Sock Hop Party
How to host a "Fabulous Fifties" party for kids

Slip on your saddle shoes and get ready to bop 'til you drop with a Sock Hop party for
kids. A sock hop is an ideal party theme for a boy or girl turning five because you can
turn your "Fabulous Fifties" party into a "Fabulous Five" party.

A 50s party is a popular party theme. Come on! You've been eyeing those cat eye
glasses, anyway, so why not throw a sock hop to remember:

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  • iTune in to some music at your sock hop. Take note that the fifties are all about
    rock and roll. While the kids will be just as happy dancing to Taylor Swift, your
    sock hop party should feature some of the classics. Look for"The Ultimate Rock
    & Roll Collection of the 50s" and other greatest hits from the Fabulous Fifties in
    MP3 collections.

  • Learn a fabulous Fifties dance routine: Get in the fun of the sock hop with Drew's
    Famous® Step-by-step 50s Party Dances DVD, pictured left. Mom and Dad can
    learn a dance routine and perform it at the party. Dance to these fifties classics:
    At the Hop (swing/jitterbug), Rock and Roll is Here to Stay (Jitterbug Variations),
    Jailhouse Rock (Elvis inspired line dance), Willie and the Hand Jive (Hand Jive),
    and The Twist!

  • If you don't want to hold a dance, then throw your sock hop at an ice skating
    rink or make it a roller skating party.

Sock hop party decoration ideas
Essentials for your sock hop decorations include records, soda fountain style glasses.

  • Records: You might still be able to search thrift shops for old vinyl albums that
    you can hang from the ceilings with fishing line. Or spread vinyl records directly
    onto the tables for a sweet touch. Here are some party decor ideas:
  • Record pinata.
  • Record bowl. This functional art was created from actual 12" vinyl records.
    The 12" bowl is perfect for dry snacks.
  • Licorice Wheels, right, look like little records

  • Juke Box: Juke boxes
  • Juke box inflatable, left
  • The Juke Box balloon weights, left, also double as party favors -- they can be
    used as place card holders or picture holders.

  • More decoration ideas for a sock hop:
  • Find glass bottles of coca cola and use them to anchor balloons for your party.  
    Use curling ribbons.

Sock hop foods
Menu planning for a sock hop is super easy and kid friendly: hamburger, hot dogs,
shakes, fries and ice cream malts and sundaes. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna
melts were also foods people in the fifties enjoyed. Here are more food suggestions
and food decoration ideas for your sock hop:

  • Serve Coca Cola from glass bottles. They are hard to find, but you can order
    Mexican Coca Cola bottles online. Add swirled red straws and have the kids
    drink straight from the bottle. Be sure to have some larger Coca Cola glass
    bottles reserved for decorations. You can easily tie balloons to add a festive
    look to your party. The Dollar Tree stores have Coca Cola glasses readily

  • Cupcakes: Rock N Roll cupcake rings, top left, provide plenty of sock hop charm.

How to dress for a sock hop
If your sock hop is for a birthday party, it may be a lot to ask your guests to dress up.
However, given plenty of notice, most guests are willing to dress in costume. You may
like to provide suggestions to party goers or have a few essentials on hand to make
even a pair of jeans look good.

Sock hop costumes
Wondering how to dress the birthday kid for the party?

  • Soda jerks. Back in the day, the day it was cool to be a jerk. Soda Jerks as they
    were called dished out the best root beer floats, ice cream malts and soda
    fountain drinks. Mom and Dad and Grandparents, aunts and uncles, can all wear
    the soda jerk hats to indicate a special place in the family. Just wear white
    shirts and the men can sport a bowtie. Black converse shoes add to the look!

  • Here's how to dress the birthday girl for a sock hop: Girls will love to dress up for a
    sock hop. Get out those Tutus and use them for petticoats. Get out the curling
    iron and curl big curls for a pony tail that's super bouncy. While Amazon has the
    best party supplies for a sock hop, you'll want to hop on over to for
    the best poodle skirts, and costumes. Visit the Hip Hop 50s Shop. Quality
    poodle skirts, cat eye glasses and more.

  • Here's how to dress the birthday boy for a sock hop: Boys are easier. Turn him into
    a greaser! You can start with blue jeans and add a white T-shirt that you roll up
    with candy cigarettes in the sleeve. It's harmless fun and gives an authentic
    look. Just be sure to tell your kids how bad it is for your health to smoke
    cigarettes and explain that back in the fifties, no one knew it was bad for your
    health. Next add a vinyl leather jacket, and be sure to grease up his hair and
    add some saddle shoes. Costumes are available, left. Otherwise, turn him into
    an early Elvis to have the girls swooning over him.

Real Sock Hop parties
Girl Scouts nationwide are know to throw sock hop parties. It's a great way for girls to
bond with other troop members. Here are some real kids parties that may inspire your
own sock hop:

More resource for a sock hop party

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