Kids Soccer Party
How to throw a kids soccer birthday party

If your goal for a kids soccer party is to have a good time, then you'll have fun
planning a soccer theme birthday and be at the envy of all the other soccer moms and
dads. Hosting a kids soccer party is relatively inexpensive as kids parties go, as the
kids will provide their own entertainment. You can throw a kids soccer birthday on the
cheap, and to kick it off, here are some ideas on how to enhance your party theme:

  • Have a ball with a soccer ball party. Keep your eye on the ball with these tips to
    enhance your soccer party:
  • Have the kids sign a real soccer ball as they enter the party, which will be
    a wonderful keepsake or gift for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Buy inflatable soccer balls. Inflatable soccer balls make ideal party favors,
    but they also enhance the decorations for your party. And they do triple
    duty as an activity for the kids who can't resist kicking them.
  • Make kids eat cupcakes without their hands! Remind kids that in soccer
    you can't touch the soccer ball with your hands, so for your party have
    kids go in head first, then capture the moments with your camera. Serve
    "penalty punch" in the same fashion, but provide a straw to prevent spills.

  • Download free printables for a kids soccer party. As kids parties go, it's easy
    enough to find soccer party supplies, but if you have a color printer, you can
    download and print a kids soccer party for free. You'll find everything you need
    from invitations to banners, to place cards, to cupcake snuggies and the clever
    soccer finger puppets, pictured left. The kids can play finger soccer at the party.
    You can also print a mini soccer field and use them as placemats.

  • Tackle some soccer terminology. Get familiar with soccer terms for parents to take
    your party to the goal line. As a party game, you might quiz kids or parents with
    your newfound knowledge: What is that box or circle on the soccer field called?
    What's a foot trap? Knowing the right terms will also help support your child at
    his or her next soccer match.

Menu for a soccer party
For half time at your party, the kids will want to head to your concession stand. You
can create a cute back drop by using an inflatable goal. Set up your "food trap" with
these fun menu ideas for a soccer party:

  • Banana Kick Split. A "banana kick" is a kick that curves in the shape of a banana.
    Instead of topping your banana split with sprinkles top it with a few banana
    shaped "runts" candies, and put a foil soccer chocolate on the spoon.

  • Drink penalty punch from a World Cup!

  • Soccer cake toppers from Wilton, right.

Soccer Party Favors
  • soccer ball whistle
  • soccer ball inflatables

Soccer party invitations
Your soccer party invitations can look like tickets to the World Cup or they can be
affixed to a toy soccer ball whistle.

  • Soccer invitation wording ideas
  • Kickoff: Saturday, July 13 at noon.
  • Meet at Bensen Stadium: 123 Main street
  • RSVP Coach Aaron or Soccer Mom Christine at 867-5309

Soccer games
Of course for a soccer party, you're going to want to kick around a soccer ball and if
you have enough guests you can head to a nearby field to play. If you're looking for
birthday party soccer games for boys, then consider these ideas:

  • Play Table Soccer. Borrow a foosball table (table top soccer game), and add little
    black and white soccer balls, you'll please the boys. Soccer party games are
    essential, but if you're looking at kid party ideas for soccer, older boys will
    especially like a foosball table.

  • Play soccer party games that help build skills. Ask a local soccer coach for some
    tips or visit kids soccer drills to practice soccer relays and soccer obstacle

Resources for a soccer party
Thinking of having a soccer party? Here are some of our online friends who've already
had them:

  • See the clever world cups for a boys soccer party made from a gold paper cup
    with soccer balls glued on top.

Now it's your turn! Tell us about your kids soccer party. Please share your soccer
decorations, favors, invitations and food ideas. Write us on Twitter.
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