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Smurf Party
How to have a Smurf-tastic Birthday Bash

La-la la-la-la-LA! Be the first on your block to throw a Smurfs Birthday Party. Everyone
will be blue with envy! Help celebrate more than 50 years of the adventures if the
fluffy little blue creatures by hosting a blue birthday bash.

Here's how to have a very blue Smurf Party:

  • Smurferize! Turn your kid into a Smurf from head to toe for his party with a
    Smurfs deluxe costume, pictured right, and the Smurf hat, top center.
    Remember to get some blue cream makeup to paint your face blue for an
    authentic Smurf appearance, pictured top right, this includes a Smurf nose. The
    final Smurfs accessory to your Smurf costume is how you match your Smurf
    name with the personality of your child.

Food for a Smurf Party
Smurf party food is easy: it's blue. We'll we did find Smurfette Cookies online, but
they're pink and strawberry and we're not really sure why. They missed a blue
raspberry opportunity. Oh well, they're not highly rated on Amazon, but they certainly
will make conversation piece.

  • Start off the day with Belgian waffles with blueberries. After all, the Smurfs
    phenomenon started in Belgium (and Holland).

  • Fluffy marshmallow cream is a fine addition to any Smurf Party. Use it as a
    topping for ice cream or hot chocolate.

  • Smurf beverages:
  • Smurf drinks in blue raspberry are an ideal match to the blue color
    scheme of this party. Blue Raspberry Snow cones will leave your guests
    with beautiful blue tongues!
  • Smurf hot chocolate: Make your favorite hot cocoa, add a few drops of
    blue food coloring, then top with fluffy marshmallows and blue

Smurf Birthday cake
There are lots of fun options for A Smurf birthday cake, whether your child likes
cupcakes or cake:

  • Blue velvet Smurf Cake. Bake your Smurf birthday cake or cupcakes with a bit of
    blue food coloring to make a yummy blue velvet cake. White icing looks best
    with a blue velvet cake and helps hide the surprise. An added bonus is that it's
    a much easier cake to decorate than one with blue icing.

  • Smurf birthday cake kit: For easy decorations, try the Smurf Birthday cake kit,
    above. Give the kit to your baker, so it looks just like the picture above. Or try
    the Edible Image Smurf birthday cake left.

  • Smurf Party cupcakes: For added fun, your Smurf cake can have Smurf cupcake
    rings, pictured above left, stuck in the sides. Kids love pulling out the surprise,
    licking off the icing and wearing the rings as they eat the birthday cake. You get
    a set of 12 Smurf rings including four of each style: Smurf, Smurfette and Papa
    Smurf. The rings are big at approx 1.5 inches, and are sure to be a big hit with
    Smurf fans.

Smurf Party Decorations

  • Smurf balloons: You'll get the most for your moeny with Smurf balloons for the
    decorations! Buy them online, then head to your local Dollar Tree stores for
    inflataion. You can also ask your local grocery or buy a helium tank.

  • Smurf flowers: Create Smurf flowers easily by purchasing ordinary white
    carnations and allowing them to sit for a day in water that's made with blue
    food coloring. As the flowers sit in the water, they'll absorb the blue and

  • Smurf figurines: Left, Jokey Smurf, top left, offers a birthday gift and cracks a
    smile. Do you trust him? He'll be  a great addition to the head of the Smurf
    birthday table. Place Jokey Smurf where the birthday kid will sit or tape him to a
    gift box for an extra measure of Smurf fun! Add your collection of Smurf figurines
    to the decor. Cluster them in the center of the table

Real Smurf parties  
A Smurf party is a retro cute classic party idea. The newest Smurf movie came out at
the end of July 2011, which means there are big Smurf parties in the works. So tell us
about your real Smurf party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.  

More Smurfs party ideas:
Getting married or know someone who is? Hey, they even have Smurf cake figurines
to top the wedding cake. It makes total sense: something old, something new,
something borrowed, something Smurf Blue! Bake something blue for a wedding
shower with our
Smurfs party food ideas.

Finally, be sure to invite a cast of characters to your Smurf party:

Have party inspiration to share? Tell us about your Smurf party and
share party ideas
with us on Twitter. We're always looking for cute birthday party ideas.
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