Super Hero Party
How to have a Super Hero Birthday Party for boys and girls

Faster than a speeding Internet connection, and able to leap a small budget in a single
bound, you are Supermom and want a super party for your little caped crusader. Do it
with a Super Hero Party!

Pow! Ka-zam! Bam!  Sha-zam!The other moms will "Marvel" at your ability to throw a
memorable party for the kids. Here's how to throw a super duper Super Hero Party for
your little hero or heroine:

  • Leap small budgets: Since you're combining all your favorite super heroes, start
    by searching your local party supply for what's on sale and the items you like
    best, like the Superman plates, the batman rings, and the Spiderman vending
    toys. Yellow is a good accent color for all the super hero party themes.

  • Save the day with your Ipod. Download Birthday Hero Party Music right now. You'll
    feel more powerful for getting the party started.

  • Decorate with Comic Book Bubbles: Onomatopoeia! Print action bubbles and
    thought bubbles such as Pow! Wham! Shazam! Bang! Kaboom! Zoink! or even
    Snap! Crackle! and Pop! Download the free font to make comic bubbles from
    your computer at For more fun at the party, order custom thought
    bubble stickers for use on drinks, thank you cards, favors and invitations.
    Download free Zap! Bif! and Pow! bursts for invitations now.

  • Super Hero party invitation wording ideas:
  • Our Birthday Hero, Micah, is turning seven!
  • Please join our caped second grader
    to seize the cake and villians... and save the day!
  • Bat time: Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Meet in Gotham City at: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Supermom Chandra at 867-5309

Super Hero Food and Drinks for a Super Party
Energy drinks aren't intended for kids, so refrain from serving them at your party, but
feel free to have them on hand for the adults to add to your theme. You can easily turn
a green Gatorade drink into Kryptonite with a label you create on your computer and a
few stickers.

Here are more ideas you may have already thought of:
  • Hero sandwich (yes, it's the ultimate "power lunch").
  • PowerBar

How to Dress a Super Hero with things you Make Yourself:

  • Fight crime in style with super easy hero cape and mask.
  • Make a quick super hero T-shirts with sticker emblems.
  • Make cuffs for your little superheroes by modifying the idea for bracelets from
    toilet paper rolls. Take inspiration from or special order these cool handmade
    superhero blaster cuffs
  • Super hero power ring

Super hero favors:
While the kids will go home with the super costumes you create, and possibly also the
loot from a piñata, they're still kids and may forget that you've already loaded them up
with goodies. So be sure to reserve a few treats so that, up, up and away they will go
with a few favors. Here are some ideas

  • Super hero cape, mask or sunglasses, pictured left.
  • Green glow sticks representing Kryptonite.
  • Silly string to turn any kid into an instant Spiderman.
  • Super ball simply for their ability to leap tall buildings.
  • Poprocks candy because they Pop! Sizzle! and Kaboom!
  • Super hero Pez Dispensers, which are cheaper by the dozen when purchased
    online (even with shipping)

Super Games and Activities

  • Have Super Hero Thumb Wrestling competition. Left you'll find the super hero
    themed thumb tops that will be tops with kids.

  • Search for Kryptonite. Paint rocks green to hide  throughout the backyard.   Paint
    numbers on the bottom of each rock and allow a corresponding prize to every
    rock. Prizes should be "equal" but different with small kids to avoid hard
    feelings. Always have something on hand to avert tears whether it's a special
    super hero sucker or sticker.

  • Earning Super Powers: Insert a water proof and theme appropriate toy, such as a
    super hero rubber duck, into a balloon so you have a balloon for each party
    goer. Fill each balloon with water and freeze. For the party, unveil the ice
    sculptures and give kids the task of melting them with their laser vision (simply
    warm water and a eye dropper). This activity is fascinating for kids, as they will
    make tunnels towards their prize and is particularly terrific for a hot day. You
    may want to freeze lemonade or add an edible glitter (as kids may be tempted
    to lick them) or lemon extract to water simply to add to the fun. Avoid food
    coloring as it may ruin clothes.

  • Set a villain loose in an unsuspecting metropolis. Role playing adds to the fun of a
    Super Hero Party, so allow the birthday forum for some informal antics to
    happen. Dad, Uncle or Grandpa can play the role of a villain, so that your little
    super heroes can rescue the good citizens of the party. Create a simple obstacle
    course under the clock to test speed:

  • Lay out some super hero clothes on the opposite end of the playing field
    in a cardboard box (this will be the telephone booth). Have your little
    superhero race to change into the simple costume in the box.
  • Then have the superhero race back to the other end where they must find
    a hidden villain figurine under some boxes, and bring it to a "jail cell" (yet
    another box in a different location).
  • Once the villain action figure has been locked in the box, the super hero
    must race to rescue a willing adult who is loosely tied up in a chair, then     
    untie and escort the adult to the start off point.
  • Finally the super hero must return the clothes to the telephone box, and
    get back to the start off point.

Super Hero Resources:

Real Super Hero Parties
Need some comic relief? Check out real moms who have already given their little
heroes real super hero parties:

  • Here's a Comic Super Hero Newsflash: At Robbie's Comic Super Hero Birthday kids
    ate lunch that was wrapped in comic strip papers (chips cleverly wrapped in
    black and white comic strip cones and sandwiches wrapped in the Sunday paper
    color). This mom certainly is a superhero!

Tell us about your real Comic book or Super Hero party and share party ideas with us on
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