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How to have an extreme theme birthday party for kids

You've got a little Tony Hawk on your hands and he wants a skateboard party. The
kids will be anything but bored with a skateboard party, and you can go "extreme"
with these fun ideas:

  • Skate by ETSY: You'll find has a skateboard birthday invitations, favors,
    and even a skateboard fondant cake!

  • Skateboard food: Cut flat sandwiches into skateboard shapes, and garnish with
    two large pretzel rods for the trucks and for the wheels. Dilute food coloring in
    water and paint simple designs on the bread, such as lightning bolts. For
    cookies, decorate similarly but with licorice ropes and lifesavers. And following
    the theme, a skateboard cake is extremely easy using rolled wafer cookies and
    sandwich cookies.

  • Skateboard party decorations and supplies: You won't find much for your
    skateboard party at the local party supply, so shop early online. Skateboard
    figurines, like the ones pictured left, come in assorted styles for the fish tank.
    They'd be ideal on a table or cake. The birthday kid will love it when you
    decorate with skateboard signs and posters because he can hang them in his
    room after the party. Develop a Hawk eye for the Tony Hawk party supplies.

Skateboard Party Invitation and Thank You Cards

  • Make a skateboard invitation by cutting a skateboard shape from a paper plate,
    and affixing two pipe cleaners with Lifesaver wheels. Secure lifesavers to the
    board by taping pipe cleaner. The design of the skateboard becomes the
    pattern on the plate. Use whatever is cheap at the local party supply or go for
    the Tony Hawk plates. This invitation is best hand delivered.

  • Skateboard party invitation wording ideas:
  • Were ramping up for Cole's EXTREME eighth birthday!
  • The Boom Boom HuckJam party starts
  • Saturday, Aug. 22 at noon for lunch at 123 Main Street.
  • Then we'll make a kickturn to Skater's Park and return for cake.
  • Don't skate by without an RSVP to Tiffany at 867-5309.

Setting the Scene to Go Extreme

  • Design a board. Have the birthday kid design his own skateboard to show off at
    the party. This craft activity makes a fun gift.

  • Chalk up the driveway with skateboard silhouettes. Lay the birthday kid in the
    desired position with his skateboard and chalk around his body.

Skateboard Party Favors
Skateboard favors are easy for the nine and under crowd. They'll appreciate finger
skateboards as favors. But when the scrappy skate punk crowd gets older they'll need
something a bit more mature, including skateboard wax, bandannas, gloves, chains,
and the all important skateboard decals. If the crowd is pure skateboarders, then
consider a box of bearings and grip tape. Throw in a few studded rubber bracelets and
glow sticks for either age, and go ahead and decorate with those finger skateboards!
(He won't mind.)

  • An extreme sport deserves extreme candy favors. Tart and fruity, the kids will love
    the new Sour Patch Extreme candy, available in a twelve pack online for a great
    price. Each bag has two super sour flavors. Eyeball gumballs would be a fun
    choice, as well as Jaw Breakers or skateboards with candies tucked inside. Try
    also Quench gum, but stay away from Jelly Belly Extreme Beans because they
    have caffeine, which isn't appropriate for young kids.

  • About those decals... They are important to skateboarders, so stock up. Here are
    some skateboard decals to get your hunt started.

Skateboard Activities
At the skateboard park kids can play skateboard tag, have an obstacle course or a
relay race, but the main event is just showing off tricks. Head home from the
skateboarding park for cake and refreshments, pinata, and gift opening. Fill the void
with videos and Wii games to allow ample time for parents to collect their kids and
these ideas:

  • Play Skateboard smarts. Set the clock for two minutes for each question. Give
    everyone a pad a paper. Have them write down every skateboard part, and
    skateboard tricks they can conceive:

  • Examples include of skateboard parts include: baseplate, bearings,
    bushings, deck, grip tape, hangar, kingpin, nose, risers, shock pads, tail,
    trucks, and wheels.

  • Examples of skateboard tricks include: 5-0, 50-50, Air, Airwalk Grab,
    Boardside, Backside, Bail, Carve, Cab, Fakie, Frontside, Goofy, Grabs,
    Grind, Heel Edge, Kickflip, Kickturns, Ollie, Primo, Railstand, Rock 'n' Roll,
    Switch, and Toe Edge.

  • Skateboard Pinata: The skateboarders will all still appreciate a pinata and
    especially one with Tony Hawk's name on it. You may be tempted to fill a pinata
    with finger skateboards, but resist the temptation. They are too fragile.

  • Wii Skate it: Explore the realism of  balance to mimic the tricks on on a
    skateboard. This game comes highly recommended by Amazon shoppers.

  • Extreme gift idea. Hide a skateboard deck in the cake! You'll need something to
    support a cake that looks like a real skateboard, so place the cake board on an
    actual skateboard deck that you cover in plastic and foil. It's sure to be the best
    gift wrap ever.

  • All eyes on the Hawk! The skateboarders will enjoy Tony Hawk DVDs, available
    on Amazon.
  • Resources for a Skateboard party

  • Learn the lingo. Do you know the difference between a Fakie and an Ollie, and a
    Nose Grind? What about a Half Pipe or a McTwist? Get down with the words
    when you visit Martha Stewart's Skateboard party. Martha's pages are filled
    with kids party ideas.

  • Flip for the cake! They'll kick flip when they see the skateboard cake that shows
    the underside of the skateboard, which is the most decorative.

  • Go Extreme. Skate by to see the red decorations. Discover recipes for grinding
    along cupcakes, skateboard biscuits, spare wheels, winner's juice and more with
    the Skateboard party by Jenny Dodd. These pages also include directions for the
    Extreme Manoeuvres cake.

SAFETY FIRST: Ensure protective equipment fits properly and have a plan for treating
injuries. Make sure the skateboard park you choose has facilities to clean minor
wounds and that you're within cell phone range of obtaining medical help. Ensure
adult supervision at all times and review the park rules and regulations. Make it
mandatory to wear a helmet!

Real Skateboard Parties

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