Shrek Birthday Parties
How to Shrek the Halls into a mean and green party!

"Shrek the Halls" this holiday season with a Shrek party. Or serve swamp green
treats for a Happily Forever After birthday with Shrek and Fiona party. Here's how to
turn your backyard into a swampy soiree featuring your favorite ogres:

  • Swamp Party: Home is where the swamp is, and you can turn your child's
    birthday party into a swamp pool party. Look for more swampy ideas below,
    including menu ideas and decorations.

  • Shrek Karaoke Party: Including karaoke in the party mix is a party must, and the
    the Shrek Karaoke Party soundtrack, upper right, provides all your favorite
    songs from the first two hit movies. You'll surely Shrek the Halls with music.

  • Shrek Treat Pail (Forever After edition): While it's intended for trick or treating,
    you'll certainly present a treat for kids any time of the year with the Shrek Treat
    Pail, pictured above. Stash green candies inside it or stuff it with a party snack
    mix that includes green popcorn. More Shrek recipe's and treat ideas below!

Shrek's feast: a menu of green and swampy ideas
Perhaps the most fun in party planning is with your Shrek menu. Shrek is always
hungry and you can serve an ogre's feast of fun. We hope these menu ideas will help
inspire your Shrek's party:

  • Shrek's swamp nachos. Totally unappetizing for the adults, the kids will love an
    appetizer using your favorite nacho cheese dip mixed with a few drops of
    green food coloring. Dare them to eat the slime.

  • Serve up the swamp cakes. Bake your cupcakes or cake with green food coloring
    in the batter. Frost with green icing, of course, then poke a hole in the top to
    let some gummy worms slither from inside your cake.

  • Serve up the swamp scum. Swamp juice is the elixir of fun and made easily with
    lime sherbet mixed with lemon lime soda. The mixture creates a frothy, foamy,
    swampy concoction kids love, plus it's algae free!

  • Keep your eye on the eyeball-tinis. Shrek's favorite cocktail, you can make an
    alcohol free grown up looking beverage served in a plastic martini glass. Start
    with an apple martini mix, which is non-alcoholic, and combine with ice and
    eyeball sucker or eyeball gummy candy. Look for the eyeball candies at the
    local party supply in September and October, also check your local Michaels.

  • Disguise corn dogs as "cattails." Prop a few corn dogs in a wheat grass
    centerpiece to look like a mini wetland. Or provide a swampy scene by filling a
    tall vase with artificial cattails, available online, left, or at your local party supply.

  • Swamp Nachos: Simply add green food coloring to your favorite nacho dip. It's
    really disgusting but kids love it.  More swamp green party food ideas...

  • Gingerbread men: Not that Shrek would eat a friend, but the idea of the
    Gingerbread man certainly fits the Shrek theme and helps Shrek the Halls in
    Christmas style if your birthday is in December.

Shrek party games

  • Shrek Forever after Wii: It's always a party with Wii games, and there are a
    variety of Shrek Wii games. Look for Shrek's Carnival game and more.

  • Shrek Memory game, right is ideal for kids 36 months and up.

Shrek Party Decorations

  • Put an outhouse inside. "A piece of paper is all it takes to create an outside fit
    for an ogre. Tape a yellow half moon from construction paper onto the
    restroom door to create an Ogre outhouse. Shrek's best ideas came from
    "inside" the outhouse. Shrek's famous line: "Better out than in I always say!"

  • You'll find Shrek party supplies here including:
  • Shrek party banner, left
  • Shrek balloons
  • Giant Shrek PEZ, left

Shrek Candies

  • Shrek PEZ: If you find Shrek PEZ candies, grab them! They are currently
    unavailable on Amazon. Prop them on the birthday cake as cake toppers, then
    treasure them as a memory long after your party is over. Oh well, at least you
    can still get the Giant Shrek PEZ. The dispenser stands over 12" tall and
    actually talks!

  • Shrek Candy Canes: Available online year round, you can add these candy
    canes to the birthday to help Shrek the Halls, even if it's July! Shrek Candy
    Canes are "Limited Edition" candies from Dum Dum, with  the yummy flavors of
    Enchanted Cherry, Sour Slime and Royal Grape.

  • Shrek Pops: Each hard candy shell is a different flavor but the same color -
    Shrek® green. Each of the five chewy centers are a different color and flavor.
    The five flavors include: Double Melon, Sour Apple Caramel, Lime Lemon, Mint
    Fudge, and Ogre. Ogre is Parfait outside and Sweet Ogre earwax inside!

  • Booger candies. While not a Shrek theme candy, this novelty would make a fun
    green and gross addition. See our novelty candies. Why don't they  make
    Shrek Earwax Candy? We think it would be a hit with the little ogres.

Real Shrek Parties

  • Do it yourself Shrek party: This Shrektacular party provides downloads for do it
    yourself Shrek masks and more, including menu ideas and a Shrek Swamp
    cake. Guests played pin the tail on Donkey, of course, Fairy Godmother freeze,
    and tag for the Dragon's lair escape.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your Shrek party and share party ideas by visiting us
on Twitter.
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