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How to have a cool pool party for your little surfer girl or boy

Surf's up dude (and time is running out to plan his party)! If you're wondering how
you're going to pull off a surfer party, then "hang ten" fingers on this Web page to
learn how to have a
beach bash or pool party that will have him California Dreaming.  
Your little surfer girl will be just as stoked with this unusual theme.

Here's how to give that little wave rider a surf party he won't soon forget:

  • Better surf than sorry! The venue doesn't need to be set at the pool. This party
    idea is equally fun on a beach, lake or even a lawn. If you can borrow a surf
    board, kids will be happy just pretending to be on a big wave. You might
    otherwise make your own surfboard from wood or poster board. And you don't
    need a good swell to go surfing when you have a Slip 'n' Slide or a Banzai
    Skimboard surfer, pictured bottom right.

  • Combine beach themes:
  • Get Tiki-fied! You can combine a surfer party with a Tiki theme party.
  • Become shark bait. A shark themed party is another party idea that doesn't bite.
  • Get nautical. See also our Tropical Fish Party ideas.

  • Surf the Web for surf party supplies. Surf party supplies aren't easy to find, but
    you can surf the Web for surfer toys. The LEGO surfer, left, would make an ideal
    cake topper, immediate left. Right, you'll find the popular surf mobile, a Woody,
    will make as cute centerpiece decoration. See the other super cute surf vans, on
    the right.

More ideas for a surf party...

  • Get tubular for this party idea: Think ocean waves, long-boards, boogie boards,
    valley girl, and retro beach party water fun. Throw in a few sunglasses, flip-
    flops, a touch of Tiki, a shark or two and you're set for a memorable day. Dude,
    you've got to see our Shark Party ideas and Tiki Party ideas, too.

  • Surf the web for surfer tattoos. Surf tattoos help set the mood and provide an
    activity, so go ahead and decorate your little surfers:
  • Buy 50 surf tattoos, right, just $5.95 and with free shipping.
  • Try 3D surf tattoo favors. The Surf Tattoo assortments, top right, comes in
    a fun 3-D box which are great to give away for party favors. Each 3-D Box
    comes with a wide variety of surf themed tattoos for hours of fun.
    Assortment includes 12 Surf 3-D boxes.

Surfer Party Invitations
Make a gnarly surf party invitation. Get out the computer and craft an invitation size
"Surf at Your Own Risk" sign to print on bright yellow paper. You may have to print a
square, then cut and paste it into a diamond and outline a silhouette of a shark with
waves. But your efforts will be rewarded with smiles and admiration for your ingenuity.

  • Surfer party invitation and wording ideas:
  • Surf's up! And whoa, Brian's turning seven!
  • Hang ten with us Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 -5.00 p.m.
  • Meet us at the surf shack: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Lifeguard Pam or Big Kahuna Bob at 867-5309
  • (Dude, it's going to be rippin' good, so bring your swimsuit.)

Surf party decorations
Get ready for the ride of your life as we show you where to get surf party supplies and

  • Make him an instant surfer dude. Access to an old surf board or borrow one,
    place it on the grass and let kids catch an imaginary wave or two. It makes a
    great photo prop as well, which you can use for the thank you cards. Even
    without a surfboard you can have fun. The surfer dude photo prop, right also
    makes a fun photo opportunity. It's under six bucks. The beach boys and girls
    will love the surf duo, left.

  • Make your garden a surf zone. Secure a large appliance box and cut them into life
    size long boards. Spray paint both sides of the cardboard with a lighter color,
    such as yellow and let dry overnight. Then highlight with orange and blue paints
    you brush on with a sponge brush. The Then mount them to bamboo canes
    (which you'll find at a craft store), so that they will pop out from your flower
    beds or sandbox. Take inspiration for the designs from such things as the
    plates, left.

  • Buy your surfer dude a mini surfer as an early gift. The birthday kid gets to
    design his own mini surf board. But don't be fooled by the cuteness. This little
    guy actually rides waves (small ones)! You'll attract attention at the beach with
    this fun activity. The remote control surfer at the bottom of this page is just as
    fun, but that little dude is unsinkable! Take him to the lake, or let him surf alone
    in the pool (he rips it).

  • Layout the surfboard beach towels. You'll find a fun array online as well as surf
    board rugs.

Surf Party Foods
Your surf shack is sure to be a hit when you incorporate these ideas:
  • This ice cream sandcastle cake with surf board candles looks like it was made
    with crushed cookies to look like sand. Yum!
  • Spare the expense of a surf and turf meal. Kids will be content with "hot dogging"
    it and everyone will admire your creativity when you insert the comical shark
    attack food picks, right, into the buns.
  • A dab of icing is all you need to decorate cookies with the surf board sugars,
    pictured left.
  • Surf board cupcake toppers
  • Flip flop party foods

Surfer party favors
  • Puka shell necklace
  • Lifesavers, tropical flavor of course
  • Surfer rubber duckies
  • Mini Flip Flop Notepad Favors (12 count)

Surf decorations
Sure, this birthday is a challenge, but you won't suffer from a wipe out with these
party ideas and surfer novelties to get you started:
  • Surf board bamboo cutting board platter
  • Surf board rug
  • Make a "Surf Shack" sign near the buffet
  • Jointed surfboard

Surfer Party Games and Activities

  • Rip it up in a pool, lake, or pond with the remote control surfer.  Control the
    direction and speed of this remote control surfer from up to 200 feet. He's
    unsinkable, self-correcting and self-propelled and features special "automatic
    return" technology. Makes a fun birthday gift and party activity in one.

  • Try SubSkate underwater surfing. Have the surfer guys and girls test their
    underwater skills of balance with SubSkate. See if they can twist and trick the
    rid. Get a stop watch and clock how long they can maneuver the board and
    award prizes to the one who can stay on the longest and do the fanciest trick.

Resources for your Surfer Party

Real Surfer parties for kids
When we first introduced our surf party page in 2009 it was widely popular because of
the retro appeal, and unusual because not many had planned such a party. Frankly
there weren't too many party supplies available, but now because of the popularity,
you know have more choices of surfer toys and party supplies, and you can get
inspiration from others because mow more moms are giving this California style party
a whirl. Get inspiration for throwing your own surfer birthday party with these ideas:

  • Surf Australia style: This retro cute surfer party from Australia held in June 2010
    included many of the items available online, including the edible image cake,
    right. You'll also love the candy centerpiece idea, and perhaps you'll give
    coconut bowling a try. Here are a few more pictures of this retro surf birthday
    party, which also included a "surf report" and more.

  • Little Surfer Dude party. Surf was up for Archie's charming first birthday. This little
    surfer dude's party included shark attack cookies, shark jelly, and a shark pinata
    with a coordinated color scheme of yellow and baby blue in nautical style
    banner flags. Love the look? You can purchase the party package, from Australia
    design firm, and while you're surfing that site, check out the sweet surfer board

So your little Kahuna had a surfer birthday party? We'd love to hear your party ideas. Tell
us about your party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter and Facebook.
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