Tennis party
How to plan a Tennis birthday party theme for kids

Tennis party anyone? What a racket you'll have planning a Tennis birthday party for
the kids (especially if your child is turning ten)! Better yet, if you have twins, you'll
have a "Set Match" or a "Deuce"! So go ahead and volley around with the idea of a
tennis party. It's not too hard. Below you'll find some "Set Pointers" and with a dash of
your own creativity you'll "ace" this unusual kids party idea that's all about tennis.

Here's how to serve up the fun with a tennis birthday party for the kids:

  • Serve Ice Cream Tennis Balls. It's worth a laugh to offer a real tennis ball in a
    cone. Tell the kids, "I'm ready to 'serve' you ice cream." Here's the scoop: while
    Green tea ice cream makes a lovely scoop on the plate and can look like a tennis
    ball, you'll regret serving green tea ice cream to kids. Instead, soften vanilla ice
    cream by thawing a bit, and then mix with powdered food coloring. Return to
    the freezer to harden a bit and scoop some ice cream balls into clear cups
    before returning to the freezer again. Then, just before serving, lace your tennis
    ice cream balls with white icing gel to give the final effect.

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  • Wondering where to find tennis party supplies? Right here! Shop early for tennis
    themed party supplies and novelties, as your local party supply store won't
    stock them. Party supplies for a tennis party are fun to find, like the tennis
    racket drink stirrers, pictured left.  You'll find tennis party plates, tennis napkins

Foods for a tennis party

  • Tennis ball cakes: left, you can pipe in frosting in yellow or green to make a
    tennis ball. Use the globe cake pan for other sports parties, baseball, basketball
    - you name it.

  • Tennis ball desserts.
  • Cookies for a tennis party couldn't be easier: just cut circles using a drinking
    glass. Try our big batch sugar cookie recipe. Cut a rectangular court with a
    knife.  Then make a meringue icing in kiwi green, finish off with white stripes for
    the balls and the trim on the court. The trick to making icing is meringue powder.

  • Tennis dip. Use a rectangular cake or lasagna pan to make a layer dip with
    beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream and, of course, guacamole on the top
    (because it's green). Pipe sour cream to mark the court.

How to decorate your tennis party
Decorating for a tennis party is easier than you think. Colors should include kiwi green
and sunshine yellow, sprinkle with pink and blue accents. Use a darker green for the
tennis courts. You'll have an absolute ball with this party when you start thinking
spheres for the cookies, cakes, plates and other party foods. Just about anything can
be shaped into a tennis ball from the pizza to the cake.

Next, anything rectangular can represent the tennis court, including cookies and even
dips. For drinks, make your own tennis ball coasters. Just cut them from a lime green
party plate. If you have a table tennis table, then set it up for the party. Right is a
tiddlywinks version of a table tennis game.

  • Turn the tables. If your table is rectangular, set a green tablecloth and line it
    with white adhesive tape to create your tennis court.  Keep food in the lines so
    guests see your creation. You might borrow a table tennis net, to give an added
    effect. Or make it really easy on yourself and set the birthday buffet on the table
    tennis table itself (if you don't mind potential spills). Use the paddles for
    decoration. After lunch or cake, let the kids play.

Games for a Tennis party
The highlight of a tennis party for kids will be  a tennis lesson, but if your party is at
home (and you don't have a tennis court of your own) then you'll have to be a bit
more creative with the details of the party. Here are some suggestions for crafts, fun
and games for a tennis party to show your love of the sport:

  • Play the "Can you guess" game! Fill a tennis ball can with candy and have kids
    guess how many pieces of candy are inside.

  • Game on! It doesn't take much to make the tiddlywinks tennis game, right, an
    idea from Family Fun (though you may need to search the white adhesive tape,
    green felt, and buttons). As with any good game, make sure to "shake hands"
    with every guests.

  • Make it a a tennis PAW-ty. Have the kids bat the tennis ball to your eager dog on
    the lawn. Kids and the dog will get great exercise.

  • Take a whack at this! Get an old racquet to whack a Tennis Ball Pinata. Pictured
    left, these are hard to find! Fill it with rubber balls that will bounce everywhere
    along with any sphere shaped candy or trinket.

  • Play root beer pong. Kids aim for glasses with ping pong balls and drink rootbeer
    when they miss.

  • Party favors: Kids love wrist sweat bands, and you'll be able to find them at the
    local party supply. Award special prizes for games, such as Tennis Ball Yo-Yos,
    Post-It notes, or a tennis lanyard.

  • Get crafty and have a ball. Cute as can be craft the tennis ball duck, left, in a
    hilarious idea from Family Fun. Make a few ahead of time for the tables or set up
    as an activity for the kids at the party. Right, we found tennis ball beads: the
    kids can make friendship bracelets.

  • Save your balls! Whole Family has a suggestion for what to do with your old
    tennis balls. With a bit of paint you can craft tennis ball puppets. Kids will enjoy
    opening the mouth of their little creations. As an activity, you can paint tennis
    balls ahead of time (to allow them to dry) have kids provide the finishing

More Resources for a Tennis Party

  • Wii can all have fun! The Tennis Ball invitations from suggest you invite
    guests for some Nintendo Wii action, but you can use it for an invitation to play
    tennis or to the party.

  • Get a little tennis trivia. Who was the youngest player in the U.S. Open? Find
    out! Little Tennis provides a little lesson in Tennis Trivia.

  • Tennis party supplies, anyone? Use what you have around the house to decorate
    the party, because party supplies for a tennis party are hard to find. Chances
    are you've accumulated some tennis novelty items. Decorate the tables with
    real tennis balls. Put out the trophies, too. The fun tennis party supplies on this
    page are from Amazon.

Tennis party invitations

  • Tennis lanyard, pictured right, would make an ideal presentation for your tennis
    invitations. Have your guests wear the lanyard to the party as a VIP pass.
  • You'll find the tennis stickers, pictured left, will help you decorate your invitations
    and thank you cards in your theme. Your child will enjoy helping you plan the
    party, so allow him or her to participate by affixing the stickers to the cards.
  • Wording ideas for a tennis party:

Tennis party favors
To stick to your tennis theme, shop online for tennis novelties to use as favors. Here is
a list of tennis party favor ideas to get you started:
  • Divvy up chocolate tennis balls, pictured left, into crispy clear cellophane bags
    and seal with tennis balls stickers, also pictured left.
  • Tennis ball yo-yo,pictured left, would make an ideal party favor all on its own.
  • More tennis party favor ideas:
  • Lego tennis player (available in male and female versions)
  • Tennis cake topper could also make a fun party favor
  • Bake your own sugar cookies using a hardened meringue icing or buy the
    nicely designed cookies, upper right and wrap in cellophane.

Real Tennis parties for kids

  • Get Gamma balls. In bright orange, Gamma balls are low compression, medium
    bounce soft training tennis balls designed for beginners. The slower ball speed
    provides more time to react and set up each shot for more consistency and
    control when learning. The softer feel makes learning more fun for children who
    may fear harder regulation balls.

We aim to be your party planning guide for ideas on invitations, games, decorations
and menu for your kids parties. Tell us about your tennis party and
share party ideas
with us on Twitter.
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