Kids shark costume
Shark Party
How to have a fin-tastic shark themed party for kids

Want a birthday party for kids that won't bite? Then plan a comical shark attack party!
This is a party idea that your boy will fall for hook, line and sinker, especially if it's a
pool party or a beach party. But a shark themed party is just as fun at home.

There's no "de-bait" as this party idea will be a scream for the girls, too. I scream, you
scream, we'll all scream for a shark theme! So open your jaws for tasty treats and get
into the shark tank for a shark birthday party that's sure to please.

Start your plan of attack here with our shark party planning ideas:

  • Give the birthday kid a shark! Whether it's a plush, a remote control, or a sea of
    shark inflatables, shark bedding, or a shark costume, your child will love your
    shark themed birthday present:

  • Air swimming shark: Here's something that's been on television that your kid
    wants: the remote control shark, above center. This shark is an air swimmer! It
    requires helium and stays inflated for up to two weeks. It's huge and will be
    hugely popular with the kids.

  • Huge Shark Plush: Your kid will dive to bet with the kid-sized shark by Melissa
    and Doug, above right.

  • Shark costume: Halloween will be the perfect time to show off his love of sharks.
    Right, the shark attack costume will make a memorable en trance for the
    birthday kid and you'll have your Halloween costume ready to go.

  • Play shark alert party starter! Provide a lifeguard whistle to each child at the start
    of the party and tell kids to blow it every time someone at the party uses the
    word "shark." Award a shark sticker to the first kid to sound off. At the end of
    the party (or before entering the pool) award a shark prize to the kid with the
    most stickers.

  • Shark tank game: Fill a small squeaky clean fishbowl with blue raspberry Koolaid
    or Gatorade and lots of ice. Gather several thirsty kids and provide each with a
    straw. Float a vinyl shark filled with grenadine and have kids sink the shark by
    drinking simultaneously. Accentuate the fun by playing JAWs theme music.

  • Hammerhead this way! You won't find much shark party supplies in the local
    stores, but there are surprisingly enough themed shark party favors and more
    when you shop online: including the shark party plates, left.  For starters, a
    shark piñata, shark gummy candies, and the popular inflatable shark party
    favors, immediate left.

  • More unusual ways to set the mood for an under water adventure:
  • Greet guests wearing a scuba mask and flippers, a lifeguard costume, a
    shark attack costume, right, or a card shark costume..
  • Set a course for adventure with this seaworthy centerpiece: fill a tall
    cylindrical vase with a blue water, wrap a scuba mask around the base
    and float a shark toy atop. "Sea" for yourself how cute this can be!
  • Make the kids jaws drop! Attack them with their own inflatable shark for
    the pool party. It's not a flotation device, so provide with caution and
    have plenty of lifeguards on hand.
  • Play soothing ocean waves music, left, (download now on your MP3), and
    intermix the Jaws theme song.

Shark Themed Gifts for the Birthday kid
If he loves sharks, then you 'll have fun shopping for his birthday because he'll be
happy with anything that has a shark on it. See our
shark themed gifts.

  • Shark kickboard. Ideal for a pool party and a gift is the shark kickboard pool float
    pictured left.

  • Shark T-shirt: Sink your teeth into this win-win situation. Give the Shark T-shirt,
    left, to the birthday boy. It's sure to be a big hit with him and mom will like that
    it matches the Shark party plates and napkins. It's a gift that will add to the
    party theme. He'll wear the T-shirt long after the party is over and it will remind
    friends and family of the best ever shark party.

  • Shark birthday card. Whatever the birthday present that's shark related you find,
    a must is the swinging  shark birthday card left. It will serve as a decoration for
    the present table.

Shark party decorations
Their jaws will drop and you'll throw a super party with shark decorations when you
display a real shark. Here's how to set the marine scene and party decorations with

  • Take the plunge in the deep blue sea decorations by diving in to these ideas:
  • Make waves instantly with crinkled blue cellophane on the walls.
  • Hang blue, white and green paper lanterns to create a bubble like effect.
  • Add a bubble machine at the entrance.
  • Go on the fringe with a metallic streamer curtain entrance at the door.
  • Cluster jars of sea foam green and ocean blue candies.

  • Make waves for the table. For sea worthy look, select a sea-foam green table
    cover and layer it with ocean blue tulle scrunched up to resemble waves. You
    may also find some crinkly ocean blue cellophane that you can work into the
    display. Sprinkle with vinyl sharks to bait the look. Then drape a fisherman's net
    over a portion of the table.

  • Show them you're Great Whites! Set up a photo opportunity by a beach sign and
    a cutout of big sharks teeth or a bite of a surf board. You can make your own
    "Beach closed Due to SHARK sighting" sign or buy the nostalgic sign, left.

  • Tarp Diem! Lay out a blue tarp ocean and place inflatable sharks on it. You can
    also create a bubble effect by inflating dozens of blue latex balloons and letting
    them float on the floor. Pick two similar color tones. Just remember that latex
    balloons are choking hazards for kids under three, so choose this decoration
    idea only for party goers four and up.

Shark themed party food
Get ready for a shark feeding frenzy with these shark themed food ideas. Here are
party food ideas that will help them open their jaws:

  • Make a watermelon shark, pictured at the bottom of the page.

  • Cut a Monterey Jack cheese into triangular "shark's teeth."

  • Imagine the chilling beverages you can serve with the shark fin ice cube tray,
    immediate  right

  • Say no to Shark Fin soup or anything else that's fishy! Unless your little Great
    White can't get enough fish fingers, serve him something with some taste he
    can appreciate. It's a party after all. A fin-tastic lunch idea for your shark theme
    party: serve pizza with shark pizza cutter. Even if you don't get the cutter, you
    can be happy that pizza is fin shaped. Or serve quesadillas cut into triangles,
    which will resemble shark's teeth.

  • Catch of the day! An ordinary tuna sandwich is so cookie cutter. If you want kids
    to take a bite, use shark cookie cutters to slice both wheat and white bread,
    then switch the centers so that a wheat shark is replaced in the white bread
    and vice versa.

  • Sink your teeth into this idea: you can modify the toothsome treats idea by
    Family Fun (apple jaws with almond slivers) to look like shark jaws. Other
    shark's teeth options to try: candy corn, pumpkin seeds or white chocolate
    chips. Now that's a mouthful of fun.

  • Give them a chilling concoction! Their eyes will be agape when you serve them a
    chilling drink made with the shark fin ice tray, right. Here are some yummy shark-
    inspired drinks that will make their tongues turn blue:

  • Sharkade: Rim a glass with a wedge of lime and dip it in blue sparkling
    sugars used for baking. Fill the glass with a blue beverage, such as
    Gatorade. Garnish with a big blue gummy shark by cutting the belly of the
    shark to rest on the rim of the glass.

  • Do whatever floats your boat. Instead of serving a root beer float, try a
    blue carbonated beverage, like Jones Bubble Gum Soda. Start with a
    parfait glass two thirds full of soda and float a few gummy sharks. Then
    scoop an ice-cream island to float on top and garnish with a drink
  • Shark shave ice: Crush ice in a blender and pour in Hawaiian Shaved Ice
    Blue Raspberry syrup, left. Pierce a gummy candy shark through a straw.
    Check out more blue drink and food ideas.

  • Surprise shark attack: Make a game of serving refreshments. Ahead of
    time, line up enough paper cups for each child, and place a red drop of
    food coloring in most of the cups, but reserve a drop of blue food coloring
    for at least two of the cups. Now bury the hidden surprise in ice and
    quickly pass out the cups as you announce the game. Pour a lemon lime
    soda in front of the children and see what happens: drinks will turn either
    blue or red. Red is the shark attack! Award stickers to the shark attack
    victims and a toy shark to the survivors.

  • Bathing beach beauties - cookies. Recycle your gingerbread cookie cutters and
    decorate some bathing suit babes (decorate bikinis and boxers with candies
    and piped frosting). Lay them on a sandy shore made from crushed vanilla
    wafter cookies, and watch the little barracudas devour them.

Shark birthday cakes
Shark Cake Ideas: It's "Boy bites shark" when you see the yummy shark birthday cake
ideas, shark's tooth cookies and the super easy
chocolate shark teeth recipe.

  • Shark it up with scary shark-theme cakes and cupcakes: Have them bite in to
    something unexpected in their shark cake with a layer of red icing lurking inside.
    Or choose red velvet cake, which is a like a shark attack in every bite! Surf the
    Internet if you dare for these shark cake picture ideas.

  • Make it really easy on yourself, cupcake. While the comical shark fin cup
    cake picks, left, look terrific with blue frosted cupcakes, these food picks
    look terrific on the hamburger buns or sandwiches, too. A fun effect is to
    cut a bite out of your sandwich corner to make it appear as if a shark has
    attacked the food.

Shark party invitation wording ideas:
Fishing around for card ideas? Try these wording ideas for your shark party and you'll
be a card shark in no time:

  • Dare to swim with the sharks?
  • It's Jack's Shark Attack Birthday
  • Swim in fun infested waters and join us for a bite of cake
    on Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 -5.00 p.m.
  • Bring your swimsuit to shark's cove: 123 main street
  • It would be FIN-tastic if you can come
  • Please RSVP: Lifeguard Pam at 867-5309

  • Thanks for coming to my party, I had a JAW-some time.

Shark themed favor ideas
There are so many favors and shark birthday party ideas.

  • Gummy sharks, dummy! The little shark bait will love Betty Crocker Shark bites
    candies, and it's a "no brainer" for a shark themed party favor. They're excellent
    for the pinata favors. Buy them in bulk at Amazon and use them for the
    cupcakes, snack mixes, table confetti, and goody bags. These colorful shark
    candies look fantastic in short clear cups filled with blue raspberry gelatin, too.
    You can also place one into each slot of an ice cube tray for the drinks. Juicy
    Oozers Sour Gummy Sharks, right, may not be the biggest fish in the pond, but
    with their liquid candy center, they make quite a splash. Swedish fish would  
    another bloody good addition to the gummy lineup.

  • Mini shark tank favor. Find small glass fish bowl containers at the dollar store, fill
    them with blue colored candies to create an ocean, and top with a vinyl shark
    toy. Or stash special shark toy surprise in blue tissue paper or metallic shreds or

  • Go rasta, and not the imposta! You'll save money with synthetic shark's teeth
    necklaces, but if your budget allows, go for the real thing. Get a dozen rasta
    real shark's tooth favor necklaces and you're sure to please kids!

  • Go fishing online for more shark favor ideas, such as:
  • The Shark toy water gun, left.
  • Jawbreakers are super cute if you can wedge them in between the teeth
    of a plastic shark toy. Wrap in blue cellophane.
  • The shark squirters (four-pack), available online below,
  • Shark-themed Little Activity booklets from Dover Publications, like the
    Shark Tattoos, left. Look also for "Realistic Sharks Stickers," "Shark
    Stickers," "Learning About Sharks," and "Fun with Sharks Stencils, "which
    are all around $1.50. And for coloring try "Sharks of the World Coloring
  • Shark tank bubble favors from Oriental Trading includes a wand that's
    shaped like a shark.
  • Make your own shark suckers using the shark lollipop molds, below.

Shark party games and activities
A party at the pool, beach, or aquarium is excitement enough (no extra activities
needed), as is a party featuring a Slip N' Slide. But the kids will get along swimmingly if
you add these fun ideas:

  • A great "Great White" game. A classic party game for kids is "guess how many."
    Count and place gummy sharks into a jar (or jelly beans with a few gummy
    sharks lurking in the jelly bean waters). Who will sink their "great whites" into
    these? The kid who guesses the right amount!

  • Have a Great White Water ride. A Shark Slip N' Slide is a fun and easy way to set
    the scene outside. It's a decoration and activity in one and much cheaper than a
    bounce house! Alternatively, try the Banzai Shark water slide, which inflates
    with impressive jaws that you can use as an entrance to your party, then move
    it later outside as an activity. Whether or not water is involved in your party, the
    kids will love getting eaten by the shark and it makes a great photo opportunity
    for the thank-you cards. The Bonzai shark Spray water pool is super affordable
    at just twenty bucks.

  • Play sharks & minnows. This pool game for 4 or more swimmers requires adult
    supervision, an adult swimmer and lifeguard to supervise. (A whistle helps.)
    How to play Sharks and Minnows: start by dividing into teams of sharks and
    minnows. The sharks get into the pool, while the minnows stand at the deep
    end of the pool. Minnows dive in and try to swim to the other side. Sharks try to
    tag minnows, but they can't tag swimmers under water. Minnows earn a point
    to get to the other side. The team with the most points wins.

  • Launch a carefully planned shark attack. Entertain kids for a pool party with the
    shark shooter water bombs, right. Soak them in water and attack an
    unsuspecting guest.

  • Give them shark tattoos. You get eight small shark tattoos in each dover book in
    the booklet, left. Waterproof and safe, booklets are $1.50.

  • Play musical towels. Lay out beach towels fanned into a circle or in a long line,
    and make sure you have one less than the amount of party-goers. Then play
    shark music. It's easy when you load Jaws theme music to your MP3 player. The
    London Philharmonic Orchestra, Cinema Sound & Stage Orchestra has a festive
    version that's perfect for a party, right, but you may also find the Jaws Movie
    theme music. When the music stops, each child must find a towel. Make each
    child a winner but with a grand prize for the child remaining on the last towel.

  • Have a shark ring toss. Test your skills on the Big Kahuna, a 26-inch inflatable
    floating shark and 2 - 8" throwing rings, lower left. This shark floats in the pool
    to double as decoration.

Shark Party resources
Looking for more shark party ideas? Then you'll get along swimmingly with people
who've already planned their shark parties. See their shark themed ideas for cakes,
favors and more:

  • Serve up some fun! It's his birthday party, but you're the mom and should have
    fun too. The shark bite oven mitt, left, is an inexpensive way to preserve the
    memory of his party and encourage the kids to take a bite of freshly baked

  • Have a bite of fruit. Turn your favorite summertime fruit into an edible centerpiece
    with a shark watermelon.

  • Dive into Flickr: Get into the shark tank on Flickr now to see these shark themed
    party ideas in action:

  • Buckets of fun. This shark bait favor idea stashes Swedish fish and other
    fishy party supplies in a tin bucket favor pale, then wrap in blue
    cellophane, curling ribbon, and your own shark bait favor tag.

  • A cupcake sighting. These shark infested cupcakes will make waves. Start
    with wave motif on blue construction paper, then highlight the crust of the
    wave with a black Sharpie pen.

Real shark birthday parties...
So you think that planning a shark party is "no day at the beach"? Well, here are some
of our online friends who've already had a shark birthday parties and survived:

  • Frosted Shark Birthday: This is such a fin-tastic shark birthday filled with
    wonderful ideas from Frosted Events.

  • Nate's Shark party: The plan of attack for your shark birthday party is to see how
    Nate had his party.

Kids parties shouldn't bite. So what's your plan of attack? Share your tips on a shark menu
for kids, fun shark decorations, or games and activities to do with sharks. Go ahead and
tell us about your real shark birthday party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.

With you can create a birthday memory for your child that can last a
lifetime! Search our Web site for other
kids party ideas. See also dolphin party, mermaid party,
beach party and surfer party.
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