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Snoopy Party
How to have a very Snoopy themed peanuts party

Your little Joe Cool wants a party? Well, Snoopy is the beloved classic in party themes.
Snoop was the doggy dog long before the famous rapper made his way to the music
scene. With so much history you'd think a snoopy party would be realatively easy, yet
this beloved classic  is not an easy party theme to have. There just aren't enough
party supplies to support the theme available in the local party supply stores. You'll
have to snoop around online and get creative.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Dish it out in Red: Here's the dish: Snoopy's iconic red dish is the must as is the
    red dog house. Serve up food for the kiddos in a real red dog dish! Left you'll
    find the top dog cut out party hat.

  • Search online for Snoopy posters: A poster is a quick way to invite the fun of a
    Snoopy theme party and the classic Snoopy poster left says it all. Amazon is the
    place to find a Snoopy poster professionally packaged and delivered quickly.
    Long after the party is over, the Snoopy poster can hang in the birthday kid's

  • Snooping around for Snoopy Party plates? Snoop around the local party supplies
    and you won't find much in the way of Snoopy paper party supplies, but online
    you'll find plenty. Here we have Snoopy party plates, above center, featuring
    Snoopy with Woodstock. The party supplies also include Snoopy napkins, cups,
    invitations, stickers and more:
  • Snoopy action figures, right, are collectible and would make an ideal table
    decor. The birthday kid will surely treasure them long after the party is
    over as a memory of this special birthday.
  • Snoopy cupcake rings, top, are a welcome treat for little fingers.
  • Snoopy balloons The hard to find Snoopy and peanuts balloons, pictured
    right, can be inflated at the local dollar store, party supply, or grocery
    store. These balloons are decor for your party and they double as party
  • Snoopy stickers, left are equally suited to help decorate invitations or
    thank you cards.
  • Snoopy silly bandz, above left
  • The puffy white dog bone cups, lower left, seem so snoopy-like. Borrow
    more dog gone good dog party themed kids party ideas by visiting our
    dog parties for kids page.

Food for a Snoopy party
For a Snoopy party, you'll obviously want anything with peanuts in them (and don't
forget about Peppermint Patty!
  • Snoopy decorated cookies, left.
  • Peppermint patties and peppermint treats
  • Peanuts, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter cup chocolates, even circus
    peanuts will help to emphasize the Peanuts theme.
  • Lemonade stand: Be sure to have a lemonade stand the way Lucy would have.

Real Snoopy Parties
Now it's your turn. Tell us about your Snoopy party. We love kids parties and we'd love
to share a link or your ideas on Twitter about a Peanuts theme or other party idea.

So now it's your turn. Tell us about your Snoopy or Peanuts-themed party and share party
ideas with us on Twitter.
All about a snoopy party...
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