Snake Birthday party
How to have a party for kids filled with snakes

Squiggling, wiggling, and coiling snakes abound at snake parties. And while the adults
may want to slither away, the kids will wriggle with laughter and excitement with
snakes for a birthday party theme. Don't let this party idea slither away with your
fears. You can have a festive time and educate kids about snakes.

So have at it! Snake our ideas to host the best ever snake filled birthday. Here's how:

  • Rake in the fake snakes: It wouldn't be a snake party without a few snakes lying
    around, so gather up these fake snakes for your party:
  • Inflatable snake: Decorate your party with the inflatable snake that doubles as a
    party favor or prize.
  • Vinyl snakes: Rubbery coiled snakes are sure to please kids, especially the boys.
    Classic wiggly snakes are available by the dozen, above, in a colorful variety.
  • Wooden wiggle snake: Fidget with this classic wooden wiggle snake. At 28-
    inches, it might even look real.
  • Stack of snakes in a sack: The Melissa & Doug Sack of Snakes, above right, are a
    rigid selection of snakes that are perfect for hiding in the rock garden of your
    otherwise snake-free backyard. Dramatic markings and bright colors will excite
    kids and add to the decor of the party. They're thick and sturdy.
  • Snakes favor pack. above, left.

  • Sneaky snake trick. While you should never serve nuts to kids under five, there's
    one exception: serve up the fun with the King Deluxe Mixed Nuts snake trick,
    left. The old "snake in a can" trick is hard to pull off with adults, but kids will
    enjoy the vintage style fun. Shake the can and pass to your unsuspecting party
    guest who will hear the nuts (actually small beads). Three 20-inch snakes pop
    up from the King Deluxe Mixed Nuts packaging when you pry the lid.
  • Another snake trick is rattle snake eggs:

Snake party Decorations
As kids parties go, a snake party theme is a relatively easy party to plan. Party favors
and supplies are abundant with the exception of snake party plates. Likely, party
manufacturers don't want to produce snake party plates because adults have a
natural aversion to snakes and they won't sell. No worries. You can decorate any
party plate with gummy snakes to enhance your theme.

Setting the scene with snakes

  • Put out the mister, sister: If it's a hot day, a mister will help create a tropical rain
    forest effect: ideal weather conditions for some rain forest snakes. Best of all,
    some misters even look like snakes!

Snake Party Invitations

  • Snake party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Join us
  • Don't let the party date slither by: it's Saturday August 22 at noon

  • Please R.S.V.P. 876-5309

Snake cakes
To prepare a snake cake, start by baking a few batches of your favorite cake in a
bundt pan. Form a large snake by dividing the cake in half (or in thirds) and forming a
snake as long as you like. Frost your cake to connect the pieces. Form a forked tongue
with fruit rollups. Here are more snake cake ideas:

Snake party foods
You can create a snake themed menu when you cleverly make forked tongues with
everything from pepperoni on a pizza dough snack, to a dessert made of fruit roll ups.
Here are our favorite party food ideas to serve up:

  • Snake snacks:
  • Sneak in some snake veggies with the adorable cucumber snake snack idea
    from Family Fun, pictured left. Kids will enjoy eating their snake as they dip into
    vegetables with hummus.

  • Slithering snake juice: Rim a glass with a wedge of lime and green sparkling
    sugars. Serve a lemon-lime soda with a drop of green food coloring, or sparkling
    water with a dash of lime Italian syrup. Rim the glass with a gummy snake!

  • Make a snake napkin ring from a pipe cleaner. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around
    a rolled napkin, then bed the end up and glue two black beads for eyes. Finish
    with a forked tongue made of red paper.

Snake Party Favors
Shopping for party favors will be relatively easy with the availability of rubber snakes
on the market. Look too for gummy snakes and even gummy worms, which could pass
as snake like. Another easy find is wooden snakes, though they may be more
expensive. You can find plastic snakes that behave like the classic wooden snakes,
right. Here are some other ideas:

  • Rattlesnake eggs. This is a sort of trick or gag that will easily entertain the older
    kids as they play pranks on friends and family. Give them a little instruction so
    that they can surprise parents at pickup.

Snake Party Game Ideas
Goodness, gracious, snakes alive! Invite live entertainment for the party and you
won't need much in the way of games for your party. Even so, we thought we'd sneak
in a few snake game ideas as inspiration for your party:

  • Hisss Snake Card Game: Playing this snake game is elementary! As each Hisss
    snake slithers its way across the playing area, it introduces color identification
    and visual logic to young children: Does it make sense to have a snake with two
    tails and no head? Are those two colors the same or not? It's under ten bucks,
    and is eligible for free super saver shipping. Best of all, it has more than 96
    customer reviews with a near perfect 5-star rating!

  • Pass the snake: Set music to play and have kids pass a wiggly rubber snake in a
    "hot potato" fashion. Prizes: snakes of course! Make everyone a winner as they
    exit the game with snake gummy candies* or a small snake favor.

Real Snake Birthday Parties....
We hope we've inspired you to throw a snake birthday party theme. We love
featuring real kids parties! Here are some of our favorite kids snake theme birthdays:

  • Reptile inspiration: This snake party was a bit more of a reptile party. What a
    candy buffet and loaded with wonderful recipe ideas for a reptile theme party.
    Check out the candy buffet, left with turtle eggs, reptilte pellets, frog swamp
    and more. Yum!
  • snake parties
  • snake theme birthday
  • snake birthday party.

Now it's your turn. Please write us on Twitter and tell us about your Snake birthday
party. Did you hire a reptile expert? Have a fun snake themed recipe to share? We'd
love to link to your site.  
* Supervise all children eating long snake gummy candies, and don't serve them to
kids under three, as they may pose a choking risk.
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