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Spy Party
Make it your secret mission to throw a spy party for the kids

Spy some real kids spy parties and get ideas for your secret agent party right here. A
spy party for kids combines a bit of Sherlock Holmes,  and James Bond with Nancy
Drew, Kim Possible and the Spy Kids. Go incognito with a spy party!

Here's how to plot a day of mystery and intrigue for the little spy who loves you:

  • Make it "Code Birthday"! Tuck a secret code word in the spy party invitations,
    then require the code for admittance to the "party scene." The PSI (Party Scene
    Investigation) lanyard, left, is a fun addition to any party. Include the badge
    with invitations and require party-goers to wear it throughout the party
    investigation. You might also choose the private detective badge as a favor.

  • Have questionable intentions. Your mystery spy party should make good use of
    question marks for the decorations: a task easily accomplished with
    construction paper cutouts. Put them on the walls, doors, briefcases even the
    cake can be a mystery worth solving. And for the invitations ask "How old is the
    birthday boy?"

  • On closer inspection... Be sure to include magnifying glasses to your spy party:
  • Affix a small plastic magnifying glass to invitations. (Get a clue! You can hand
    deliver these invitations in a padded envelope.) For wording, try: "Take a closer
    look as you've been invited to a mystery party." It all leads up to a lot of fun.
  • Small magnifying glasses also look terrific spread on the tables like confetti.
  • Another way to include magnifying glasses, is to bake cookies or a cake in the
    shape of this classic inspector's tool. Use a tennis racket shape.
  • And finally, take the mystery out of what's inside by whacking a magnifying
    glass pinata, left!

How to Decorate for a Spy Party

  • Decorate the kids. Create instant Spy kids by divvying out black gloves and a
    black ski hat. Kids will also adore a Fidora, pictured at top of page. Or give each
    kid a unique identity with glasses, wigs, hats and moustaches.

  • Make it a crime scene: Stencil a body with chalk in the driveway or sidewalk.
    Wrap crime scene tape in the shrubs and trees. Crime scene tape is also an
    effective way to demarcate your picnic space or for the gift display, or cake table.

  • Set up a Dummy Camera. The surveillance camera pictured right, looks
    convincing enough and would look terrific near the gift table.

Spy Party Invitations and Thank You Cards
Invite the usual suspects to your mystery spy party with these invitation ideas:

  • Go to the top with a Top Secret invitation: Head to the Spy Museum for Top Secret
    invitations, pictured left, or craft your own using a top secret rubber stamp. A
    simple manila folder with the a top secret report of party details is another way
    to invite party goers.

  • Pressed for time? Just press thumbs. Invitations couldn't be easier for a spy
    party when you make a thumb print with black ink, scan it and enlarge the
    image on the computer or use a copy machine. The thumb print is a clue that
    says it all.

  • Spy party invitation wording ideas:
  • You've Been Issued a Secret Agent License to Party
  • Mission: to celebrate Caleb's Eighth birthday!
  • Please report for duty: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Crime Scene: 123 Main Street
  • (Security clearance required to attend.)
  • Please RSVP Agent 99 Tiffany at 867-5309 to receive clearance.

  • Spy party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "Mission Accomplished! I had a terrific day. Thank you for coming to my

Foods for a spy party
The hardest part about throwing a spy party is deciding on cake and party foods to
match your theme.  Once you get going, though, you'll realize that even the cake can
be a mystery worth solving. You can serve "mystery meat" sandwiches or make a
game of identifying kettle corn, popcorn or caramel corn with a taste test. For the
birthday cake topper, choose a famous detective: Sherlock, left.

Here are other secret agent snack and food ideas for your party:

  • Da-Bomb cake: Bake a sphere shaped cake to create a secret agent bomb. Black
    is an unusual frosting for your birthday,however using sparklers instead of
    candles will give your creation all the spark it needs. Yes, this cake idea is "da-

  • Decode a birthday message from cupcakes: Create a message for kids to
    unscramble, such as "Happy Birthday Agent Mikey" or "Thanks for coming to my
    party" by using one letter on every cup cake. For less mess, have kids first
    decode a message on homemade cupcake picks, when they've successfully
    uncoded the message. Lay out the cup cakes wheel of fortune style with the
    appropriate word spacing. Enlist adult help if the kids are too young. The event
    will be exciting for everyone.

  • Spy-cial cookies: Bake the magnifying glass shaped cookies, pictured upper left,
    or detective cookie cutters both concepts from CopperGifts.com.

Top Secret Agent Favors
Your secret birthday mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a spy kit favor
pack. The confidential briefcase favor, above, makes an excellent favor box.  Favors to
include: magnifying glasses, compass whistles, pen flashlight and finger flashlights. Or
borrow from police party favors, such as plastic handcuffs, squirt guns and badges.
Here are more spy party favors:

  • Truth be told, kids love these party favors. Truth Detector cards, available from
    the Spy Museum, left, have a heat sensor finger print pad that changes color:
    green indicates telling the truth, blue if it's unknown, and red is a lie.

  • Look ahead to what's behind with these party favors. Kids will love seeing what's
    behind them with rear-view spy glasses from Alex, right.

Spy School Activities
Hold a recruitment briefing when all the guests arrive, and tell them that they need to
refresh their skills and attend spy school.

  • Initiate new recruits as they arrive with the secret agent pledge: "I cross my heart
    and hope to spy." Then hand them their special agent secret folder, or briefcase
    as pictured right. Tuck inside a surprise, like rear view spy glasses, pictured
    right, which will be all the rage at the party, along with an identity sheet, a
    notebook, an ink pad and pens for various games and finger printing. Or make a
    hunt of finding their briefcase right off the bat. Get a ball of yarn and make them
    follow the yarn to get their prize.

  • Let them play with spy gear: Have a spy-scope available as well as walkie
    talkies, or a voice scrambler.

  • Give them a lesson in Forensics. The CSI Detective Mini Science Project Kit, left,
    shows kids how to lift finger prints that are hours or even days old. Kids also
    learn the importance of analyzing fingerprints, and the key characteristics used
    in doing so. Wipe a cookie jar clean and have a Dad or a sibling finger print the
    cookie jar, then see if the kids can determine who in the family ate the cookie

  • Get them inked. While you can do fingerprint for play, parents will appreciate
    getting real finger print documents. Ask your local police station where you
    might find forms for fingerprinting. Sometimes fingerprint kits are available at a
    chain pharmacy.

  • Set a course for adventure. Create an obstacle course for secret agent spy
    physical training. Split kids into team and reward the winning team with a small
    prize and allow them to take the first whack at the pinata, then line them up by
    birthdays, youngest to oldest.

  • Send them clues. Send kids on a mission for their favors using the Under cover
    Secret Marker kit, pictured right. Write a secret message with the special pen
    and it remains invisible until the developer pen reveals it. Send kids on the hunt
    with clues to take them to four or five locations. (The dryer is an ideal location
    to stash the favors for the final clue.)

  • Wii can all solve a mystery: Disney provides Wii mystery party fun for everyone in
    the Guilty Party Wii game, right. Play as an elite detective called in to
    investigate a bizarre series of mysteries. Search the scenes for clues, question
    suspects and utilize sleuthing skills to crack the case. Play with up to four
    people or team up in cooperative mode to solve the case. The game has a
    different ending every time!

  • Laser Tag: Take your spy party on location for a  laser tag game. A spy needs
    training after all. Alternatively, a good old fashioned squirt gun training session
    will be enjoyed by just about everyone.

  • More party game and activity ideas:
  • Play Clue, the classic "who done it" game.
  • Borrow from a Mystery party game.

Resources for a spy party

  • Get the secret agent handbook. Follow the clues, go undercover and explore the
    intriguing world of secret agents with "The Everything Kids' Spies Puzzle and
    Activity Book," pictured left. Learn what it takes to be a spy, go underground to
    learn special spy language and codes and discover super-secret spy hangouts,
    cool gadgets, gizmos and more.

  • I Spy Party Supplies: Spy your eyes on hard to find Spy Party supplies at the Spy
    Museum Store.

  • Test your Spy-Q! See if you have what it takes to be a spy with the Intelligence
    quotient spy party printable (a spy party test) from Family Fun.

  • Spy Kids Movie Night. You won't currently find Spy kids party supplies, but you
    can host a Spy Kids movie night party. Left, the latest release: "Spy Kids 4: All
    The Time In The World" is available November 22, 2011.

Kids Spy Parties
Throwing a secret agent party is loads of fun and you can get more ideas by visiting
these sites to see real spy parties in action. We'd love to hear about your parties.

Tell us about your spy party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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