Fun Teddy Bear Party Display Table Centerpiece
Teddy Bears Picnic and Tea Party Birthday
How to have a beary-nice tea party or picnic birthday party

A first birthday is an unbearably cute theme party, especially if you have a little
"Goldilocks" on your hand. Teddy Bear Birthdays are idea for first birthdays. And your
little toddler honey bear will surely enjoy a Teddy Bear party, though most of your
party planning will be for the benefit of adults than for kids.

A Teddy Bear party that includes a trip to the Build-A-Bear workshop is ideal for girls in
the 4-10 range. Whether you're planning
Build-a-Bear workshop party, a Teddy Bear's
picnic, or
Teddy Bear Tea party, a Care Bear party or a combination of all, here's how
to show your little bear you care with a Teddy Bear party:

  • Bear Essentials: Miss manners would probably frown at requesting party goers
    to bring something to a birthday party, but there's bear-ly a kid out there who
    doesn't have a teddy bear. So feel free to ask your friends and family to supply
    some of the decorations by bringing their favorite teddy. When the bear guests
    arrive, make them feel instantly welcome by providing the bear with some bear
    sized accessories (a party hat, a string of beads, or a little bow-tie).

  • Grin and bear it! Modify a headband Mickey Mouse style to fashion teddy bear
    ears for the kids to wear.  Above left, you'll find a teddy bear ears headband
    with paws combo. You can also transform toddlers with Teddy Bear Face
    painting, which you can do yourself with just few brush strokes, including rosy
    cheeks, and a painted snout. Get a lesson in teddy bear face painting.

  • Red gingham is a "bear" necessity. A teddy bear's picnic deserves the classic
    white checked paper plates or tablecloth. You'll find a variety of red gingham
    plates and napkins available at your local party supply and online. Pair them
    with pretty doilies, gummy bears, and mini parasols.

  • Paws for celebration. Cut out paws for your party from construction paper (or
    draw paws with chalk to lead) the entrance. Kids will enjoy clawing their way
    through the party.

  • Have some storybook fun. Place three chairs near the entrance with signs. One
    that reads: "Too Hard," the other that reads "Too soft" and the last to read
    "Just Right."

Bear Themed Cookies, Cakes and Treats
Give dimension to home made teddy bear cookies, candies and cakes with some or all
of these details:
  • Teddy Bear's tummy and snout: Pipe an outline, cut an imprint, roll fondant
    or use a contrasting color of frosting for the tummy, such as a lighter
    shade of brown or white. Use the same color for the snout.
  • Teddy Bear's ears and paws: use the same shade of pink or white for the
    ears and paws.
  • Teddy Bear's bow tie: Pipe frosting for the bow tie or cut a bow tie from
    candy, such as a Licorice Allsorts layer, or a sugar gum drop or fruit roll-up
    that you've rolled with a rolling pin.
  • Teddy Bear's nose and eyes: eyes can be simple dots or layered with
    white then black.

More ways to set the Scene for a Teddy Bear Party

  • Gather the teddies. Reserve the largest of your plush teddy bears for the
    entrance of the party. This bear can wear a cone hat and hold balloons and hold
    a birthday sign. Cluster other teddy bears in various picnic settings with tiny tea
    party pieces. Use cloth napkins for your tiny teddy bears' blanket.

  • Set out teddy bear place cards and adoption papers. Create a place setting for each
    child with a mini plush teddy bear favor and tape it, so the bear is holding a sign
    with the child's name. Provide teddy bear adoption papers, pictured right, for
    added fun.

  • Make a teddy bear chain gang: Craft paper doll chains but use a teddy pattern
    and brown craft paper.

Teddy Bear Party Invitations and Thank You Cards
Your Teddy Bear Party invitations will look sweeter with the teddy bear address labels,
pictured right. You will also find a variety of teddy bear stickers online at Zazzle.

  • Teddy Bear Picnic party invitation wording ideas:
  • We can Bear-ly believe it's Jaden's First Birthday!
  • Please come for some porridge, a spot of tea and cake, on Saturday,
    August 22 at two O'Clock to celebrate. We promise it will be not too hot or
    too cold, but just right.
  • It's over the river and through the woods to: 123 Main Street, you'll go.
  • RSVP: Mama Bear Tiffany at 867-5309.

  • Teddy Bear Picnic Party Thank You Cards: Be sure to take pictures of kids with
    their bears and include it as a thank you card.

More Teddy Bear Treats
The icing on the cake is any teddy bear shaped treat. Make teddy bear ice, jello and

  • Mix Healthy Times Organic Hugga Bear Cookies, pictured right, into a snack mix.

  • Teddy Bear Shaped cookie cutters. Cookie cutters are great for cutting bread
    and making pretty sandwiches. Pipe jam for a smile and use chocolate chip
    buttons for a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Use a cookie cutter to
    shape perfect teddy bear hamburgers too. You can also cut fondant with cookie

Teddy Bear Favors
If the party is around Valentine's Day, you'll find lots of options for teddy bear treats.
Otherwise, you'll have to grin and teddy bear it. Find a small woven basket at the craft
store or online, and fill it with candy and what teddy bear picnic and tea party
treasures you may find, including:

  • Wilton Yellow Flocked Bears Shower Party Favors, pictured left
  • A tiny tea set (this finger sized tea set is from Klutz).
  • Honey sticks (found at Farmer's markets or online).
  • Bit O' Honey candy
  • More gummy bears, of course!

Teddy Bear Activities and Games
Playing picnic or tea with real teddy bears will be activity enough for kids in this age
range. If you want to add some games and activities, consider these ideas:

  • Teddy Bear stickers, stamps, and coloring. Try the Teddy Bear coloring pages from
    Google or the Teddy Bear Sticker book by Dover, above left.

  • Play Teddy Bear says. This game plays like Simon says. Begin with "Teddy bear,
    teddy bear touch the ground. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around. Teddy Bear,
    Teddy Bear, touch you nose. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn out the light. Teddy
    Bear, Teddy Bear say 'good night.' Brush your hair! Oh no the Teddy Bear didn't
    say brush your hair." Continue with wink your eye and reach up high, as well as
    slap your knees, sit down please. Or turn on the light, and say good night. End
    with Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear touch your shoe, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, please
    skid dooooooo!

  • Find a Build-A-Bear location near you! Building a teddy bear to love is all the
    activity you'll need. Some locations host the party, but others require you to eat
    cake at home. Here are the essentials and fun items for a Build A Bear party at

Resources for a Teddy Bear's Tea Party or Picnic

  • Pop a few teddy bears on to a stick. Make a festive display with Betty Crocker's
    Teddy Bear Cookie Pops. Anchor the cookies in a short clear vase filled with
    candies. Press the cookie stick in a gumdrop base for stability.

  • Create beary cute pom-pom decorations. Kids love pom-poms and teddy bears.
    Here's how to craft a pom-pom bear to combine their love of both.

  • Steiff 'em! The ultimate gift for the birthday child is a Steiff teddy bear. Heirloom
    quality, these bears will only escalate in value. You might snag a vintage Steiff
    Teddy Bear on eBay. If you do, be sure to get cash back for your eBay purchases.

Real Teddy Bear Tea parties  
Teddy bear parties are done casually every day, but it's an extraordinary affair when
the birthday girl invites her friends to bring a teddy to tea for a birthday party. Here
are some moms who've done just that to create a memorable event:

  • Teddy Bear Picnic and Tea party: Get inspiration from the real teddy bear tea party
    and picnic from Posh Tot events. Steal this idea from Posh Tot events: create
    marshmallow teddy bears for cupcakes and more. Flatten marshmallows with a
    rolling pin, then cut teddy bears from cookie cutters. Left, the trio of teddy bear
    cookie cutters come in the one inch size you'll need to make the marshmallow
    bears for cupcakes. The bears will shrink up a bit after you've rolled them flat
    with a rolling pin.

Tell us about your real Teddy Bear party or picnic and
share party ideas with us on
Twitter. We'd also love to see what party supplies you found. Here's the latest in
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