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Kids Tea Party Parties
How to host a tea party birthday or a classic tea party

As kids parties go, a tea party birthday is one you should not overlook for your
daughter, and classic tea parties are an essential rite of passage for girls. Birthday
festivities filled with fancy sugars, doilies, parasols and dainty delights are sure to
please kids and adults alike. With white gloves, silly boas, frilly hats and feathery fans,
the little "sweet-teas" will enjoy dressing the part and feeling grown up, and parents
will savor the memories.

Here's how to throw a birthday party that will suit your daughter to a "tea":

  • Set the table for tea. While the plastic varieties abound, realistic tea party sets
    for children aren't so easy to find. Above we've selected children's tea party sets
    ideal for a special birthday party and sized just for kids. You can mix and match
    with your demitasse spoons and fancy silverware. Enhance your party setting
    with liberal use of doilies.

  • Select the tea party dress. As kids parties go, a tea party is one where kids get
    to dress up like they did in parties of yesteryear. Nothing completes the tea
    party dress better than a tea party hat, gloves and a boa.
  • See our girls tea party hats at the bottom of the page.

  • Prepare tea party foods fit for a princess. The great thing about a tea party for
    kids is that you aren't bound by the same rules for healthy treats. This is one
    party were you can allow the kids to indulge in decadent treats. If you want
    something healthy offer strawberries dipped in chocolate and cucumber
    sandwiches of course. Here are more fancy ways to enhance your party:
  • Teacup Cupcake Mold: Bake your birthday cupcakes in the teacup cupcake molds,
    top left, or fill them with a rich chocolate mousse.
  • Teacup candles: The birthday cake is complete with teacup candles, left.
  • Teacup cookies and finger sandwiches: Bake sugar cookies with our big batch
    sugar cookie recipe. Remember that cookie cutters will also help you make
    pretty tea sandwiches!

  • Mind your manners. A tea party is an excellent opportunity to teach girls about
    manners, and The Little Book of Manners, left, will help. Aimed at girls six to ten,
    this book introduces children to basic good manners, explaining the "whys" as
    well as the "hows."

  • Make it a play date: A tea party is also a fun play date idea that you can repeat in
    different formats: a teddy bear tea, a fairy tea party, a garden tea party, Alice in
    Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea party, and so on.

Tea party invitation and wording ideas:
A classic children's tea party is a memory, but it's also an opportunity to brew some
good manners. Begin by extending a cordial invitation for the adults as well. The
easiest invitation is one you make yourself. Cut heavy paper in the shape of a
teacups, print and paste the wording to the card. Staple the age of the child onto a
real tea bag and insert inside the cup. Alternatively, hand deliver a plastic tea cup with
a small spoon that you assemble with scrapbook adhesive to make the trio stick and
print the invitation on the tea bag itself. Here is the quick and proper message

  • You and a chaperon are cordially invited for Alexandra's Tea Party
  • Tea time: Saturday, August 22 at 2:00-4:00 p.m.
  • The fun is brewing at: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Hostess Jean-Marie at 867-5309

Setting the scene for a tea party:
Miss Manners would probably say that it isn't proper etiquette to tell the guests to
dress for the occasion, but most will probably dress up. As party goers arrive, you can
make them feel instantly welcome with accessories to whatever attire walks through
the door. Have some dress up clothes handy, along with fancy gloves, strings of
pearls, boas or whatever lacy lady things you may have.

To set the scene, decide first if you want a classic tea party or one with a theme (or
perhaps a combination of a couple ideas):

  • Classic tea party: Schylling's silver tea service, upper right, is pint-sized and
    perfect for this theme and will serve well as a centerpiece, and she'll cherish it
    for years to come as a heirloom of her childhood. Or try the pink Battenburg
    Collection, left, a complete Service for four, which is perfectly sized for little girls.
    Included is the  two-tiered tidbit tray to display dainty cookies and cakes. Wilton
    has mini silver trays for favors available in bridal section, including the dainty
    silver basket favors, right, which the little ladies will enjoy when you fill them
    with colorful candy treats. Sugar tongs are another delight of elegance.

  • Alice in Wonderland tea party: Have an enchanted look through the looking glass.
    Turn Daddy into the mad hatter. Play croquet. Give a deck of cards as a party

  • Fairy tea party: Make it a "beary" special party with teddy bears. Have the little
    party-goers bring a favorite teddy bear partner and provide special seating for
    the bears. Alternatively, have them bring a favorite doll. Provide special teddy
    bear or doll accessories for the party, such as a mini hat and bow-tie, or pearls
    and a tiara. Sprinkle lots gummy bears, and position spare bears on mini picnic
    blankets throughout the party.

  • Fairy tea party: Think fairy wings and whimsical things, like toadstools, pixies,
    and fairy dust. Sugar plum fairies will be dancing in their heads. Attach tulle in
    bows to the back of chairs. Set up a canopy. Wrap toadstool decorations into
    fairy rings. See also our fairy party ideas.

  • Tea by the sea: Set the tea scene for an underwater fantasy. Serve a seafoam
    tea (lime sherbet with lemon-lime soda), and set a tray of seaside sweets, such
    as scallop-shaped Madeleine cookies, and seashell shaped chocolates. See our
    mermaid party ideas.

  • Garden tea party: Make a flowery fanfare filled with tulips, flowered cookies, and
    flower sugar cubes. Scatter daisy tops (just cut of the stems of daisies) on the
    table like confetti, and decorate with nylon and plastic butterflies throughout.
    See our butterfly party ideas.

Whatever party theme you choose, arrange seating in two groups (kids on one table
and adults on the other) with the extra doilies, and special design attention on the
seating for the little ladies.

You'll make out like Mad-hatter scattering for what you need at the local party supply,
but finding what you need online is a piece of cake. Look for:

  • Tea party cookie set, pictured left.
  • Schylling's pint sized silver tea service, pictured top right.
  • The frilly tea party hat and cape dress up, right, by Making Believe, also top right
  • Decorated Sugar Cubes with Purses & Shoes, and more sugar cubes:

Tea Party Cakes and Cookies
A tea party is all about the sweets. Whatever the party theme, you'll want to decorate
with lots of paper doilies, fancy cookies, pretty flowers, and dainty treats in the shape
of teacups, hats and purses. Here are some ideas:

  • Impress guests with a lively brew! The adorable candy teacup mouse servings,
    pictured left, are made of colorful candy shell cordial cups and topped with white
    chocolate mouse. Start with the Wilton Cordial cups mould and follow the

  • Frilly hat cookies are a must have for any tea party, and another way to add a
    fancy element is to make hats from fine boxed chocolate confections. If you have
    fine chocolates with wrappers, lollipop sticks and fruit roll-ups you can make
    Kentucky Derby Hat lollies with fancy ribbons.

Tea Party favors

  • Tea party photo opportunities: Take a picture of each guest with the birthday child
    and send someone to a one hour photo center during the party (or use this idea
    as a thank you card) and insert the picture into the Party Foam Photo Frames,
    pictured right.

  • Turn a craft project into party favors: paint a mini tea set. Provide guests with
    mini cups, saucers, and plates to take home. Have the birthday girl decorate the
    sugar and creamer and have all the guests involved in painting the teapot with
    polka dots.

Tea Party Games and Activities
The event of a tea party itself is the activity, and you will find that for this short party,
you really won't need much in the way of games; however,  you may also consider
these ideas:

  • Set up a private changing station for the little bears and dollies and their little
    mommies. Set out a toy talc and lotion set, buy premie diapers for the bears and
    dolls, or set up a baby bath tub with sponges and pretend soap (no water), to
    add to the authenticity of the event. Have the girls take a stroll with their dollies
    around the garden in the stroller, and arrange babysitting with their chaperons.

  • Turn the girls into pastry chefs. Set out all your little kitchen wares and put in
    your own cookie cutters. The girls will have fun preparing delights in their
    pretend kitchen when you add Play Dough to the mix. For a special effect, mix
    glitter to the dough.

  • Have a spot of tea with the Tea Party Game, right, by Eeboo. This game includes a
    real table cloth and durable and coated game pieces. It lasts just long enough
    to have fun.

Resources for a Tea Party
  • She'll enjoy the dainty Tea time Purse Cake from Betty Crocker.
  • Related party ideas: See also...

Real Kids Tea parties
Steal these charming ideas for your party...

  • Vintage tea party: A true vintage charmer, this elegant little tea party for girls
    featured a creative use of doilies. Paper flower doilies dangled from tree
    branches, and also served as labels for the candy buffet. Doilies also graced the
    table to serve the strawberry milk, pictured left, accented with gray paper
    straws in re-purposed Frappucino glasses. The color scheme in gray, pink and
    white made it a stately feminine affair. Following this theme, try gluing paper
    doilies of varying sizes into a table runner -- or make paper candy cone cups.

  • Paper flowers tea party: Lovely handmade paper flowers graced the tables in
    pretty little vases, and the hostess crafted placemats of botanical inspired
    papers. Girls made headbands. Grandma's vintage hankies served as napkins
    with the mix match of cups and saucers purchased inexpensively at discount
    stores. Look for vintage hankies in hospice stores. You'll treasure the vintage
    charm, and you just may find some cups and saucers.

Now it's your turn: tell us about your real kids tea party and share party ideas with us on
Twitter and Facebook.
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