and top
    with a mini rubber ducky so that it appears he's swimming in a small duck pond.
    Right, the Rosemary company suggests filling a punch bowl with gelatin! You
    might also just serve a blue raspberry drink in the punch bowl.

  • Rubber ducky candies: The sweet rubber ducky candies, left will melt your heart
    and melt in your mouth, too! Thanks to the Wilton Rubber Duck Chocolate mold,
    you can easily make these candies yourself. Just melt Wilton vanilla-flavored
    yellow candy melts, cool and you're done. Or add details with orange beaks and
    black eyes using Wilton icing.

  • Rubber ducky cake. Bake an adorable birthday cake using Wilton's Rubber Ducky
    cake pan and instructions, pictured left. You'll be proud of your creation!

  • Rubber ducky cupcake ideas:
  • "What's up Cupcake?" is a recipe and idea book with a sweet cupcake
    idea for rubber ducky cupcakes on the cover. Pictured left, the yellow iced
    cupcakes have a doughnut hole and a marshmallow inside. The clever
    design uses a Starburst fruit chew for the duckbill and M&M Minis for the
    eyes. You'll enjoy making at least one tail end.

  • Frost a blue pond and plop them on top rubber duck cupcake picks for an
    easy cake topper. Wilton cupcake liners add a festive touch.

  • Rubber Ducky Sugar Cookies. Skip the hydrogenated oils. Bake with butter using
    our big batch sugar cookie recipe. Delicious and easy to bake, you'll find this
    recipe handy for birthday parties and holiday cookies as well. Right, you'll find
    rubber ducky shaped cookie cutters.

  • You'll also find rubber ducky candy molds to make suckers or stick chocolates.

  • Rubber ducky drinks. Imagine the fun you'll have making ice cubes in preparation
    for the party with the silicon rubber ducky ice mold, left. Go ahead, it's just $ and
    eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

Rubber Ducky Games
Duck, duck goose is an obvious party game, but everyone is sure to quack up at your
rubber duck party with these ideas for fun and games:

  • Have a duck hunt. Gather up the little rubber duckies you've used as decorations
    and have an Easter Egg style hunt for the ducks. Using a Sharpie marker, assign
    some ducks a number and have a corresponding prize for special ducks. The
    kiddies can keep the other ducks or retrieve them for candy.

  • Everyone duck! Give everyone a rubber duck and have them balance the duck on
    their head and walk a relay race. Have kids race back and fourth relay style, or
    set up an obstacle course around cones, Older kids can duck their heads under a
    limba stick or broom. The game is even more fun adding the element of splish-
    splash as a pool party idea. If you find mini rubber ducks, you can add a spoon
    relay race to the party.

  • Duck out before cake. Just before the cake, have story time. Read "10 Little
    Rubber Ducks" by Eric Carle. It's loosely based on the true story of rubber duck
    cargo that tumbled from a ship. The book has a surprise button with a duck
    noise that kids love to press. Give each kid an opportunity to press it.

  • Bring some "quackers" to feed the ducks. Arrange the party at a park with a pond,
    and abring lots of extra bread to feed the ducks. The dollar stores often have
    loaves! Provide a bag for each child and supervise activity at the water's edge.

  • Disco, disco duck! Instead of the chicken dance, do the duck dance. The same
    polka music applies.

  • Carnival duck games: Fill up some squirt guns, then line up ducks and shoot them
    off the table with water guns! Kids will have so much fun with this activity that
    they won't even be fishing for a prize.
  • Set up a rubber ducky ring toss. Make rope rings to toss onto ducks on
    the lawn. You can also make rings out of two paper plates. To make the
    paper plate rings, cut a large circle from the center of each of two sturdy
    plates, then tape them together at the rims all around. They look terrific
    when you spray paint them yellow or orange. Make at least five rings.
  • Here's another carnival duck game: just float rubbers ducks in a kiddie
    pool that you've marked with a number and a corresponding prize. Kids
    scoop ducks with net. Make every child a winner and let him or her keep
    the duck as well. Now that's a lucky ducky!

Rubber Duck favor ideas
Finding rubber duckies is easy, but you'll get a better deal and you'll be able to find
more variety online. In addition to the rubber duckies you may find, here are some fun
rubber duck themed party favor ideas:

  • Rubber Ducky Play-Doh. Glue mini rubber ducks to the tops of Play-Doh. While
    yellow is oh so appropriate, any color will do because Play Dough comes in a
    yellow plastic container. Pair Play-Doh with colorful rubber ducky cookie cutters,

  • Give them a rubber ducky soap. You'll find the fun Rubber Ducky soaps made of
    glycerin with a reasonable price on ETSY. Get quacking if you want to make them

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