African Safari Party
Host an African safari themed birthday for kids

You'll go wild planning a safari party for your son or daughter. As kids parties go, there is
an abundance of safari themed party favors, plates and toys available online in mix and
match animal prints. Get out your plastic binoculars because we've gathered bold and
bountiful safari party supplies in sophisticated animal prints:

  • Safari Paper Lanterns: Give your party a sophisticated safari look with paper
    lanterns. The animal print paper lanterns, above right, provide safari themed
    ambiance. These look terrific over the buffet table. They look so good,  you may
    want to keep them on display long after the party is over.

  • Safari animal print balloons: Safari inspired balloons will transport the mood to the
    serengeti. Bunch them around the party held to your child's favorite plush toy. Or
    tie one to plush favors, immediate left.

Here are more safari birthday party ideas for kids:

  • Throw him to the lions! If you want a safari party to remember, then set on an
    African safari with a Serengeti inspired theme and throw him to the lion theme!
    You'll find lion inflatables, lion party plates, lion crafts, lion food ideas and so much
    more. If your little Lion King wants a Disney party we've got the themed partyware
    to invite Pumba and Timon too!

  • Safari Pith and Binoculars: The little Wildebeests absolutely will love it if you top
    them with a safari hat, known as a "pith," pictured top right, and a pair of
    binoculars, pictured left. They make great favors and double as a decoration. While
    you may find binoculars at the local party supply, you'll have a hard time finding
    the pith hats. Grab them for the party now by ordering online.

  • Head for a Safari Adventure: Have kids go on a safari hunt for toy jeeps, and
    animals. Your Safari adventure can take you several place:

  • Go deep in the jungle! Look through our jungle birthday ideas for slithering
    snakes, alligators and more.
  • Head to the zoo. Host a Zoo-fari with caged animals. You may find more
    inspiration in our monkey party jungle party, and zoo party ideas.
  • Get Wild with Design. Animal prints are fun to find and if you stick to a theme
    you'll make more of an impression in your paryt. If he's tall for his age, stick
    to a mostly the giraffe theme. If he's a Leo, make a Lion's den of the party
    with a lion themed birthday. If she's horse crazy, concentrate on the Zebra.
    And if your little one has a keen memory, head for elephants, because an
    elephant never forgets!

  • Inflate the fun by decorating with inflatables. Left, the inflatable elephant makes a
    fun favor, and imagine their surprise when they see a 71-Inch Tall Zebra (5-foot -9-
    inches). You'll also find a 71-inch tall giraffe among other inflatables below.

Safari Party Invitations and Thank you Cards

  • Safari party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Come on a safari, where the lions roar, our little Matthew is turning four!
  • Saturday, August 22, 2009
  • The American Savanna: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Caravan leader at 876-5309

    * Variations:
  • We'll have lots of fun, our little Jake is turning one.
  • There's so much to do, little Jenny is turning two!
  • Come on a safari with me, it's my birthday and I'm turning three.

Roaring Good Cakes, Candies and Cookies for a Safari inspired foods

  • Safari cake: Take inspiration from the cake figurines by Wilton, left, as the four
    staples of a safari party will include elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes.

  • Make it easy on yourself, cupcake: Safari cupcake sugars are an easy way to top
    cookies and cakes, pictured left. Another easy option is to frost safari animal
    cupcakes.  With patches of green frosting accents and a Wilton Safari animal
    figurine to lick, kids will have a wild time.

  • Tell the Party Animals where to sit: Get crafty and create candy name place cards,
    pictured right. This idea comes from Wilton.

  • No Lion: the sweet giggly lion, pictured left is Lion Gelatin! The Wilton mold will be
    King in your kitchen for a wildly popular safari party. In addition to making Jello,
    the pan will come in handy for the cake, mold cheese spreads, candy shaped
    cookies, and more.

  • Cheetah a bit on your diet. A party is supposed to be fun, go for the Cheetos chips,
    which will guarantee orange tongues and smiles. Kiss them with Hershey's hugs
    (Kisses striped like a zebra, pictured right). And while you're at it, bake Zebra
    butter cookies (sugar cookies with chocolate and vanilla stripes). Let your little one
    indulge in the lion's share of cake, too.

  • Serve lunch in Safari Animal Treat Boxes. Pack a safari lunch for an expedition to the
    park: a sandwich, some chips, a small cookie and a piece of fruit will make
    complete lunch on the go. Make it a happy meal by including a small zoo animal toy
    in the box.

Safari Games and Activities

  • Go on a safari for candy with a pinata: Purists to the Safari theme will appreciate the
    Zebra pinata, pictured left. A lion pull string pinata, pictured upper right at the top
    of the page, is ideal for the younger set.

  • Safari-gami! Craft a paper animal safari (Family fund shows you how to make a
    crocodile, hippopotamus, lion and elephant from construction paper and glue).
    Safari Origami is a Parent's Choice Award winner and includes printed paper and
    stick on eyes.

  • Send the kids on a Safari. Hide small plush safari animals in clear view, but hidden
    well in the bush. Provide kids with toy binoculars or craft them from toilet paper
    rolls and set them out to find animals as prizes using the binoculars. Kids may only
    hunt for treasures using their binoculars to add a measure of authenticity to the
    hunt. Alternatively, use your child's plush animals and small award prizes in
    exchange for the successful hunt.

  • Play Hide-and-Seek Safari: Hide a safari animal and give each child the opportunity
    to find it giving only "hot" or "cold" clues. For high tech fun, play Hide-and-Seek
    Safari, which includes a seeker wand to track down and catch the elusive monkey,
    pictured right. Lights flash to show you're getting warmer and the seeker will
    sound when the Monkey is near.

  • Good Luck Hunting: Elephants are good luck. Hide mini elephants everywhere and
    see who can collect the most luck. Award the lucky winner a prize.

  • Monkey see, and monkey Zoo... See also the zoo animal games.

Safari party supplies
Look for cheetah, tiger, zebra and giraffe prints in toys, paper plates and partywares:

Safari party favors
Look for animal print party favors:

  • Safari print rings, left
  • Plush animal print coin purses, right, are around $6 for a dozen!
  • Safari print bracelets, left
  • Safari print pencils, left

Real Safari parties

We're wild about kids birthday parties and hope to provide you with inspiration for all
your kids parties. Tell us about your safari party and
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