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Tiki Party
Throw a freaky tiki party for boys

A tiki party is a fresh experience for boys. There's more than one way to crack a
coconut and there's more than one way to have a tiki party. A tiki party isn't tacky
and it isn't taboo for kids! So say "Aloha" with attitude by throwing a freaky tiki party
for the boys! Think of it as a luau pow-pow, then add tiki god idols to provide the
wow factor.

This island party theme is inviting to boys because it's part Polynesian warrior and
part beachcomber. The Tiki gods surely will be smiling down on you! Trust us that
your little Polynesian warriors will love all the cool masks, tribal tattoos, spears and
tiki torches for this freaky tiki party. And when you tell the birthday boy about the
volcano cake his enthusiasm will explode.

A tiki party is a refreshing
theme for a pool party or a beach party, but it's equally
entertaining on the lawn of your own backyard or at a picnic site. But there's no
lounging around to get this party started! Here's how to have a freaky tiki party that
the kids will remember for years to come:

  • Light up their imagination. Stake your claim to the best tiki party ever by
    surrounding the party scene with bamboo and seashell tiki torches. Light a kid-
    friendly torch with tissue paper flames. Cellophane adds another realistic
    element to these fake flames. And remember to set out the tiki party string
    lights and Tiki lanterns, left, to give your party space the tiki lounge appeal.

  • String them along with a Kukui Nut Lei. Have the birthday kid help you string
    chunky brown wooden beads onto a brown ribbon with knots in between to
    create a masculine necklace that resembles a brown Kukui Nut Lei, right. As an
    activity, the kids can do this project and accent the beads alternating with
    yellow and orange hibiscus shaped construction paper cutouts. Add the Tiki
    Man Necklaces, left, for the finishing touch. You've got to have tiki idols, so if
    you want the easy way out, buy Tiki God Mardi Gras beads, upper right. It's a
    freaky tiki way to say "aloha" as guests arrive to your celebration.

  • Create a Tiki candy bar! While the grown-up version of a Tiki party would include
    cocktails as part of the tiki lounge, your party can include a mock-tails: candy
    filled beverage glasses and virgin drinks:

  • Ideas for your tiki candy bar buffet: Fill cocktail glasses and tiki mugs and
    tiki shot glasses with colorful sweet treats and allow the kids to nosh.
    Try candy kebabs using Polynesian style knotted bamboo party picks.
    Skewer up marshmallows, gum drops and gummy candies,  and licorice
    allsorts. Try candy sushi, too: an easy candy sushi is to wrap a banana in
    fruit roll-ups, slice, then garnish with candy sprinkles and provide
    chopsticks. Swedish fish wrapped in fruit roll-ups on a bed of rice cereal
    treats is another entertaining treat.

  • Ideas for your alcohol-free bar: Stock your kid friendly tiki bar with soda
    fountain drinks, smoothies, or virgin cocktails, such as alcohol-free
    Daiquiris, Margaritas or Pina Coladas. You'll find alcohol free mixes near
    the frozen orange juice section at the supermarket. Jello filled in Tiki shot
    glasses is another hit with kids. And, of course, the kids will like a nice
    Hawaiian punch or two. Be sure to have plenty of long straws, swizzle
    sticks, and drink umbrellas on hand, as well garnishes, like maraschino
    cherries, candy fruit wedges, and confetti sprinkles. Rim drinks with
    colorful cocktail sugars to give beverages the grown up appeal. Cocktail
    mermaids and monkeys also provide a celebratory tone worthy of a tiki
    lounge. If you can't find them, use monkeys in a barrel. See also our
    shark party ideas for some drinks with a bite!

  • Heres how to make your Tiki bar: Start with an old piece of furniture, like a
    shelf, and secure a larger piece of wood or a bulletin board to make a
    table top. Next, cover it with raffia grass skirts and top it with a straw
    mat or colorful Polynesian material to cover the top. Hang some cute
    lanterns and a cute sign and your tiki bar is almost complete. Essential
    props include tiki napkins, tiki coasters and a tiki centerpiece, like a tiki

  • Set up a Tiki lounge in his bedroom. Start with the Tiki Lounge "Enter at your
    own Risk" aluminum sign, left. You might go all the way with a complete Tiki
    bedroom make-over by adding raffia, bamboo and a few props like a surfboard,
    a ukulele or a luau drum, This is the year to give him a tribal drum, (a bongo-
    style drum) which he can play and share with friends around.Then decorate
    with a grass bed-skirt, a wooden tki mask and tiki string lights. Add a tiki
    bobblhead by the night stand or turn down the lights and turn on the tiki
    flashing centerpiece.

  • That's freaky-tiki-tastic! It's freaky how easy it is to find Tiki party supplies when
    you open your eyes. Start looking in the dollar stores and local party supply
    stores in April and May, then let the Tiki party supply hunt begin. And you'll find
    a year round selection of tiki-specific party supplies online and we've
    highlighted some of our favorites on this page.

  • Tiki masks. You can make tiki masks from paper mache or any number of tools,
    but the easiest way is to print several tiki mask designs and have the kids color
    them. After the kids finish their creations, use construction tape to tape the
    mask to a Popsicle stick.

  • Beachcomber bungalow basics:
  • Make beaded bamboo curtain entrance.
  • Hang a hammock.
  • Dig out that old sandbox and trim in with paper waves
  • Go nuts with the coconuts.
  • Borrow a plastic skull from Halloween party and stake it to the ground on
    a stick to add a tribal element.

Tiki Party Invitations:
A tiki party is an unusual boys party idea, here's how to invite them to a Tiki pool

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Come to my freaky Tiki Party!
  • It would be freaky tiki-tastic if you'd come Saturday, May 29 at noon
  • Poolside at 123 Island Lane
  • RSVP my mom, Cheryl, at 867-5309 or the Tiki Gods will be angry!
  • Aloha, Kakoku* (that's me Scott). Get your Hawaiian name at my party.

See the Hawaiian name generator on our Hula Girl party page. For example, Christian
becomes Kalikiana, Robert becomes Lopeki, and Michael becomes Mikaeli.

Tiki party foods
You don't need to dig a pig pit to serve up an offering to the Tiki Gods. And since a
party is no time to introduce kids to new foods like poi (a taro root mush), you'll have
to settle for old favorites dressed up tiki style.

Here are some tiki party food and presentation ideas to get you thinking tiki:

  • Tiki Volcano cake: Explain that the Tiki Gods are angry that it's not their
    birthday, then serve the Erupting Volcano cake. Another volcano cake option to
    consider is the recipe from Family Fun, which gets five stars.

  • Tiki Fruit Gods. Carve fruits into Tiki God statues:
  • Carve a watermelon, like a pumpkin, into a tiki mask for the buffet table.
    Illuminate with a candle for a freaky tiki effect: a Tiki O'Lantern.
  • Cut a pineapple in half lengthwise to make a Tiki Pineapple face.
  • Carve tiki idols the same way you'd carve apple to create shrunken apple

  • The kiddie pu-pu plate: A pu-pu platter is an array of small appetizers. Kids will
    get a kick out of the Polynesian name, but your pu-pu plate can include
    whatever you want to serve at the party:
  • pineapple chicken skewers served with corn on the cob halves, and
    banana bread
  • Polynesian pizza (pineapple and Canadian bacon) served with a Ceasar
    salad and a wedge of watermelon
  • Hawaiian hamburgers: ordinary burgers served with grilled pineapple
    center and a side of sweet potato fries (mix regular fries with the
    offering to please all the little tiki gods)
  • Chicken fingers, an egg roll, and small skewers of beef with a wedge of

  • Tiki Party snacks: Kids aren't going to go for taro chips, but Maui onion chips will
    surely be a hit. For kids five and older, set out some chocolate covered
    Macadamia nuts. The brave kid will venture to try monkeys on a stick (grilled
    bananas or plantain).

  • Tiki punch: Mix a 1/2 gallon of fruit punch with a pint Sherbet and a pint of
    ginger ale. Now that's a nice Hawaiian punch!

Tiki party island games
If your freaky tiki party is at the pool, then you don't need much in the way of
activities. Even so, everyone will have freaky tiki time with these ideas:

  • The hula hoop challenge. Hula hoops provide plenty of entertainment, but you
    can also test teamwork skills with these colorful hoops. Gather kids in a circle
    and have them hold hands, place the hula hoop between the birthday boy and
    a friend. Have kids try to pass their entire body through the hula hoop without
    letting go of each other's hands.

  • Pass the tiki torch: Create a simple relay race. The baton becomes a small tiki
    torch blazing with faux flames. Set your tiki torch ablaze with fake flames of
    bright red, yellow and orange tissue paper.

  • Limbo contest. How low can you go? Limbo dancing is an island classic, but
    while limbo dancing is associated with the Hawaiian islands, this under-the-
    stick dance actually originated in Trinidad.

  • Test their tactical totem domination. Kids compete to be the top Polynesian Idol
    with Tiki Topple, right, by maneuvering secret tikis to the top with right
    combination of action cards. Geared for kids 10 and up, younger children can
    pick up the game after a few rounds. Around $11.95, this game gets
    consistently high reviews.

  • Tiki tattoos. In the Tahitian tradition, try the tribal tattoos, from Dover, right,
    which include 12 kid-safe waterproof designs. The small booklet would also
    make an ideal party favor. Or make a statement and brand each boy with the
    Luau Tiki Tattoos, right. You get two sheets per pack.

  • Carve tiki idols from soap. Soap is soft and easy to cut. Set out some plastic
    modeling tools, an old nail file and a manicure stick and a plastic knife, and let
    the kids create their own idol. Start by marking where you'll put the tiki god's
    eyes, nose and mouth. Whittle around with this idea yourself with soap carving
    instructions from Ivory soap.

  • Light a Volcano. The birthday kid can make his own volcano prior to the party.
    Kids can watch as it erupts with bubbling, fizzing "lava" made from a baking
    soda and vinegar solution for eruption. This inexpensive kit is under ten dollars
    and is easy to build. Best of all, you can use the model over and over again, so
    you can test before the big day!

  • Whack a tiki! The tiki gods won't mind if you whack a tiki pinata. The unusual tiki
    pinata, left, will make an interesting addition to your party.

  • Have a tiki treasure hunt. Tell the kids about Easter Island, then have an easter
    egg island hunt. To add a festive tiki touch the hunt, hang different styles of tiki
    necklaces on trees, stuff paper cups with tissue paper and hide luau candies. .

Resources for a tiki party
Need more luau party ideas for kids? Here's are more ideas to help you throw a luau
for the boys:

  • Learn about Tiki Gods (Ku, Lono, Kane and Kanaloa, Kauhuhu, Kaupe, Nanaue
    and others). You can give the kids a Tiki God name for the day and print out
    some details about their "idol."

  • Make your own Paper Mache Tiki Masks. Do this way in advance of your tiki
    party, so you'll have plenty of time experiment.

Yes, you can throw a ticky-tacky freaky tiki party for the kids, but be sure to save all the
decorations for a party of your own! Tell us about your Tiki party and
share party ideas by
visiting us on Twitter.
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