Snow White Party
How to have a Snow White birthday for your little princess

Some day her prince will come, but soon her birthday will come! So whistle while you
work on this party idea: a Snow White party for the fairest little birthday girl in all the
land. You'll have "snow" much fun planning a Snow White birthday party and here's
how to plan a very merry party:

  • Give her a Snow White keepsake to keep the memories of her party. The Disney
    Traditions Snow White on a Carousel Horse figurine by Jim Shore, pictured
    above, is an heirloom quality piece she will treasure always. The presentation
    on your table as a centerpiece. Or try another popular Jim Shore creation -- the
    Snow White and her Prince Charming dancing figurine, left. It will always remind
    her that some day her prince will come.

  • Send the guests to princess school. Hire someone to teach girls that window
    washing wave. Have a coronation ceremony like they have at Disneyland and
    have all the girls learn to curtsy. Provide each girl with a red rose, then show
    the girls how to lay down to sleep so that the princess skirt falls elegantly off
    the table while kissing the rose. Prince Daddy can demonstrate a kiss on the
    cheek to awaken the birthday girl.

  • Skip the crown, highlight the gown. This is one party where the only one wearing
    the crown is the evil Stepmother. All that Snow White and her entourage needs
    is a red bow in the hair. You can make one yourself from thick red ribbon.
    Purchase the deluxe Snow White gown for the birthday girl, right.

How to Decorate a Snow White Party
Pick party colors in bright and merry primary colors: yellow, blue and red. You can go
with the sweet Snow White party plates, napkins and cups, pictured above, or head
to the local party supply to mix brightly colored plates. Start with a yellow table cloth
for drama, then layer colors, and mix and match plates, cups and utensils in the
primary colors.

  • Snow White's Forest Birds. Snow White loves the birds of the forest, so fill a
    birds nest with bird favors and allow the kids to pick from the nest. The Bird
    Whistles above would look sweet perched in a birds nest.

  • Create a "Red and Delicious" display. She's the apple of your eye, so make the
    centerpiece fit the Snow White theme with Red Delicious apples. Get a nice
    compote bowl or other festive bowl and stack Red Delicious apples high. Then
    sprinkle a few yellow.

Snow White party favors

  • Bird Whistle Favor: A whistle is an obvious choice for a Snow White party and
    above you'll find a whistle in shape of a bird. This bubble blower whistle
    requires a little bit of water to make the chirping bird sounds that Snow White
    appreciates so much.

  • Snow white favor cake. See the Snow White favor cake (from Favorcakes by
    Erica) as inspiration for your own favor box creation or to order one! This is not
    a birthday cake, but a set of favor boxes. Each guest takes home a piece as a
    favor. You stuff trinkets inside

Snow White invitations

  • At craft stores you can find paper cards with mirrors on them to help you craft a
    hand made mirror invitation.
  • Use the Snow White rubber stamp, pictured left for the envelope!
  • For postage, check to personalize your thank you cards and
    invitations with Snow White postage stamps.

Food for a Snow White Party
Foods with red are ideal for a Snow White party. Start with a candy apple red party
punch. You might also bake a red velvet cake for her Snow White birthday cake.

  • Snow White's candied apples: It's easy to make candied applies with the dipping
    container, left, intended for the microwave. It's specially sized to hold one 14-oz
    bag or caramels or 12-oz bag of chocolate chips, and it has pour spouts for
    ease in emptying and pouring melted candy. You'll find endless uses after the
    Snow White party is over: it includes a dipping utensil for pretzels, small fruits,
    and nuts.

  • Apple chips (dehydrated apples with sugar sprinkles).
  • Apple butter sandwiches, cut from an apple cookie cutter.

Snow White Birthday cake
Of course you can skip the birthday cake and have an unpoisonous apple pie, but it
wouldn't be a birthday without the fanfare of a birthday cake. Here's how to put the
merry Snow White touch on a cake:

Snow White party activities:
Bobbing for apples might seem like an obvious choice of a party game, but for kids in
this age range this is actually a watery hazard you want to avoid. All it takes is a few
engaged adults and a few seconds for the unthinkable to happen. Here are some
Snow White activities for the party that the Dwarfs would approve:

  • Craft a mirror. The girls will love to make their own "mirror mirror on the wall."
    Right, the Melissa and Doug craft mirror set is super affordable and available in
    quantities and available with free shipping. Includes everything you need to
    make a pretty mirror. It's an activity and a favor in one!

  • Find Grumpy! Tell the kids that Grumpy is missing because he's "grumpy" that
    it's not his birthday, then set the kids out on a treasure hunt. Award the child
    who finds Grumpy a special prize, such as a bag of apple red jelly beans.

Real Snow White parties  
If you want to go off the beaten path of princess parties and you've decided to have a
Snow White party, then get your inspiration from moms who've already planned them.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who had the sweetest birthday of all? Check out Ella's
    3rd birthday, a snow white party where every girl got a Snow White gown to
    take home, along with a matching Snow White dress cookie.

We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a Snow White party. Tell us about your
real Snow White party!
Share party ideas with us on Twitter.

Finally, here are some Snow White Themed gifts for the birthday girl:
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