Slumber Party
How to throw a slumber party (the best ever sleepover)

Pulling all nighters is half the fun of slumber parties, but the question is how to fill
the evening so the girls will want to stay up all night. No worries. The recipe for the
perfect sleepover party starts with a
slumber party theme.

Once you have a theme in place, the birthday party ideas will gel and the invitations,
food and slumber party games and activities will naturally fall into place. No matter
what the theme, you can have fun with these ideas:

  • Have a signature drink:
  • Spice up ordinary hot chocolate. Add red food coloring to hot chocolate, pour
    some Italian syrups and rim mugs with crushed peppermint hard candies. Melt
    a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the hot chocolate. Or give hot chocolate a
    latin flair by adding cinn
  • Do whatever floats their boat. Make rootbeer floats, but add your own special
    touch, such as a splash of chocolate sauce or colorful sprinkles. Or try an
    orange soda over vanilla ice cream to make an orange creamsicle beverage. A
    wedge of gummy fruit slices provides the finishing touch. A frothy green
    concoction is what you'll get when you cross lime sherbet with lemon lime
    soda. Pour it into a punch bowl and have the girls serve themselves.
  • Serve mocktails: Pick a colorful soda, like Jones Green Apple, pour into martini
    glasses and garnish with gummy candies. Gummy worms dripping from the
    sides are a hit, as are Swedish fish cut at the mouth to bite the glass. Or
    serve lemon lime soda over ice and insert a lime lollipop as a swizzle stick.
    Sparkling apple cider tastes sweeter served from real champagne glasses.
    Place a few raspberries at the bottom or add a splash of grenadine. Have
    everyone offer a toast.
  • Serve a classic Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple drink: Simply grenadine with a cola
    or lemon lime soda, topped with a marachino cherry.

Things to do at a slumber party:
It's time for some pillow talk, because when you're armed with a few secrets for a
super sleep-over, you'll keep your party form bing an absolute snore! Slumber party
games and pranks are part of the party fun, but make sure to set boundaries.

  • Slumber party games. Plan party games in advance with your child to provide
    structure to the evening and to head off anything that might, unsupervised,
    be unsafe. Make a game plan to play at least one slumber party game. If you
    want an easy box of ideas for a slumber party, start with the Slumber Party
    box of questions, left.

  • Slumber party pranks. Slumber parties tend to conjure up tricksters. Discuss
    with your child in advance about slumber party pranks, and how such party
    pranks could result in hard feelings or dangerous situations. You won't want
    anyone to go home in tears, so keep a watchful eye for pranksters!

  • Snap to it. Charge up the digital camera and snap up the special moments.
    After breakfast, you can play the slides as a movie while waiting for parents to
    arrive for pickup.

Slumber party invitations
While you might simply call, invitations for a slumber party are more fun with clever
invitations. To get you thinking, here are some ideas:

  • Here's one worth miles of smiles. Grab some toothbrushes at the dollar store,
    unwrap them from the container, and tie your invitation details to the
    toothbrush with a ribbon. The invitation might read, "I'd like to see your pearly
    whites at my slumber party." Or "Smile, you're invited to my sleep over!" Head
    to the dollar store for inexpensive Firefly toothbrushes that flash in the dark.

  • Get all dolled up. Stuff the paper doll in a pretty paper that looks like a sleeping
    bag. This party idea is works great for a Fashionista party.

And finally, consider that the hardest part of party planning will be the guest list,
which you'll want to keep small. Around 4-5 friends who get along and whose
parents will allow attendance at a slumber party will be fine.

Slumber party tips
Some tips to keep guests at your slumber party comfortable for all your guests:

  • Light the way. Keep hallways lit and put a night light in the bathroom.
  • Provide easy access to water to quench midnight thirst. Water bottles chilled on
    ice or a pitcher of water with cups, should suffice.
  • Remove any animals from the room. Quarantine animals away from the party
    space. You don't want a hamster spinning the wheels or a fish tank bubbling
    to make sleeping difficult for your guests. Likewise, pet dander and
    unwelcome licks might prove too unpleasant.
  • Stash essentials. Have extra toothbrushes available for any guest who may
    forget to pack essentials.
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