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Sock monkey! That funky monkey! Pucker up for an unusual party idea: throw a sock
monkey party. That folksy north American sock monkey doll with the trademark red lips
would make a great theme party for your little monkey. Who wouldn't love a sock
monkey party (boy or girl)? This is one party that socks!

Sock monkeys came about at the dawn of the Victorian era when the wonders of Africa
started to emerge for North Americans and mothers started crafting sock monkeys and
other animals from Red Heel work socks. Cheeky sock monkeys of today are just as
beloved and now they're readily available, so you don't have to sew a stitch!

Yes, you can have a sock monkey party that "sew" cute and here's how:

  • Give Amazon some monkey business. Get your sock monkey party decor started
    with the sock monkey napkins and party supplies left, found on Amazon. You'll
    also find a terrific centerpiece idea on Amazon: the sock-monkey in a box. Use
    the sock monkey in a box novelty as your centerpiece because it doubles as a
    toy for the birthday kid and will help preserve the memories of a great party.
    You'll also find sock monkey tea party, sock monkey kick balls and more.

  • Sock it to 'em. A kitschy sock monkey party theme is hilarious, but there aren't
    many sock monkey party supplies available. A good place to start looking for
    sock monkey party supplies is on ETSY with their sock monkey shop. There you'll
    find handmade sock monkey party supplies, such as sock monkey printables to
    make party hats and favor bags with sock monkeys on them, sock monkey
    birthday banners, and cupcake picks. And for the cupcakes you'll find sock
    monkey fondant cake toppers. Check Parties by Hardie ETSY store for printable
    parties, invitations in the sock monkey theme, right. For $10 you can print your
    own sock monkey place cards, party hats, favor bags, signs and more.

  • Oh that's "sew" cute! Make a sock monkey and impress your friends and family
    with your craftiness. It's not too hard! Learn to make a sock monkey in ten easy
    steps. Another way to make a sock monkey is with a sock monkey kit. The Sock
    Monkey Rescue Kit, right contains an orphan Sock Monkey for you to adopt and
    ''Feel the Love,'' a 16-page Owner's Manual that includes a Certificate of
    Adoption, tips on care-giving, and places to record Sock Monkey milestones.

  • Stick to your sock monkey theme.  Decorate the child or the mother to be with a
    hat, some sock monkey slippers or other sock monkey novelty. For a child's
    birthday or a baby shower, the giant sock monkey, pictured immediate right will
    be a big hit. Everyone in the party will want to pose for pictures.

  • Sock monkey decorations: A little red wagon is essential to the party decor and
    makes a great gift with a sock monkey toy. A large red wagon is great place for
    guests to pile presents. Just prop a little sock monkey next to the wagon.
    Consider a splurge of sock monkey decor and gifts for the birthday kid to display
    at the party, such as sock monkey pillows, sock monkey clock. A red wagon is
    the ideal companion to display sock monkey toys and novelties.  Here are some
    of our favorite sock monkey novelties.

Sock monkey activities for a baby shower
Planning a sock monkey baby shower? A few party games are essential, but the
games don't have to be elaborate. Here are some ideas that will help you accentuate
your sock monkey theme:

  • Stuff for baby game. Stuff various baby items in four red heel socks, left, and
    have the mom to be and her guests try to guess what's inside. The person who
    writes the most correct answers wins. Offer a small sock monkey gift, such as
    the sock monkey key covers or playing cards, right. Small baby things to stuff
    into the socks might include: a thermometer, nail clippers, a pacifier, an ear
    dropper, Gripe Water (for colic relief), a teether, outlet plugs, cabinet locks,
    coffee table cushion corners, a sippy cup top, and so on. These essential items
    for the game will double as a gift for the mother to be!

  • Make a sock monkey. It only takes around 20 minutes to make a sock monkey.
    Test it for yourself, then gather enough materials for the girls to make a sock
    monkey of their own. Here's how to make a sock monkey.

Sock monkey activities for a kids birthday

  • Read my lips. Get enough classic wax lip candies for every kid and have your little
    sock monkeys pucker up for a comical group photo. Use the photos for the thank
    you cards. The cherry flavored wax novelties, left, will give the kids that
    fashionable red lip for the party photo shoot. Buy extras for impromptu poses or
    as favors for the kids.

  • Read to the little monkeys. Some suggestions: "10 Little Sock Monkeys"
    storybook, top left, is a simple and the perfect companion to a sock monkey toy.
    See more suggestions above for sock monkey stories to read. The kids can
    cuddle up with a sock monkey of their own.

  • Go Bananas with sock monkey playing cards. Entertain older kids with a stack of
    sock monkey cards, right, or send them home as favors. They can play "Go
    Bananas" instead of "Go Fish" or just monkey around any way they like.

  • Have a sock monkey sock hop. For a kids birthday party, get out the original red
    heel sock monkey socks, left, and set the monkey tunes to play. Convert the
    classic hokey pokey song: "You stick your right paw in, you stick your right paw
    out, you stick your right paw in, and you shake it all about." And so on until you
    finish with the tail. You might also convert the 5 little sock monkeys jumping in
    the bed story into a chant that the kids can follow.

Sock Monkey party invitations and wording ideas
You'll be hard pressed to find any sock monkey stickers for the invitations, but we did!
Mrs. Grossman's sock monkey stickers are just .69 cents a sheet. You can also print
your own sock monkey stickers with the help of ETSY sock monkey party printables,
upper right, which includes enough to help you with your party as well as invitations,
party favors and thank you cards. Use Zazzle to print
sock monkey postage stamps for
your cards. Printing your own postage stamps will give your sock monkey invitations
and thank you cards extra sock monkey flair.

  • Wording ideas for a sock monkey birthday party:
  • Our little sock monkey, Michael, is turning two!
  • Join us Saturday, August 22, 2009 at noon
  • Sock Monkey Manor at 123 main street
  • RSVP: Trish at 867-5309

  • Alternatively for sock monkey invitations, try these ideas:
  • Bring out your inner monkey and join our party to celebrate Janie's
    birthday (shower)
  • Join us for a sock hop in honor of our little monkey, Michelle

  • Wording ideas for a sock monkey themed shower:
  • One little sock monkey is on the way, and
  • Mommy and Daddy can't wait to play!
  • Join us Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.
  • In honor of Mommy to be Elisabeth Hawkins
  • Sock monkey's uncle's house: 123 main street (directions included)
  • RSVP: Janie McKensie,the sock monkey's auntie, at 867-5309

Sock Monkey Snacks and treats
For the sock monkey theme, start with chocolate and vanilla, then keep red as the
basic color in the food to match the sock monkey lips. For example, choose cherry red
or cinnamon candies, red punch drinks, and red cookie sprinkles for accents. Here are
more ideas of sock monkey snacks and treats to serve at your party:

  • Red sock monkey drinks: Hang red monkeys from a barrel full of monkeys on
    drinks like drink charms. The red ones emphasize a sock monkey party and it's
    all the better if you serve a red beverage.

  • Sock monkey open faced sandwiches. For the adults who may like, have an
    offering of Pumpernickle bread, which has the same texture as a sock monkey.
    Cut the slices in half for appetizers, or serve for lunch. Try ham and watercress,
    or deli cut roast beef with marinated asparagus slice. Garnish either with red
    radishes for sock monkey lips.

  • Beach monkey menu ideas. Any tropical food, such as coconut chicken would work
    well for a sock monkey party. Another fine food choice for a monkey baby
    shower would be tamales as they are wrapped in corn husks, but you can
    substitute banana leaves.

  • Wine and dine the adult monkeys. For a sock monkey baby shower, serve wine or
    champagne from the sock monkey wine bag, right. Or use it for Perrier or
    Pellegrino water.

  • Sock Monkey Cake: Chocolate covered donuts for ears, is the secret ingredient
    for the sock monkey cake from Parenting Magazine, left. The recipe is sure to
    give the oohs and ahhs you deserve for a sock monkey party.

  • Sock monkey cookies.

Resources for a sock monkey birthday party
  • See also our  monkey party ideas for monkey party food suggestions, including
    banana flavored novelties, monkey cakes, cookies and more.

  • Here are some sock monkey party ideas in action:

  • Want to give your party a custom look? From water labels to cupcake toppers,
    swirl lollipop stickers and more, check out Cute and Sassy Sock Monkey party
    printables. If you have a special request, our Twitter friend Bonnie will help you.

Real Sock Monkey Parties
Candy buffets are all the rage right now and a sock monkey party is the perfect
opportunity to host one with a festive display of chocolates and
red treats. Be sure to
see our red cake stands and serving trays.

Here are blogs that show you just how other moms have put together a fabulous sock
monkey party for friends and family:

  • Dessert buffet sock monkey party: You'll get the "Monkey Munchies" when you
    view this sock monkey party filled with delicious red candies and treats, plus an
    adorable do it yourself favor idea: cookie mix in a jar wrapped in sock monkey
    cloth and red twine.

Now it's your turn! Have some cute ideas for kids parties? Tell us about your sock monkey
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We're happy to link to quality blogs to exchange
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