Teeny Tiny Party
How to have an "itty bitty" bash that's so Martha!

She doesn't want a big bash for her birthday, so you may as well plan a teeny tiny
one! Inspired by Martha Stewart's teeny tiny party, you can have a party for your
American Doll or as an itty bitty birthday bash for her closest friends.

It may be a tiny theme party, but a teeny tiny party is packed with big ideas! Throw
an "Itty Bitty" bash as a
slumber party or as a playdate for just a few girls (four
playmates is an ideal number,  especially if she's celebrating a "petite four" birthday.

It's a small world after all! From fairies, folklore and fabulous books, there are
leprechauns and Lilliputians, and then there's Barbie,  Minnie Mouse, Tom Thumb,
Thumbelina, and Tinkerbell. Even the Itsy Bitsy spider makes an appearance in your
child's favorite songs. There's every tiny reason to have a tiny party. If you're even a
tiny bit hesitant, don't be! It's a party idea where a just little pre-planning goes a long
way. Thumbelina and her pretty little pixies can have a
tiny tea party to remember for
years to come, and here's how to pack big fun into a tiny party:

  • Micro madness made easy! Order Martha Stewart's tiny party in a box for eight,
    pictured top left. It's like cheating, but don't feel guilty. You can afford the tiny
    price: just $14.59. It's the easy way to serve up the fun for kids. For more micro
    party planning, visit Martha Stewart's pages for the tiniest birthday cake. For
    the teeniest of ceramic tea sets, choose the tiny tea set, left.  Smaller than a
    cookie, it's just big enough to fit three mini marshmallows.

  • It's a small World, after all: Download essential party music from the Disneyland
    Children's Chorus now, right. This MP3 Download will inspire  your party
    planning. For around a buck you can download your favorite tiny songs for kids,
    like itsy-bitsy spider, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, and more.

  • Make a teeny tiny party entrance. Cut a tiny doorway from cardboard. Secure a
    large piece of cardboard, like a refrigerator box, and paint it in your party colors
    (shamrock green if it's a Saint Patrick's Day party). Then cut a mini door with a
    precision knife,and affix to a doorway or entrance of the party with clear tape
    or museum putty, which holds strong and won't ruin the paint. Kids love this
    grand little entrance. Be sure to have an Itsy Bitsy spider for the kids to
    discover! You'll easily find plastic spiders around Halloween. Look also for
    plastic spiders at your local party supply with the insect figures.

  • Something good is brewing at the tiniest of tea parties. You'll find the tiniest tea
    set at Klutz and at a tiny price. Get three tiny sets for just $7.96, which means
    you'll have a place setting for six, but just three teapots. Plastic and durable,
    you can five three girls a complete set, or divvy up the pack for six.

  • Borrow Barbie's dining room. Make a tiny centerpiece display with Kitchen Littles
    or Barbie's pint-sized penthouse furniture. Instead of the plastic food, lay an
    inviting plate of Cookie Crisp cereal pieces. Cheerios arranged nicely look like
    donuts (especially if you dip them in icing and sprinkles. Chocolate chips can
    look like a mini Hershey's kisses on a Barbie baking sheet. Try Goldfish crackers
    for a dinner table setting, too!

Tiny party foods
Planning a tiny food party has never been so fun as with the help of= the Tiny Food
Party recipe book of bite sized recipes for miniature meals by Teri Lyn Fisher and
Jenny Park, left, coming October 9, 2012. Reserve your copy now! The book provides
inspiration for appetizing creations kids will love, including small rectangles of pie
dough filled with Nutella and marshmallows. Yum.

So, what's on the micro menu for your tiny party? You've already thought of serving
mini cupcakes, which are easy to find at the store or you can bake them yourself in
tiny muffin pans. Other tasty teeny tiny treats include:

  • Prepare pre-packaged Petite Fours. Cut petite fours by slicing a Ho-Ho roll as if it
    were a cake log into slices. Voila!
  • Make mock bagels. Sure you can see if the local bagel shop has the bite-sized
    variety, but you can make a little treat that looks like bagels by starting with a
    mini glazed donut, then rolling it in a few poppy seeds.
  • Taste teeny tiny donuts. Master the art o  micro-sized donuts made from donut
    holes. That's not Martha, but still magnificent!
  • Craft cute candy kebabs. Skewer mini marshmallows on a food pick and dip into
    melted chocolate, followed by cupcake sprinkles sprinkles and jimmies.
  • Marvel at the mini milkshakes. Use shot glasses for milk shakes and cut regular
    sized straws. Visit Ikea for mini-glasses, pictured right.
  • You'll find recipes for tiny treat creations in the American Girl Tiny Treats book
    pictured left. Other sweets include a tiny ice-cream cone made from Bugles.
    Youll also find the tiny water melons made from a slice of lime and red gelatin.
  • More dainty little foods on the savory side try:
  • Sliders (mini hamburgers) and mini-franks wrapped in biscuit dough.
  • Mini quiches, which will be tasty with mini muffins garnished and candy
  • The list goes on: mini pizzas, mini bagels and tea sandwiches.
  • Tiny marshmallows
  • Tiny sizer chicets
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Cookie Crisp cereal

Tiny Party Decoration ideas
Once you get started decorating for your tiny party, you'll find it's mostly about the
table setting. Here are some ideas to get you thinking small:

  • Invite some shady characters. Set out some parasol drink umbrellas secured by
    spice drops for a festive look on the tables. Underneath you can place tiny
    figurines shading themselves.

  • Scope out tiny utensils. Ask your local ice cream shop for a handful of those tiny
    tasting spoons. Then serve tiny malts ice creams from Jello Shot glasses. Or
    make tiny malts using shot glasses and cutting straws to the length of the

  • The more the merrier. Invite guests to bring their Pocket Pets, Littlest  Pet Shop
    pets, Web Kinz, or  American Dolls. Make tiny party hats for them.

  • Plan a pixie party. Set to create a fairy ring to attract woodland fairies. You'll find
    more ideas by following our fairy party ideas.

Tiny Party Favor ideas:
Haven't the tiniest clue on where to begin with party favors for the kids? Head to your
local arcade, bowling alley, pizza shack or grocery store and check out the gumball
machines. If you don't have enough quarters handy, you can buy tiny treasures
online. Search "vending toys." eBay is an ideal place to buy vending toys in bulk. If
you shop for tiny toys there, do yourself a tiny favor and get cash back on your eBay

  • Toast the tiny! Search party supply stores in the bridal section for mini
    champagne glasses. Then fill them with mini M&Ms or mini jelly beans and wrap
    them in tulle and a pretty bow. You may also find tiny glass slippers

  • Go on a tiny shopping spree! Doll house furniture is expensive, but you can find
    tiny trinkets in some unexpected places. Look for vending toys. These tiny
    treasures pack big fun into Martha Stewart's tiny shopping bags.

  • Take on a treasure hunt for tiny treats. Keep an eye out for mini candies: Mini
    M&Ms, tiny size Chiclets, mini PEZ, and tiny-sized or bite-sized anything. Keep
    your eyes peeled! During  the holidays, we found tiny board game candies at
    Target intended as stocking stuffers.

  • Tiny toys and favors. Search for Itty bitty rubber duckies at the local stationery
    store or the adorable pencil toppers, Japanese erasers have fun food shapes,
    and vending toys in capsules.

Activities for your tiny slumber party or tea party
While the tiny tea party will likely be the mainstay of your tiny party, you'll enjoy
thinking small with these tiny ideas:

  • Send them on a teeny tiny treasure hunt. Give them magnifying glasses with
    teeny tiny messages.

  • Go fish for a deck of cards. Play "Go Fish!" with a mini deck of cards.

  • Get really dinky! Make Shrinky Dinks. They start off as bigger pieces of plastic
    and shrink to a tiny size.

  • Play tiny Tic-Tac-Toe. Make a tiny tic tac toe board (or Bingo game) from
    construction paper, then use M&Ms Minis and mini jelly beans for the playing
    pieces of opposing teams. Or you can group the candies into team colors.

  • Load up the small stuff. Load "It's a small world" on your MP3 for the music play
    musical chairs (if you have small ones).

  • Get out the easy bake oven. Your little chefs can create their own tiny treats.

  • Play a round of finger twister. The miniature version of the real thing, right, will
    have them giggling.

Resources for a tiny party

  • Get all dolled up. See our Twitter friend The Farm Chicks put together an
    American Doll tiny party for some lucky little girls.  Party goers donned tiny hats
    to share with the dolls. The feast included tiny pies and tasty looking tiny
    cakes. Then the party pals made tiny aprons and tiny dish rags, and packed
    them in tiny favor shopping bags.

  • A tiny taste out. If you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, your little one can
    bring her American Doll to the American Girl Place where dolls get miniature
    booster seats and special service. Now that's a mini party!

Real Tiny Parties
Even if you're just a tiny bit interested in a tiny party, you simply must see these cute
kids parties, which we hope inspires you to throw a party of your own:

  • That's two tiny! Enjoy a peek at a color coordinated tiny two party of pink and
    blue hues, where the hostess served a lovely array cupcakes and ice creams in
    tiny snack cups. Chinese lanterns hung above the tiny feast.

  • Just a wee bit of fun. We had fun spying this wee party idea from our Twitter
    friend Whimsy-girl. In this mini party, she shows you how she sliced apples into
    melon ball pieces to make tiny caramel apples. See also the sweet miniature
    pennant flag birthday banner and the tiniest invitations we've seen for a tiny

So now you have a teeny tiny head start on how to have a teeny tiny birthday party
that the kids are sure to love. We're looking for more ideas. Please tell us about your
teeny tiny party and
share party ideas with us kids party ideas on Twitter. We'd love
to link up to your Web site or blog, so write us!
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