Saint Patrick's Day
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with crafts, food and fun for kids

Looking to "go green" for St. Patrick's Day? The other parents will be green with envy
when they see what you have planned for your kids on March 17, 2012! Planning a
Saint Patrick's Day party is a Piece O'Cake. Here are some simple and fun ways to
celebrate St. Patrick's Day with kids:

  • Leaping Leprechauns! Trick the kids for St. Patrick's Day by dropping just a drop
    green food coloring in bowl before pouring the breakfast cereal (Cornflakes or
    Cheerios work best). Call kids in to pour their milk and watch their faces light
    up with excitement for the day. They're sure to tell all their friends! Besides,
    this is much easier than serving green eggs and ham.

  • Shake things up with a shamrock snack dip.  Expand use of the Wilton Shamrock-
    shaped cake pan to craft a tasty treat with Spinach dip, pictured left. The
    whole family will enjoy this appetizer for dinner! Kids will eat their greens!

  • Magically delicious things to do with your favorite St. Patrick's Day cereal.
    Obviously, you can't start the "top of the morning" without General Mills Lucky
    Charms® cereal for St. Patrick's Day with kids. It's a holiday staple! But there's
    so much more that you can do when you reserve a box of the adorable
    marshmallows for other creations:
  • Filter the marshmallows from a box and sprinkle them into the mix of
    your favorite rice cereal bars.
  • Reserve a few to garnish an Irish minty hot chocolate. All it takes is your
    favorite hot chocolate mix and a dash of mint extract.
  • Bag some Leprechaun poop with a free printable St. Patrick's Day label.'
  • Make a Lucky Charms® snack mix: Start with 5 cups cereal, add 1-1/2
    cup yogurt-covered raisins, plus 1/2 cup candy-coated peanut butter
    pieces and 1/2 cup peanuts. Yum!

Here's how Mom (or Dad) can rock with shamrocks:
When you take three green hearts and put them together it makes a shamrock! Just
add a stem. It's a simple formula that works for cutting fondant, construction paper or
just about anything for your crafts and cooking. Here are some ideas to get you

  • Goody gumdrops a shamrock is easy to make! Find three gum drops (also called
    spice drops) and roll them flat with a rolling pin. Use mini hear shaped cookie
    cutters or cut each into a heart and assemble into a shamrock on cupcakes,
    cookies and other sweets. Remember to reserve a leftover piece for the stem!

  • Go green with veggies. Yeah, right! Well, at least you can cut the center from a
    green pepper because it looks like a shamrock. Kids will love a shamrock on
    their cheese pizza!

  • For goodness sake, make a shamrock shake! Bring back some childhood
    memories. Here's the best Shamrock Shake copycat recipe on the Web for
    making your own minty version of McDonald's Shamrock shake.

Leprechaun creations

  • Leaping leprechauns! Modify the pilgrim's hat cookie by Family Fun and turn it
    into a Leprechauns hat. All it takes is Wilton's green candy melts to make this
    magical marshmallow modification.

  • Tiny treats to tease a leprechaun. When you bake cupcakes tiny enough for the
    luckiest of Leprechauns to visit your house on St. Patrick's Day. Beware! These
    tiny cupcakes won't last long.

  • Lure a Leprechaun. Set out to trap a leprechaun. More clever ways to catch a
    leprechaun from Family Fun.

  • Linger around making Leprechaun footprints. Grab a green stamp pad and a
    large piece of butcher paper. Make a thumbs up fist and imprint your fist with
    the pinky-finger side in a clutch. The outside of your hand will look like the base
    of a foot. Next, use your thumb to make the big toe and your fingers to make
    the other toes. Now do the same with your other hand until you've made a
    little path of tiny footprints. Remember to print your Leprechaun Poop labels!

  • Get a Leprechaun name. Leprechauns are elves, aren't they? If you want to
    please an elf, then you'll have to get acquainted with one. Friendly up to an elf
    by having your kids enter their name into the Elf Name Generator to get their
    Leprechaun name.

Lunch ideas for your lucky little Leprechauns:

  • Go for a pot of gold. Ask the local party supply if they have any Witches
    cauldron's leftover from the Halloween favors. The little black candy baskets
    are ideal for stuffing a pot of chocolate gold coins into your child's lunch.

  • Get cracking, cookie! Buy a shamrock cookie cutter for the cookies, but use them
    also to cut their favorite sandwiches. The cookie cutter will work well as a
    stencil and send little love notes, such as "Irish eyes are smiling at you when
    you eat the sandwich."

  • Go green with the snacks. Green tortilla chips are made from avocados. You
    might also try chips made from green peas, or green apple fruit twists.

More St. Patrick's Day crafts and activities

  • Blarney Stone pet rock: Just outside of Cork, Ireland lies Barney Castle, which is
    partly built from bluestone as a fortress for battlement. According to Wikipedia,
    kissing the Blarney Stone "endows the kisser with the gift of gab." Kissing the
    stone is good luck. To make a funny  St. Patrick's Day project, enlist a hunt for
    a large smooth stone, paint it green, then affix wiggly eyes. Voila! Instant pet

  • Here's a hot potato: in case kids didn't have enough fun with the green cereal
    trick for breakfast (top of the page), you can serve potatoes for dinner with a
    doll-up of sour cream that you've tinted with green food coloring. Dare the kids
    to eat green mashed potatoes (mix the food coloring into the cream before
    mashing). Here are more fun ideas with potatoes:
  • Craft little potato masterpieces from Marzipan (almond paste) or make
    Marzipan potatoes from scratch!
  • Use mashed potatoes to make old fashioned potato candy.

Resources for a Saint Patrick's Day Party

  • See our Tiny Party for ideas to lure a leprechaun with tiny treats.

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