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Fashionista Runway Model Party
How to have a modeling and fashion birthday party for girls

Run away with the idea of a runway model party! After all, your little Fashionista
changes clothes more often than you do, and this party idea will help her show off a
sense of style. The girls will enjoy the glamour of makeup and hair design and fashion
design, as well as a chance to run the catwalk, and get behind the camera.

Whether she has ambitions to be a model or a fashion designer, a runway model party
is an opportunity to teach kids that everyone can be beautiful on the inside, and that
anyone can have style. It's also a good way to introduce to the girls the different kinds
of models, including hand models, plus-size models, kids who model and more. As well
as to introduce them to related careers, such as fashion designing, photography, and
editorial. Besides, a runway model party is in vogue with the rise of runway model
television shows, such as Project Runway.

Here's how to host a fashion show birthday party for kids:

  • Have the girls strut their stuff on the catwalk. As the girls enter the party, make
    them run the catwalk to music and strike a pose.  Download the "I'm too Sexy"
    by Right Said Fred, right, the '90s novelty song that will have you singing "I'm  a
    model and you know what I mean, I do my little walk on the catwalk." This
    British Pop song is not "too sexy" for your kids party and it's just .99-cents.
    Other must have music downloads: "Raspberry Beret" by Prince, and "Fashion"
    by David Bowie. Try also "Fashion" by Lady Gaga, "Strike a Pose" by Madonna,
    and "Supermodel (you better work)" by RuPaul.  Here are more ways to
    enhance the catwalk:
  • Provide a runway with red carpet.
  • Set up a vanity station with makeup.
  • Send the girls back stage behind a metallic fringed stage.
  • For girls who have already arrived, provide front row seating.
  • See more fashionista party supply ideas in the rotating banner below.

  • Fashion magazines. Buy a variety of fashion magazines for the girls to peruse.
    Find a good selection of foreign fashion magazines written in English, as well as
    the popular choices in the United States. At the end of the party, girls can draw
    numbers to select their favorite fashion magazines to take home as parting gifts.

Runway Model Invitations and Thank You Card Ideas
Scan the cover of your favorite fashion magazine and list the party details as though
it's a fashion magazine cover.

  • Melia is turning seven!
  • Melia will be unveiling her Fall collection Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Studios: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Chandra at 867-5309

Fashion games and activities
Here's how to fashion a party of memories that will last a lifetime:

  • Design a wedding dress. Something borrowed from a bridal shower party is the
    old design a wedding dress from toilet paper game. Divide the girls in teams
    (one model per group, the rest will be designers who wrap their). Provide
    bouquets of artificial flowers and a bowl of jewelry. Then have the models run
    the catwalk. Record the events on video for viewing at cake time.

  • Project Runway: Provide a variety of materials, including duct tape, scissors,
    dishwashing gloves, plastic bags, paper bags, and a bowl of jewelry and an
    assortment of accessories you find at the thrift shop. Cut up articles of clothing
    so the kids can use a pant leg, a sleeve or a bodice,but not the entire garment.  
    Have a catwalk, award prizes for creativity and enjoy the creations.

  • Makeover madness: Pair the girls in twos so that they can make over each other.
    Everyone gets a makeover of hair and makeup with the object of creating a
    dramatic look. Provide fresh brushes for each child, which can also serve as
    favor. Set out glitter makeup, hair accessories, and extras such as boas,
    sunglasses, hats. Have the girls run the catwalk and pose for the papa-razzi
    (Dad holding a camera). Use the photos in the thank you cards.

  • Dress the mannequin. Set girls in two teams and give each girl a comparable bag
    of clothes, preferably with lots of layers and accessories. Girls pick a
    "mannequin" from the team and you'll provide each mannequin with a leotard.
    When she is dressed in the leotard, the race begins! The girls in each team will
    make it a relay to dress their mannequin"without the help of the girl in the role
    of the mannequin who must remain stiff. This is guaranteed to bring loads of

  • Shop till you drop. Invite girls to bring clothes or accessories they like, but just
    don't wear any more. Provide monopoly money and have girls set up shop and
    barter with one another so that everyone comes home with something new.
    Now have the little miss fancy pants model their new wardrobes.

  • More fun and games for a Fashionista party:
  • Play "America's next Top Model" on the Ninetendo Wi, right.
  • Make paper fashions with the Klutz Paper fashions booklet. Includes mini
    hangers to create your own collection.

Fashionista party favors
For party favors you can include anything fashionable from real accessories you may
find at Claires or even the dollar stores. Sprinkle in a few candies you find online and
you're sure to have a party the girls will remember for a long time. Here are some
fashionably fun party favor ideas that just don't seem to be available at the local party
supply stores:

  • Cell phone lipgloss favors, above
  • Lipstick candies, left
  • Cell phone bubblegum, also left

Fashionable cakes and confections
A Fashionista party is all about glamour, makeup, clothes and plenty of purses and
accessories. Here's how to fashion some sweet confections for your little fashionistas:

  • Glamour: Serve a sparkling raspberry drink in a champagne glass. Add a dash of
    grenadine, then drop a few real raspberries in the glass for a spritzer that will
    make them feel very important.

  • Makeup: You'll find candy lipsticks on the market.

  • Plenty of purses. A girl needs a handbag to go with every outfit, and the edible
    pizza purse is both fashionable and a vegan delight. On the sweeter side, try a
    Candy Clutch cake, the yellow purse pictured right, which was made using the
    ultra versatile purse pan. See also Wilton's Fondant Purse for use decorating
    cakes and cookies. Finally, the luscious purse cake by Parenting makes a
    fashionable statement.

Resources for a Fashionista party

  • Yes, fashion is a science! There is a science to fashion. Steve Spangler Science.
    With help from Steve. you can learn about perfume science, make a bath bomb
    and design fashions with sharpie pen science.

Real Fashionista parties
Thinking of having a fashionista party theme? Here are some of our online friends
who've already had them:

  • Hot Pink Zebra party for a four-year-old fashionista who even requested a
    manicure and pedicure with a zebra motif. This is a little diva with style. Enjoy!

Tell us about your real Fashionista party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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